Humanity the Awsome!

by Annunaki77 on November 23rd, 2011

As the Illuminati tighten their grip on your neck you will begin to realize that what I have said is true and you will also begin to assert yourselves like you have never done before in you lives.
You will become Olympians again and you will fight the New World Disorder.

Many of you will fight and die Gloriously and Many of you that Survive this Reptilian Attack will leave a Story for your future children to remember , for your Deeds will be remembered through your children.

I will be there among the Kods watching what will be only described as Awsome Humanity.
For you are all Awsome and you are all Olympians created by Lord Enki himself who learned the Genetic Arts from Zeus Kod of Olympus.

All from Sirius all Awsome and Powerful like you, yes you Humanity the Awsome!.


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