by Annunaki77 on February 19th, 2012

So the bottomline with all the Human Races here on Earth is rather simple.
The Different Races are the Step Children of the Kods. They found the Earth Females that Enki Creatd rather SEXY.
And the Star Dudes came to Earth for some Sexual Good Times.
The Result was:

Black Folks have have Ancestors from Sirius B.
The Sirians are Black, they are Tribal and Powerful, do don't like to be told what to do. They are Warriors and live in Tribes, they are Tribal, very Free and always defend their Freedoms against Reptilian Control.

White Folks have Ancestors from Lyra, Pleades, Tau Ceti , Alpha Centuri etc.

The Indians have Ancestors from Andromeda and the Pleades.

The Asains have Ancestors from Alpha Draconis and Orion.

So there you have it, all in a Nut Shell.
And many say there are no things as Aliens.


Tarheel: And , we all have DNA from the 22 Star Nations, right?

We have DNA from the 22 ET races from various 22 Star Nations, right?

Annunaki77: Yes Earth Women are Sexy

Earth Woman aren't easy but they surely are Sexy.

HebrianDaniel: more sexier than sirian

more sexier than sirian women? hehe i bet there women that much more beautiful on other planets :P

Tarheel: Expand upon that, Please Anu.

Earth Women arent easy...but they play a lot of games. NOT ALL, but a lot of them do. A large portion of the one's who are sexy(not all), they have their heads in places where it is difficult for them to see or breathe. These I speak of are about money and self-fulfillment-NOT Humanity as a whole. Sexy yes-heads on straight-UH-UH(not at all)!

Tell us more about these "voluptuous women of other worlds" that you speak of.
Easier? Humanity minded?

Tarheel seek Jane from other world for new Treehouse

Fal: Earth women aren't easy? Not

Earth women aren't easy? Not to say I am a 'player' or 'womanizer', but I had no problems with women after I matured.

Women are 'easy' as long as you know how to play their game. You just have to be better than them, and have the common sense to drop 'em if they are trouble. No, I am not just talking about sex. Unless the woman is real, and comfortable with herself, and not putting on a show, which is a small percentage nowadays, they are all the same, and all very easy to manipulate and control.

I am not proud of what I can do, and what I know about this, but sometimes, if a woman wants trouble, they end up getting more than they can handle.

Chris: the sirian B,s are regressive and Our apart of the Orion Group

Those from the Sirius B star system originally used to be Lyran colonists' from Sirius A. The Sirian Bs are a very controlling group, they're stuck on a monarchy - where king is god - and are also under the negative Orion Consortium. The cultures around Sirius B have a very controlling vibration. Some of the humans are red, beige and black-skinned. The planets around Sirius B are very arid and generally occupied by reptilian and aquatic-type beings… The society is more obsessed with political thought patterns instead of spiritual attributes. The Sirians from Sirius A are benevolent twards humanity not sirius B.

HebrianDaniel: then why Sirius A not

then why Sirius A not helping Sirius B? they are niegboars no?
they should also try to release them from the chains of the reptillians

Chris: Sirius B

Siruis B was a work colony colony originally, my understanding is that it was a work colony that - in other words there was a lot of mining in Orion - some of the constellations in Orion were mining minerals that they needed in the Sirius constellation and the actual race of Sirius B were the workers that were brought there, basically slaves, prisoners to work those mines and they’ve you know, evolved, over so many millions of years to become the race that they are now. But again they’re very stuck on monarchy, where the king is god.My understanding is that those from the Sirius A system are trying to be beneficial and assist, because they feel responsibility in that those who colonized Sirius B system were originally from Sirius A. Those from Sirius B have come here and really messed with our heads, and they are the ones who originally gave our government the Montauk technology. They have the same belief and brain patterns as those from Orion.

Annunaki77: Well said Lord Chris.

I couldn't have said it better myself. You are extremely knowledgable Chris.

This is for you Lord Chris, you Pleadian Incarnate.

Tarheel: So, you are saying, 'If we are going Sirius way...

...then we should go Sirius A correct?

Thx Chris,

Annunaki77: Understood

There is an awakening going on everywhere even on Sirius.

HebrianDaniel: hey kanesh i have question

hey kanesh i have question does many planets have freedoms? or its the only begining of new era of freedom? i wonder because i feel somehow only these last years the milky way starting to know what is freedom

bluesbaby5050: This is a RE-POST OF THE SCARED KNOWLEDGE--

Of the races. This explains where the races came from. Lord Master Teacher has put it all on the table for all of you.

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