I am a Falcon Master, believe it or not I will expose them! The Cabalists!

by edisonik on April 16th, 2011

I being a God, yes you heard me correctly, I will tell you the way of those who are in Power over you and how they think, Highplainsister, I know you are a Secret Agent, so maybe you will learn something from the way of the Luciferians. Learn so you can live longer from this Bloodfeast which they are applying and have been applying for many Years.

Start Learning because Money is not your true God, Destiny , Free Will, and Your Own Soul is your true God. God lives in the very Bloodline flowing in your veins. You take alot for granted. On other Planets there is nothing , here on Earth/Terra, you have the Gift of the Gods.

So here we go the People in Power want to Destroy you, so don't be a gullible fool, learn from the Gods.

The Way of the Cabal.

There is a Planetary Conspiracy by a small Elite Group called the Luciferians, they will work undercover & hidden , their Goal will be to remove Liberty & Freedom Incrementally so the Masses will not notice anything or be Suspicious of malfeasance,or any of the changes as they occur ( Examples, Airport Body Scanners, Vaccinations, Erosion of Liberties,Tighter Border Security,Hidden Laws that take away more Rights & Freedoms).

The Luciferians will work together always and remain bound by Blood and Secrecy,Death will come to he who speaks,we will keep their lifespans short and their minds weak , while pretending to do the opposite ( Through Drugs, the Medical Industry, Drugs & Side effects ), we will use Science & Technology against the Humans so they will never see what is really happening.

We will use soft metals & aging accelerators in Food & Water and in the Air ( Chemtrails, through Spiked Jet Fuel on Commercial Aircrafts ) to reduce their numbers,they will be blanketed by Poisons everywhere , the soft metals will cause them to lose their minds,the Medical Industry will make Promises to Find a Cure, but they will do the exact opposite.

The Posions will be absorbed through the Skin, and it will Destroy their Minds and Bodily Systems , their children will be plagued will illness,the poisons will be hidden in everything that they ingest and that is around them, what they drink , eat, breath. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons so they can't see far.

Our News Media & Commercials will teach them that the Drugs are Good , we will enlist Doctors, Athletes, News Anchors and Social Shows to push our Drugs( Poisons ), they will see our products being used in Movies and TV Shows , they will never know their true Effect on their Health.

When their Children are Born we will make them sick through Vaccinations, while their Parents will think it is good for them, we will start when their childrens minds are young and we will target their children , when their teeth decay we will fill them with metal and that will Dumb their Children.
When their ability to Learn has been effected , that will make their children more sick which we will create more Medicine.

We will render them Docile & Passive by our Agenda,they will go to their Destruction Depressed, Dumbed Down & Obese, then they will come to us for help and we will give them more poison ( Drugs & Medicine ) to Destroy them.
We will focus them more towards Money & Material Goods so that they may never connect with their Inner-Selfs.
We will distract them with Entertainment so they may never be one with the Eternal Godmind which is within.

Their Minds will belong to us , to do as we say, if they refuse we will find ways to apply mind altering Drugs,We will use Fear as our Weapon ( If you don't take this Vaccine or Drug you will get sick and perish etc.it's good for you so take it).

We will Establish their Governments and Offices within, to Own both sides ( Governments & the Medical Industry ),we will always hire out our objective and carry out our plan,our families will never mix with theirs, we will remain pure always for this is our way.

We will make them Kill each other in excess ( Through War, Religion, Ignorance & Hatred),we will separate them by the use of Ignorance & Religion,we will control all aspects of their lives , we will tell them what to think and how!,we will guide them kindly and gently , letting them think we mean well, covertly through our agencies, when truth shines on them , we will extinguish them by Riddicule or Death.

We will make them rip each others hearts apart and with the use of Drugs & Radio Frequencies we will make them destroy their children, we will use Hate as our Allie & Hate as our Friend, Hate will bind them tottally and never shall they see the Truth. We will emerge as their Rulers,as they will be busy killing each other through Famine & War.

Neighbour will rise against Neighbour as there Properties become smaller and closer to each other.
We will benefit greatly from this for they will not see us!,we will continue to Prosper from their Wars ( The Bankers & the Cabalists ) we shall repeat this over and over untill our Ultimate Goal is Accomplished.

We will continue to make them live in Fear & Anger through Images in Movies and on TV ( Example the new Scream Movie and all those Homicide Shows on TV ).
We will use all the Tools we have to Accomplish this, tool will be provided by their ( The Innocent People)Labour.

We will make them hate themselves, we will always hide and Divide truth from them, we are all in cahoots with this program, they will never know.
They must never know that the colour of their skin is only an Illusion, they must always think they are not equal.
Incrementally we will advance in our Goal.
We will take over their Lands & Resources, we will exercise total control over them, we will Decieve them into accepting Laws that will destroy their Liberties & Freedoms.

We will establish a Money System that will imprison them
forever,keeping them and their children in Debt forever.
When the Masses band togther we shall accuse them of crimes of Terrorism and we shall own all our Agencies against them.
When the Masses rise up against us we will crush them like Insects.

They will be helpless to do anything because they will have no weapons to defend themselves because of our Gun Control Laws, we will recruit some of their own with large Money and they will carry out our plans. The Recruits will be terminated after the Plans are carried out for they are not one of us.

The Recruits ( Secret Agents ) will be called intiates , they will be indoctrinated to believe false ideologies that will be one with us, never knowing the truth , they must never learn the truth that they are free Spirits with Free Will.
Otherwise they will turn against us.
They will never become immortal in joyness, never will they recieve the right to Travel the Stars.

The Masses will never reach the Stars because they will be too busy fighting our Manufactured Wars.
The Truth will always be hidden, the reality they live in now is their Prison , they are living in self delusion, for when our goal is accomplished a new era of Domination will begin.

From the Religions we have established from Centuries ago we will enslave them, but if they ever find out that they are our Equal, we will Perish ( The Cabalists),if they find out the Masses will Destroy our in a Heartbeat.

They must never find out the Monolithic Treason we have done against them, ( Fake Religions, and the Control they had for many Centuries ).
Once they find out who the Secret Societs are there will be no place to hide from their Fury, the fury of the people who are heavily mindcontrolled.
If they find us out the Masses will hunt us down and no person will give us shelter.

This is the Secret Covenant by which we shall live.

There you go Terrans, I am a God, a being that loves you so wake the ^&*# up.
Take back your Planet.


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Gods are in the Flesh, Even Alexander the Great was a God.


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