Humans are Awsome Creator Gods!

by edisonik on December 28th, 2010

You all create incredible things out of nothing, you create, Music, Beautiful Ornaments, Beautiful Orchards, Beautiful Chariots, Beautiful Clothes, Beautiful Shows, Beautiful Books, Beautiful Homes, and many other Creation Talents.
Humans are Awsome Creator Gods, what you design and create is truly divine so never put down your talents for your Talents are Gifts never to be taken for granted.
You are all Special, you are all very Unique and Extremely special.
Hold on to each other you are all MAGIC!.

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SavannahX: talents

Yes. humans are naturally creative. They are born with intellect and they are a rational being. They are the creators of education, society and living standards that gives them more chance to improve, innovate and create a more complex and beautiful world for the whole mankind. But still, we should also credit this to the creator of human beings and the life-giver too. Yes, and yo are right that these talents given to us should not be taken for granted.

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