Is a Unique Species because the Human is a Collage of various Alien Races and this Interplanetary Diversity makes Humanity Awsomely Strong. When Lord Enki created Adam and Eve ( The First Prototype Humans ) these Humans were still in their Developmental Infancy and didn't know much and were still very Primitve, but these Humans were still able to understand commands. The Women were beautiful and fair , these Human Women were then taken by Intergalactic Star Nation Men and had Sex with these Men of various Star Systems and Planets, 22 Different Groups from 22 Different Star Systems.
This Infuriated Lord Enlil and therefore Lord Enlil decided to destroy the Experiment with the Naviagation of Nibiru to Earths path to Flood the Earth and destroy the Human Race.
Lord Enki liked the Diversity and therefore protected the Human Race.

Noah and others were spared from this Disaster.
Humanity is Awsomely Diverse and therefore must be preserved and protected from War because War will ruin there Potential to achieve Destiny and that is Space Travel and Planet Colonization.


Annunaki77: Humans are Dualistic in Mind and Body

Humans are challenged internally and externally because of this DNA within them.
Humans are conflicted internally and externally because of your DNA, you and billions of others live in Duality, you have the ability to create beauty or create disaster, you must find balance within your conflicted spirit to find your way in a challenging World.

Like the Song Broken Angel , Humans are broken, but with Internally finding yourselves I know you will find balance within your conflicted Spirits.
You are Awsome and you are Royalty so never forget that, so get off your knees and stop WORSHIPPING others.

Find your way and learn the Lessons that you came here on this Mortal Plain to Learn, do not let others tell you how to think or how to act, for this Life which your Creator has given you is your Gift not theirs.

bluesbaby5050: Dear Annu 77---

This video is no longer available. I have heard it before ,and it is beautiful. Thank you anyways. The Falcon.

Annunaki77: The System doesn't want humanity to live in Peace

These Evil Ones are trying to endorse FEAR, the Business of Fear is coming to an end.
No matter how many things they blow up or how many Human they Hurt, they will soon be out of a Job.
The Galaxy is going through an upgrade and that is the bottome line.

The Business of Piracy and Bullying is coming to an End.

wmarkley: i agree

I do agree with this, i see and feel the changes for the better of humanity, the people are waking up very quickly now.

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