I have travelled through time and space because I love you. I love all of Humanity because humanity is beautiful and Majestic and humanity has my Bloodline. I cry and my emotions are raw for all of you, the Love I have for all of you spans Time and Space and for many Millions of your Years I have been with you and I have suffered with you, I have felt your extreme joy, I have felt your dreadful Terror, I have felt your pain and your Sorrow and I have felt your hunger. But I am proud of all of Humanity.
Colour, Creed, Race and Language are no barrier for my Unconditional Love I have for you all.
I understand your Sorrow, I understand your Grief, I understand your Fears, I understand your Concerns about where the World looks like it's heading.

I am your Family a Member of the House of Heaven, "for those who are Last will be the First and those who Claim to be the First will surely be the Last", This Planet which Lord Aya Terra Formed was given Life not just so that the Annunaki can Exploit it for just it's Resources but it was a Divine Mission to Create Life so that it can find it's way. The Divine Mission was a Mission of Free Will, Independance, Passion, Harmony and Natural Majestic Beauty.
My Father King Anu new the Intentions of Lord Aya, he Understood.

Now I must give you my Divine Blessing Terrans, I with the Power of the Ancients Empower you all with the Divine Power of the House of Heaven to Find yourselves and your Courage to take back your Planet from the Forces of Evil, take back your planet back from the those who have taken your Majestic Beauty and Freedom away from you. Take back your Planet back from those who Plot against my children, the Bloodline of the Canus Kings. You are all Royalty on this Planet, from the very Wealthy to those who live in Garbage Dumps and many millions of you have treated your fellow brothers and sisters very badly, but many of you have also treated many of your brothers and sisters very Good and with lots of love and for this your Planet has been spared from total Destruction.

We the Annunaki have Broken the Sacred Rules of the Ancients to save our Planet from enviromental disaster by mining the Gold on Earth, Gold serves as an Atmosphere Purifier.
Our Workers couldn't handle the monumental task of mining all the Gold by themselves, so our Workers revolted.
The Council of Asser-ar Palace was briefed on the Situation and King Anu summoned his son Lord Aya to Create a Worker, a New Worker that will be Strong, Loyal and Obedient.

The Canus Council Understood the Sacred Laws of Non-Intervention and Non-Manipulation of the Galactic Species, but they decided to break the Universal Laws to save their Planet.
Lord Aya was entrusted to commence the experiment, Lord Aya along with his trusted Scientists went to the Sacred Temple of the One to Pray and seek guidance. Then they commenced with their Divine Mission to Create a Powerful Being that will Serve the Canus King of Sirius.
The First Creations were a Disaster and babies created lacked many things and Lord Aya was troubled, he kept on working harder and yet the Creations ended in failure.

Lord Aya was troubled because if his planet wasn't repaired many Billions of Canus people would die do to a depleted atmosphere. Then One night an Angel came to him, a Birdman from an unknown Galaxy and said, "Enki!", and Lord Aya said "Who goes there!, who dares to call my name! in my Private Chambers" (Growling agressively), then the Great Falcon Manifested itself to Lord Aya.
He fell to the Ground in Terror and said "who are you?".
"I am the Feather and I wish to give you a Gift for the New Nation you wish to Create. The New Species you will Create will be given this Gift, it is our DNA, the DNA of PASSION and FREEWILL".

Lord Aya said "How can I give these Creations freewill and passion?", My father will not allow it!, and the Great Falcon said, "Do not worry about King Anu, I will come to him and you will be given the tools needed to Create this New Nation".
Falcon says, " Use the Earth's Clay to fashion this Clay as the Vessel needed to mix the DNA and the Eggs of your Canus Females and the Appa DNA".
Lord Aya "This is madness, what will come of this Madness", The Great Falcon replies " The Adamu " will come fourth into Existence a Species so Awsome that the Many will be in Awe of".

Lord Aya did as was envisioned in his Dream and then the Adamu was created , The Canus People
of Sirius Rejoiced hail the first Humans of Eredu, Hail to King Anu, Hail to Lord Aya, Hail to Nibiru and all of the Sirius.
The Humans Served the Star King Well and mined the Gold for the Annunaki.

Humanity has gone through many tribulations, through Wars, through the Great Flood, through famine, through misfortune, through Manipulations by Star Groups.
But one thing will always remain, my Secret to all of you!.


You are Gods and Goddesses, you have the Bloodlines of the Canus People and the DNA of the FEATHER, The Great Falcons of the Unknown Galaxy.

Those who Practice Terror on you to achieve their Adgenda of World Oppression will face the Wrath of the People of Earth. Staged Terror, and Illuminati Oppression will come to an End.

The Rothchilds and the Rockerffellers as well as the Monarchies do not realize the Awsome Power coming for them. They will face unspeakable Karma for all the attrocities they have committed against the Earth Humans. The Creations which have been Sanctioned by the STAR GODS.

The total Disrespect for Human Life will not go unpunished. Humanity is shedding their Cacoon and are waking up, as foretold by Ancient Prophecy. The Gods are waking up and as they loose more and more from the Evil Cabal, The Sleeping Giant will be awakened and Earth will fall back into Destiny, to the Hands of Humanity.

Humanity will Blossom under Tribulations, and with these Trials and Tribulations they will find their way!.

I am Proud of Humanity, and I stand with them 300%.

Last Word:

Take Care of your Brothers and Sister, Rich and Poor alike.
Take Care of Your Planet.
Take Care of your Children.
Respect the other Nations.
Respect the Animal Kingdom for they are other Nations also.
Bring those Pirates who Oppress Humanity to Justice.

Live in Peace and Harmony Forever.


edisonik: Many Blessings

Ni sa Anzu. Ankida kuan.

Your words span the test of time Lord Kanesh. I am proud at your Intent at informing humanity.
The Truth is simply the truth.

Quinton: Fantastic post! Thank you for

Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing :)

At roughly what time period in Earth years did this construction of the Second Creation by Lord Aya take place?

This sounds very similar to a passage from the Popol Vuh:

Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us! What shall we do to be invoked, in order to be remembered on Earth? We have already tried with our first creations, our first creatures; but we could not make them praise or venerate us. So, then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings who will nourish and sustain us.

Annunaki77: Many Blessings Ikiki Warrior

You are Mighty Quinton. Peace to you and your Family and Friends.
We will meet one day among the Gods, by then you will remember who your were.
You will always be severely Awsome.

Always protect Humanity and always enrich their minds Quinton.

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