by edisonik on September 16th, 2012

Human Beings are Divine Beings with Souls, not Animals or Beasts with no meaning in this Reality.
As I walk among you I see so much promise, so much happiness and so much Love & Hope.
I see the Spirit of the Divine within all of you all Human Races , Black, Asian, South Asian, Arab, Jew, Native Indian, White and your promise and beauty is truly Majestic.

I just want to tell you all that for what it's worth, you truly are indeed a beautiful Species.
And I hope you consider me as your Friend and Family Member because I am a part of you all.

Please Live in Peace and Harmony because you deserve Peace and Harmony.
Many the Great Spirit Guide your Steps all of you the Humans of Planet Earth.

Just because there are Extraterrestrials who feel they have the Right to Dominate your Species because you are all Inferior Races doesn't mean that you deserve to be Destroyed. I do not Subscribe to this belief, I do not believe just because Humans are an Inferior Species it doesn't make it right to Destroy it, or use it for their War Games of Enjoyment.

I renounce these activities of Domination of any Innocent Human on this Planet, wether it is any Nation which is under attack.
I do not subscribe to the abuse and murder of the Adamu for the pleasure of certain Star Pirates.

Humans have the Divine Right to Exist and if it within my power I will see that the Human Species does make it to the Next Level of Spiritual Progress for without Spirituality we are all a Lost Species Human or otherwise.

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