How we know the all seeing eye is in the constellation of Orion

Where is the all seeing eye in the night sky?

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obsrvantlouie: I don't see

How you have provided evidence of "knowing". Doesn't seem very concrete to me. Can you eloborate here?

Terran resistance: the all seeing eye

in ancient Greek mythology the three sisters known as the Graeae share an eye and a tooth between them, of course the eye is the all seeing eye and the three sisters represent the three stars of Orions belt; Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka. That is another reason how we "know" that the all seeing eye is in the constellation of Orion.

UN.i1-PHI: tr all seeing eye nebula

u showed/pointed the eye at the red ball/circle wich seem to be centered around meissa( from this/our picture/perspective/projection), do u think betelguse, bellatrix and meissa on the top sybolically also represent an pyramid/triangle with that eye/nebula on the top star meissa?

obsrvantlouie: By this logic

You should also be able to point out where the "tooth" is in the constelation of Orion...where then is the tooth?

dvogel: Allow me

To fill a little more detail in. In ancient Egypt the constellation of Orion represented Horus which is the all seeing eye the eye of Horus.

obsrvantlouie: It's not that I do not agree

It's just that I have read and studied so much on what the "all seeing eye" may represent. Example: the dogon symbol above seems to be the visual representation of Orion...this is confirmed via actually looking at the constelation. Aboriginal cultures, ancient cultures so on and so forth had some interpretation of the dogon = orion. Visually, looking at the constelation of Orion....I do not see an "all seeing eye".

This is how/why I call into question the evidence above does prove to "know"...perhaps suspect but knowing?

Thoughts anyone?

obsrvantlouie: I will elaborate my pov

I am of the opinion Orion reptilians sit atop the the pyramid. I do not doubt the connection with the all seeing eye and Orion. What I am questioning is the literal translation that TR has suggested above. I do not see how evidence has been provided of "knowing"....

I feel I could provide ample evidence to suggest a figurative meaning that the eye represents the "3rd eye".....and/or as credo mutwa discusses many reptilians physical have a "3rd eye". Could this not also be the meaning behind the "all seeing eye"?

Not trying to be a dick...but the title of the article says "how we KNOW the all seeing eye is in the constelation of Orion". I do not see an all seeing eye in the constelation of Orion, do you? I also do not see the eye of horus, do you?

UN.i1-PHI: eye see

i see the V for Vendetta coming at it!

UN.i1-PHI: V for Vendetta: The Dominoes

V for Vendetta: The Dominoes Fall
pls watch the whole movie(again) if ur interested its so awesome and meaningfull!!!

i noticed some intruiging symbolism with the domino's,
V gave evey his gift; to choose wether to pull the trigger of revolution symbol(blowing up the states building), or not,
V died after the last fighting scene as he got hit somewhere anyway, but then he fell on the ground and eVey was with him and didnt want him to die, she told him that and his last words were that that was the most beautiful gift she could have ever gave him! ahhw how romantic
i think he knew he had to do this and how this would have to play out by the symbolism/result of the dominoes, notice how it almost ended by the two opposing streams/forces/lines of dominoes going exactly against eachother at the same time, hitting both the middle one at the same time so it& they didnt fall yet (these three 'stones' representing people i think)
these two forces represented the anonymous rebels, and the other the elite and their system & pions/puppets,
i think these two stones individually represented V, and the 'police/fbi/cia' or whatever agent that guy was that almost stopped eVey from pulling the trigger/handle of the train wich will explode trough all the building..., for this u will also have to see this scene; V for Vendetta - final revolution scene
so they both could determine if the middle one(eVey;the woman) would 'fall'
now in the domino scene u see V picks out the middle one manually after he started the chain reaction and it 'ended', not finished... the real end was to be determined by the middle one, eVey, so he gave her the gift to decide if this is what she wants, all his work, the outcome was hers to decide, and when he picked the last one out, the two stones that were leaning on the middle last one, fell one over the other, first one fell and the other fell over that one...
i think this could be also symbolic that V died first and gave eVey the opportunity to decide, and he personally would want her to do it but its up to her, and then the cop could stop her by shooting her before she pull the trigger, and he personally was on that agenda to stop her, but she made him realize that the world needs more than just a building and there is need for hope, and this made him lower his hands and not shoot her.. and eVey pulled the handle/trigger of the train with V's corpse and the mask/suit on in the train going thru the building while exploding it all with an amazing fireworks show at the end!!!
so the lesson is, it can be showed and prepared all for you, but in the end U are the one to make the decision!!!
just like in the moVie V looked with eVey, he chose Vengance/Vendetta instead of love for the woman, wich eVey found sad, and it sure was and it manifested in the final situation but it was what was needed and fulfilling V's Vendetta/Vengance/Destiny and this is how it ended!
UN.i1-PHI: to the top, head / eye (of the 'cyclops' lol)

of orion, where his 'head' is supposed to be located,(where TR pointed the all seeing eye of horus) there is that big red nebula centered around the top star of the pyramid/triangle on the 'top part' of orion if u know what i mean...(this could confirm its symbolism to the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid?(the 'three' top stars of orion (the head'n'shoudlers))
and so the 'V' is coming from beneath with a twist/curve to slaughter the top eye/head like the tongue of a snake/reptile

u can also take this all symbolically/metaphorically if u didnt notice yet ;)

obsrvantlouie: Could confirm

Isn't knowing.

Knowing is not equal to: suspecting, believing, could be, should be, likellihood, damn certain, has to be..etc.

So, when you're talking about Orion you may want to refer to the dogon to make your point of reference (that shows NO triangle). Or, you may want to refer to the anthropomorphic "orion the hunter" to make your point of reference.

I will give you this is suggestive evidence....but I still say it does not equate to "knowing".


UN.i1-PHI: yea

i 'know' what u mean about 'knowing'
i just tried to point out, that the nebula is(seemingly in that projection/picture/perspective(=from this 'angle'/pov)) centered around meissa and together with bellatrix and betelgeuse they form an symbolic piramid on the top of orion, and that the nebula is in the place of the 'head' of 'orion the hunter' thats why i called it cyclops lol;P
i did not mean that this is confirming proof, but it may confirm the use if its symbolism as the eye on top of a pyramid, as TR was suggesting(or 'knowing') its the all seeing eye!!!

and the V-shape i was talking about u can see it with its curved 'tail' coming from the bottom to the top where that nebulae is located, this is just my take on it and its all symbolic ofc and ofc the configuration of the stars is just an 2d illusion or projection from our pov, but thats why there are so symbolic attachments to the stars, as its not their true configuration/composition, but the 'reflection' or shadow we see...

yes i like the dogon symbol too its the dubble headed 'trident' with three dots in the middle or actually two besides because the middle line/stick is covering the middle star/dot right?

Multipucci1: How we know the all seeing eye is in the constellation of Orion

Please allow me to refer all of you to the work of Danny Wilton, found on YouTube in regards to Orion. Danny’s work is quite extensive with many graphics presentations and tutorials that he has produced.

It is for the one to come to their own conclusions regarding the subject matter. I remain neutral to his thesis and analysis, so I neither support, nor deny his findings but do find his work quite compelling that one could add to their own study and research, regarding same. As thus, my recommendation to always seek, proving all things by connecting the dots wherever they lead you.

Keep what only resonates to you, but always keep seeking truth and the light of it. For knowledge is the pursuit of wisdom and one must be seeking it, to find it.
Danny’s work may add to your own?

In closing:

That symbol is the symbol that the Thunderbolts Project uses for its logo and may represent some other than what is being portrayed in this article…also can be found on YouTube

Here is the mini movie they produced that is certainly worthy of review: Actually it’s awesome!
• Movie
• by ThunderboltsProject
• 1:18:26
Symbols of an Alien Sky | Official Movie

Peace to all

wes: Where do reptiles come in? I

Where do reptiles come in? I have so much running through my head right now. Thinking of chimera, and something about a convection oven. More like fish yea. max

obsrvantlouie: Wes

Are you in need of some references to the histories of serpent worship?

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