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soul soulja: Great awakening tool


Crigitine: I've gotta say, after

I've gotta say, after watching your video soul soulja... I am ready to ascend.. I'm not sure what else to say. With all those weapons backing them up, it's as if there is no way we can turn this around. I'm starting to understand now why annunaki77 is telling us to simply sit back and be enlightened. Even if we were to some how take control of haarp, a few nuke silos, or build up enough orgone, nothing would stop all of the virus's and modified effects from food sources.

I know nearly all of my posts are tainted with gloom and doom, but the deeper I dig into this, it's hard to picture a ray of sunshine out of any of this. I suppose now would be the time to work spiritually, and try to get a glimpse of what to expect when this culling finally happens.

Its a damn shame..

Quinton: The ray of sunshine is that

The ray of sunshine is that this is all just one big video game. We like movies with lots of drama and extremes -- well, now we're living in it! We are all spiritual beings that chose to go through this and experience this. We all are here to learn and to evolve. We are all here to appreciate the dynamics of Earth and allow them to push us to the next level of beings.

No matter what happens we can't die. No matter what happens we will live again. This is just a tiny blip in eternity and a grand future awaits us. We are all spirits taking on a physical incarnation in our body space suits to check some stuff out. This is all just information for our spirit. Sit back, learn, grow, get involved and enjoy all that life has to offer!

Tarheel: Nice summary-Q !

That's pretty much THE bottom line. If only we could all keep that in mind, things wouldnt seem so DRASTIC when something "occurs". We'd all just be able to accept it, and hopefully grow from it.

Kind of like a mistake.."it's only a mistake IF you didnt learn from it. IF you learned from it-it's a LESSON !"

How's THAT for Tarheel being philsophical? I like that...I'm gonna use that again.(haha)

wmarkley: Ascension

I have read alot about ascension, it seems to be a beautiful concept, I know that the frequencies are rising, i can hear them, and i can also feel them but i am a man that is not good at multi-tasking, i like to take care of one thing at a time, and the most important thing that we need to take care of is the corruption that is world wide, and the awakening of the masses, if this ascension thing is really happening, then it is wrong to ascend and leave our sleeping family behind,everyone deserves this opportunity, but with the deceptions of the past, and the present, many people are in turmoil and dont know what to do, its like a deer in headlights frozen. We owe it to Humanity, and ourselves to prepare Everyone, to wake up everyone, and see to it that All of humanity recieves the truth to the deception, all of humanity needs to know what they dont know. Once the corruption is dealt with and removed, then humanity should move forward with prosperity, love and careing for all. Humanity is one very large family, Being left behind should be a choice made by the ones who wish to stay, but first we need all of humanity to know the truth, then we as individuals can make our own choices as to where we wish to go. Never abandon your family, never leave those behind who wish to go with you but just dont know it yet. As for me, i will stay until i get the full truth of the deception, and help humanity clean up the mess, and if i am deamed wise enough, I would like to help prepare others for this journey.

Tarheel: I agree with BB on Ascension.

It's not somethg that you have to stop and focus on Wmarkley. I hear the frequencies COSTANTLY. Just wait until you have that SPECIAL moment that I had. It freaked me out so much that I had no frickin idea what was going on.

BB had to tell me what happened to my own body and she wasnt even around when it was goin on. In essence-BBtold me what I had experienced bucuz it shook me so bad that I was freaked out. I wasn't unpleasant at all, just foreign.. In fact, it was quite pleasant BUT I still didnt kbnow what it was or where it came from until BB told me what I had experienced when I was FREAKIN on her.

Bluesbaby5050 helped me immensely. I remain indebted.

Im actually hoping that it comes back again, and I believe it will. I felt like I was outside my body, in some sort of a bubble, but I was The God in control of THAT BODY, I was in a control cdockpit and guiding my body from outside it. Everythg seems surreal-ya know why? Because IT IS !

THX to BB for helpin me ! Thats her specialty. She will help you too, or I will if she aint around because -ITS COMING SOON to a Theatre near YOU !

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel-Hahahahaha! YUP! IT SURE WILL-

YOU CAN BET ON IT PEOPLE! He is right.This will happen,and please,do not be afraid,,this is all natural,and a big part of the process to take place.IT IS WONDERFUL! JUST GO WITH IT,AND STAY CARM! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley----

This is going to happen no matter what to the people.This is going on right now in the masses. This has made a large group of people make a peaceful stand on the street just out side the doors of where wall street is. I watched all take place on Youtube.This is very recent. People are waking up, and this is in their DNA to do so at this time. This IS AUTOMATIC! This is happening on it's own.WE just need to say what it is that is happening to them! This is what needs to be done now! We DO NOT HAVE TO WAKE THEM UP! JUST HELP THEM WITH THE PROCESSES GOING ON IN THEIR BODIES, AND AROUND THEM. They are finding out that the system is all a lie! This is the waking up process.WE ARE THEIR GUIDES THOUGH THIS PROCESS! There is much information out there to understand what it is ,and how to help people now.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: There are codes in the DNA,AND IN YOUR BRAIN, THAT IS------

Dorment.When you see the combination of the numbers of---11-OR 11-11-LIKE ON A DIGITAL CLOCK,AND IN THE TWIN TOWERS FOR EXAMPLE THIS WILL SET OFF A CHEMICAL TO ACTIVATE THE DNA TO BECOME ACTIVE,AND THE WAKING UP PROCESS BEGINS! This is what happened when the twin towers blew up.And this is a CODE THAT IS SET IN YOUR BODIES TO TAKE PLACE AT THIS SET TIME IN HISTORY! This is the truth people! How do you think this happened to the mass of people around the world at this time? BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I know of MANY people that has said this to me already.

You must of noticed this along the way in the past 10 years or so? This has been going on since the 90's! People have noticed this around the world too.I have read alot of material on this.This has been in many magazines too.Even in the doctors office! I read some of it there too.All over the place.People were actually been coming out and saying they would look at the clocks at a certain time,and it would read 11;11AM OR PM! ALOT OF THE TIME!WHAT DOES THIS MEAN THEY WOULD ASK PEOPLE! I HAVE EVEN SAID IT TO MY FAMILY,AND THEY SAID THEY NOTICED THIS TOO.They were asking what it ment! Even on some morning talk shows this has come up.BB5050.

Fal: So, you are basically saying,

So, you are basically saying, to start the 'awakening', you need a catalyst? Sorta like a push to the first domino in the cascade?

I haven't needed to be awakened to see the crap that is actually there. I had enough dots and common sense to put enough of the picture together.

wmarkley: been there

Yes, i have looked at the clock on numerous times to see 11:11. am and pm, and wondered why it got my attention, as for the out of body that tarheel spoke of i havent experienced it yet. maybe im too stupid for that, maybe im just forrest gump with my box of chocolates, lol

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---

It will happen to you too.This IS NORMAL FOR EVERYONE,WHEN YOU ARE READY.I just hope you are not driving the school bus at this time! BB5050.

Son of Leod: I didn't originally get the

I didn't originally get the 11:11 on time clocks. I was first presented with 333 in my junior year of high school, incidentally being my 11th school year. My sister sees 11:11 quite often I have heard. I was BORN an 11. My birthday, my name, my zodiac sign, even my ascension sign.... My ascension sign is Sagitarius, the last day of Sagitarius being none other than Dec 21, 2012 this year... I have had thoughts and wonders if I am the reincarnation of Hermes...I see 11's everywhere and 11:11 quite often but as prices and etc. And like 11:38 etc.

Love and Peace my Light Family. Namaste and seek the light for us all.

/E: had I not become distracted by the tv I would have submitted this post at 3:33am...

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