Humans will colonize other planets for the next hundred years

Stephen Hawking's prophecies to come true in 300 years

Sooner or later, mankind will be forced to leave planet Earth - many scientists from different countries of the world share this idea. Reasons for that are plentiful: all kinds of disasters, world wars, etc. The colonization of space seems to be a way out of this situation. Will mankind be able to live on other planets?


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Quinton: I don't think we'll be able

I don't think we'll be able to live on other planets until we first figure out how to live on this one.

imagine dragons88: hmm..

I guess thats right if the same people will rule and still the same type of society. Nothings gonna change only the surface you are stepping on. Whatever it is be it earth or mars doesnt matter. But who knows thats still interesting to live on other planets. Lol :)

Tarheel: Ditto.

As much as I'd love it, I think there are still "issues" we have to correct here. Maybe some of the TRUE renegades & free thinkers could start a New Atlantis somewhere, with ZERO input from the deceivers here.

Ecbra de Oaoj: when Colombus came to America...

Europe; inst a perfect place and... maybe...

because it; there were colonies from there... here...


Forward Folks...

The doors have been opens... seas to navigate...


imagine dragons88: we can adapt

They said that humans can adapt and live life on mars. in the next 20 years they said there will be humans living there with a one way ticket from earth to there cause if they decided to go back to earth they will die so round trip ticket would be useless. Lol

bluesbaby5050: Could you please tell us who THEY Are?

You said, that If you/we went to Mars ,and then tried to go back to Earth after, that THEY said people would die?? People Would Die because of what reason? From what cause? And who is THEY? From what I have learned about Mars, it has trees there, and assorted vegetation,and plenty of unsalted water there already, and Mars air is breathable to us, and there is no need to wear an Oxygen mask at all while on Mars. In fact, there is no salt water to be found on Mars, only freah water from what I have learned/read. Pictures were sent back to Earth from the Mars Rover showing clearly, the Water, the Trees, and the Vegetation growing there, and a whole lot more was shown. The Moon would be used for Deportating passengers from the Moon to Mars and then to the Earth, and viseversa. And the Moon would be used as a way station between Resting, and RE-Fueling, and for RE-loading supplies to ,and from Mars, as it was used in this way in the past. I also read that it takes 2 years to reach the planet Mars directly from the Earth one way at this present time, and method, and a round trip takes 4 years total. This is without stopping off at the Moon first. And I think the Moon will become a future vacationland,a tourist attraction of sorts. I also read that the Moon has a thin atmosphere, and that the Moon has clouds over some of it's crators according to Alex Collier.

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