Huge Dark Hole on Suns Surface!

This is the Huge Dark Hole left on the surface of the Sun between July 13th and July18th-2013. According to Nasa, the Satellite SOHO took this picture of our sun on these dates THIS summer. A Giant Plasma Flare shot outwards from the sun, and it is now headed to Earth sometime soon Nasa reported. Nasa also said NOT to worry, as this will not endanger Earth's Power Grids! Well, these huge powerful solar flares has an effect on Earth's weather patterns all over the planet, so how can they NOT have any effect on Earths Power Grids? According to Nasa, this huge giant hole can fit millions of Earths into it! That's how huge this hole is. Now you have some idea here. I hope our Earths Electrical Magnetic Field holds up to this impact of power when it finally reach's Earths magnetic Field! Remember when Annu 77, and Enisonik told us when our Governments, and Nasa tells us not to worry, for us not to believe our Governments, or Nasa ? When they say go Left, we should go Right instead. BECAUSE BOTH SOURCES LIE TO US! Seeing this proof is enough for me.

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bluesbaby5050: To view a larger picture.......

Of the Huge Dark Hole on the top of the suns surface, you can view it better in my" personal forum topics " page. ( just click onto my avatar to get there ).

Tim Lovell: its probably a coronal mass

its probably a coronal mass ejection they happen ...

bluesbaby5050: Yes it is, and a huge one at that............

I had already said it was a huge Plasma Flare/coronal mass of plasma that had shot outwards away from the sun, and it is now headed towards Earth according to Nasa. Our sun, and the whole solar system is very active now, because of the increased light energy coming from the black hole at the center of this galaxy. This whole universe is very active now, and everything, and all life form are advancing higher in vibrations along with us. And Nasa said not to worry! YA-Right! Also, we are experiencing higher vibrational energies of light particals, because we are moving though the Photon Bands, and this is called the Precession of the Equinoxes in the Milkyway Galaxy. This is the Quickening we all have been experiencing since the spring equinox of 1987 to the winter solstice 2012. We have left the age of Pisces, and we have entered the age of Aquarius.

bluesbaby5050: Well I'm at it, I will explain why..........

People have been noticing from the year of 1987 to 2012 these CODES of 11:11. People by millions all over this planet have been seeing this. The code are--->11:11. And people have seen these, and talking about this, and asking why. These are the WAKEUP CODES for Humans, and they see these numbers on the digital clocks, and on license plates, and on house address numbers, etc. This is THE WAKEUP CALL,AND TO GET OUT OF YOUR SLEEP! Not all people are seeing these all at the same time, as everyone is different. And not everyone is at the same level of spiritual growth as each other, but close. Your DNA codes have been activated, and they are now able to rise higher if people will do the inner spiritual work required. THE PTB have been Dreading this Major Event for Humans. Because, the PTB now have NO WHERE TO HIDE! THE GIG IS UP! THIS IS THE " GREAT AWAKENING" of the Human Race !

Tim Lovell: yep I remember looking at the

yep I remember looking at the clock in 2011 on the 11/11/11 and it was 11am and I thought heh everything was 1 :P

Tim Lovell: but I mainly get the message

but I mainly get the message hes 12 all the time not 11:11 dunno why its like the dial of a clock you learn your elevenses then you reach 12 and ascend upwards if you can takes effort tho..

bluesbaby5050: As the Old saying Goes..........

THE TABLES HAVE TURNED, and NOW they are in the Favor of the Humans! This is Why Humans are able to see though the Lies, and the Deceptions, and all the Propaganda thrown at us from every direction from the Draco/Reptilians/Greys, and their Clones, and their Hybreds, and Human Pawns in every country on this planet!

cosmicstorm: how long will it take

To hit the earths electromagnetic field

bluesbaby5050: This Plasma..........

Is expected sometime soon, as in the fall to winter time. Hopefully this will not take down the earth's grid, as this would be a true hardship for all of us. So this is also why it is very important to have EXTRA FOOD AND WATER READY. Nothing that uses electricity will be working during this time, IF IT DOES TAKE OUT THE GRID. Let's hope not.

nivine: sounds weird to step in now.. but I just saw this page

Well I assume, all the extreme power and their followers, if it was the government, NASA, royal family, those who sell their souls to them. . will actually manage their way out and start in new life..I mean I actually believe, that they already built a life on other plants..and even done with packing everything that is worth saving from earth..
I'm not convinced at all that they don't have plan B incase anything hit the earth..
We are left here, believing they are doing their best to protect us, they will make us feel safe so that they will easily pack up and leave.. Ofcourse it's not for their sake to warn us that we r in danger..!despite the social panic, all eyes will be on them on every single movement, also people will start doubt about space ships, and their right to take a place
This is really so sick!
Let them do whatever they want, I wish nature will take our pay back

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