How Universes Work

by Chris on December 7th, 2016

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“How Universes Work
by Tanaath on 12/28/15

We live in a multiverse; a lot of people have heard this statement and have a general understanding of what this means. But sometimes the whole concept of what is a universe is can be confusing. Since just about everything I’ll talk about in the posts after this require at least a general understanding of what a universe is and how it works, and how they relate to other universes, and the general structure of existence, I need to address it here, to at least make an attempt to get everyone on the same page.

What is a universe? A universe is a number of things simultaneously. I’m going to address each one point by point.

A universe is a holographic projection of a fractal – note, in popular culture a holographic projection is often portrayed as an illusionary image of something that is fundamentally not real, a universe holograph is very very ‘real’ in every sense of the word. Just because something is a holograph doesn’t mean it isn’t real. We use holographs and holograms in order to make 3D-like images on 2D spaces or projected into our 3D world. A holograph in its essence is the projection of light to create something, and in the case of a universe, it is the projection of light to create a very complex, very real, living fractal.

This, of course, requires that we define what a fractal is. A fractal is an infinitely repeating, self-similar pattern. The Fractal Foundation provides a brief description and a few examples (although the pyramidal fractal is problematic, but we’ll get to that in a few posts). When you’re dealing with fractals in a 2D environment such as on a computer screen, you can make very very beautiful, intricate designs with fractals. The neat thing about fractals is that when the designs are repeated, patterns begin to form that actually look like things that exist in real life – plants, animals, geological features, cosmological features, etc… This is no accident. All life is based on fractals, because the universe is a giant, multidimensional, intricate fractal. And within that fractal is contained the possibility for just about everything you can imagine. Examining a fractal at a given iteration point in its context will allow you to see what the expression of that fractal looks like. Different levels of iteration will show different aspects of the pattern in their expressions. This is what we mean when we talk about a fractal expression.

A universe is infinite. This means that there is no actual limit to what it can contain. It goes on ‘forever’. (Note, infinities can actually be different sizes. If you want more explanation on that notion, and don’t mind the math, check this out And, as long as a universe is alive, it’s growing. Not expanding, growing. New matter is being created, new energy is being added, new souls are born and expressed for the very first time. Some of it does get recycled, but there is new being added all the time. As long as the universe remains attached to the Tree of Life (more on that below), the universe will be growing.

The insides of a universe occupies actual space… and plenty of theoretical space as well. A universe has several spatial components, D-space, spirit realms, ‘potential’ space, and unexpressed possibility. D-space (my term for it) is the actual ‘physical’ space that we occupy, not only in the 3rd dimension but in other densities. D-space is what we usually mean when we talk about ‘the universe’ in a cosmic sense. D-space contains your planets, suns, solar systems, cosmic debris, nebulae and solar breeding grounds, galaxies, black holes, galactic superclusters, and the like. Basically, all the ‘Point A to Point B’ stuff is in D-space. D-space exists in all dimensions in a given universe, from its lowest dimensional point to its highest, in our case, dimensions 1 through 12 (we have 12 ‘dimensions’ or densities of matter/consciousness in our particular universe, though it appears there might be a 13th one growing).

D-space conforms to mathematical dimensions (as opposed to densities of matter/consciousness that are often called dimensions, both by me and others – densities are overlapping layers within D-space) such as length, width, height, space, mass, time, etc.; you can navigate D-space in a rational fashion if you have the means (i.e., you can travel down the road to a destination, you can fly across the skies, you can sail across bodies of water, you can fly between celestial bodies, use portals, gateways, and space-bending tech to navigate vast interstellar distances, and so on). Things that exist in D-space in one dimension/density will exist in other dimensions, they just might be expressed differently. For instance, Jupiter in our 3rd dimension is an uninhabitable gas giant. In dimensions farther up the fractal iteration (because this is an aspect of the fractal as well), Jupiter is not a gas giant but a rocky planet capable of supporting life. In some of the other dimensions, Earth is uninhabitable – but there is still an Earth placeholder of some sort. This is just an example.

D-space tends to be pretty rational, predictable and ‘real’. Things generally act and move according to understandable and predictable ‘laws of nature’ or constants. These are things that can be expressed mathematically, for the most part. While there are pockets of places where things like universal constants seem to take a vacation, these are mostly just eddies in the great flow of the universe – areas where some exception or another encounters another exception and makes an exceptional spot, either for a short period of time or a long one. Within a particular density layer or dimension, D-space acts in pretty straightforward ways. The nature of transition between dimensions or layers means that there will be some funky stuff going on, particularly from the perspective of the layer below, but again, it is usually something that can be explained rationally once enough knowledge of the process is obtained.

In addition to D-space, a universe has spirit realms. Spirit realms can be described as being ‘at 90 degrees to D-space’, because they don’t correspond to rational, physical locations. Spirit realms can be any size, from little pocket realms to vast, infinite expanses. They can be created or natural. They have their own constants and their own physical ‘laws’ (think of these as mathematical laws and conditions of existence, not rules imposed by a being, though some spirit realms have those as well). They may or may not be connected to other spirit realms or the D-space portion of the universe, and this connection may or may not be temporary or constant. Navigating spirit realms is a crapshoot. To get from Point A to Point B in D-Space, like I said above, you pretty much travel in a rational fashion. To get from Point A to Point B in spirit realms may involve a travel path like something out of Alice in Wonderland or getting into Narnia – enter an old wardrobe in one realm and come out of someone’s fireplace in another, walk to the corner store and step in the bathroom to arrive at yet another realm, where you fall out of the sky and into a whirlpool which takes you to yet another realm, where you materialize in a desert, take three steps towards the mirage and one step backwards to arrive at your intended destination… and this is assuming that those spirit realms have linked points and the paths are all working they way they’re supposed to.

Spirit realms can be owned and created by beings. Natural spirit realms aren’t owned by anyone, and may have native lifeforms and inhabitants, such as the fae realms. Artificial spirit realms are owned by someone or created by someone. Artificial spirit realms have their own sets of laws which dictate what things can and can’t happen – and may or may not have rules as mentioned above. Natural realms may have very different natural laws from what D-space does, but they are rarely self-conflicting – a realm with conflicting laws can exist but must gain or obtain energy in order to artificially maintain its own coherency. Artificial realms are the only things that meet that requirement, because natural realms will generally ‘wink out’ if there’s nothing powering them. So an artificial realm (such as the Silver Legion’s headquarters realm) requires an input of energy in order to maintain a contradictory state. (The Silver Legion’s realm is mostly self-sustaining, but we have reservoirs of power for those occasions when we need to make the place very illogical, and for illogical infrastructure, such as our arena systems.)

Spirit realms connect to each other, sometimes these are deliberately created and other times natural paths occur. Spirit realms can also have intersection points with D-space. There are some popular religious and new age concepts that are based on spirit realms. Heaven and Hell are spirit realms (and there are multiple versions of these). The Astral Plane is a spirit realm, as are the two layers of spirit realm planes between Earth and the outer edges of the Astral plane – the Etheric plane and the Dreamlands. One of the ways to ‘get’ to any given spirit realm from this planet is to go through the Astral plane as a kind of intermediary zone. It can even be used to access other dimensional layers in D-space.

‘Potential’ space is a tricky concept. A universe contains all potentials and all possibilities. Sometimes we like to talk about alternate universes and alternate timelines where everything is like here, but with a little (or huge) difference here and there. This is ‘potential’ space. It exists because it has to, and it has to exist because all variables of a given existence must be explored, but is generally not accessible to us in a full experiential fashion. There are people who can view or travel between our experienced reality and other realities, but this is generally not a common trait. Changes made in alternate timelines and alternate universes won’t affect our experiential reality. These are separate realities that exist because they have to, we can’t necessarily use them (though people do attempt to); nevertheless they make up a very large proportion of a universe.

Finally, a universe contains unexpressed possibility. These are all the things that have not yet been expressed within a universe – they ‘haven’t happened yet’, or they’re part of an unresolvable paradox where one part is currently in expression in the active universe. This is all the stuff that ‘could be’ but isn’t yet or isn’t currently possible given current circumstances.

A universe is both creation and creator. A universe is alive, and a universe is conscious (and is consciousness). A universe is made up of a Source creating itself. All of those things I mentioned above – all the space, matter, potential and possible things, are part of that creation and are part of the Source. The Source is the consciousness of a universe, and it is the substance of the universe, and it is the energy of a universe. All matter within a universe is projected from the Source of that universe. All beings within a universe are consciousnesses projected from that Source. Non-native beings entering into a universe have the option of becoming expressions of that Source as well and becoming naturalized. It has been popularly described that existence is Source exploring itself. This is pretty much true. A universe is a Source’s attempt to explore and experience itself to the fullest extent possible. In that way, a universe is very much a living thing. The notion of consciousness – of awareness, thought, subjective and objective experience – cannot be divorced from that. We are consciousness, and we, as individual consciousnesses, all spring from Source.

Universes are alive. They are born, and they can die. Universe death occurs when the consciousnesses that make up a universe disconnect from the consciousnesses of the Source creator of the universe and the bond between the Source and the creation is broken, and the attachment to the Tree of Life is severed. Universes can also collapse due to contradictory natural constants – we’ll get more into that later.

There are many other living universes, and they are all attached to a great Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is an infinite fractal of existence, in which each and every point of the fractilic expression is a universe (and no, it’s not the same thing that is presented by Kabbalah, that’s something different entirely). Every universe attached to the Tree was once a being, a person, a soul in a universe itself, that went down the spiritual evolution path of becoming an ‘experience provider’ rather than an ‘experiencer’. The Tree itself is alive and conscious, but that is not a unified consciousness – there is no one Source of the Tree. No one owns or is responsible for all of existence, and no one rules. Period.

When a being wishes to become a universe, they first start out by being an experience provider in other ways. They may become a planetary consciousness, or a solar consciousness, or galactic consciousness, etc. They dip their toes in it, so to speak. If they like it, they spend many existences learning about being an experience provider before they are finally able to become a Source and form a new leaf on the tree. When they become a new leaf on the tree (a newborn universe), they receive a copy of the base fractal of existence from the universe in which they first became an experience provider. They are then able to modify that fractal in order to explore themselves as a universe. Every universe is unique; every universe is different.

There are a few catches to becoming a Source/universe. When a Source becomes a universe, there’s a few strings attached. The consciousnesses that will be expressed as beings within the universe are technically creations of that Source, but they are also present in other forms in other universes simultaneously. You could say there is a mutualistic relationship between a Source and the consciousnesses that become the experiencers within a universe – they agree to become part of the Source and help the Source explore itself by living and having experiences provided by the unique lens of that Source’s expression of the fractal of existence. The Source thus creates that version of them. In the meantime, they do that Source the favour of playing in that Source’s playground.

One of the requirements of becoming a Source and thus a universe is the agreement to respect the free will of experiencing beings. Because Sources must respect the free will of beings playing in their playgrounds, it is not able or permitted to simultaneously be a singular exceptional differentiated consciousness within itself, separate from the rest of itself – it cannot rule itself like a king. All conscious beings that a Source creates must be created free and equal and the Source cannot personify within itself as a special ruler over its creation. Nor can it appoint special beings to enact a tyrannical will that violates the free will of the rest of the beings for its ego-benefit (more on this in a later post). These are the requirements that allows the Source to remain attached to the Tree of Life and to be able to draw upon the very large infinity of possibility contained by the Tree – that is, stay alive and keep growing. Without that attachment, a Source no longer has the capacity of infinite energy/soul/matter generation, because at that point it has become a tyranny and the Tree will not tolerate a tyranny without end to be fed by itself.

If a Source really wants to do either one or both of those two things, it can still have a chance to do so, but it must detach from the Tree. When it detaches from the tree, it becomes finite. It has a definite beginning and end, and matter, energy and souls within it become finite resources which are consumed over time as fuel for the workings of that universe. Just as artificial spirit realms with contradictory constants must use energy to maintain themselves, a Source universe that violates the Laws of the Tree must use energy to maintain itself, it no longer gets this for free from the Tree. It will eventually wither and die, and all those beings who became trapped within that monstrous tyranny will be re-released back to the Tree. It is this way to allow those beings that do not wish to remain enslaved to the will of another the opportunity to return to a free willed state.

Stay tuned for Part II – Where Did It All Go Wrong.”




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BenjaminFalkenrath: This exactly sums up to me

This exactly sums up to me the universe we are in... Selfish as it may seem, that this creator wished to do this. But I feel that sums up what we are in. Which would explain the reason why we have such tyranny and control, and enslavement as we do. I wonder how long until the energy will die out? We seem to still continue to feed into it so. I think we have only since became this within a short amount of time, so we have a long way to go huh?

Chris: in other universes

Tyranny is more limited this universe has a demuriage archon fractal virus that destrorts a universes fractal strucrures makeing tyranny overgrow its limits alao read the other articles on this i posted also in other universes tyranny exists but it is more limited because postives light warrior races species beings ect in a nautral healthy universe limit the tyranny of evil beings and races and dark forces they push back the dark forces back into there boundaries or are completly destroyed. Also in are universe the fractal virus gives evil forces more of an advantage in the trillions to infinite galaxies conquently many evil species beings races dark forces over run much of creation and also base federations who fight tyrant work with them some of time groups are wipeing many light warrior races and forces and also the fractal virus causes the light forces in this universe to be limited in what they can do and this universe will die because there is to much tyranny in this universe other universes without the fractal virus are much better places to live in because tyranny is very limited in these universes.

Chris: multiversal travel

Also if you dont like this universe you spirit essence can travel through to different sources in the multiverses to live in a better universes then this one where tyranny is self limiting.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I am & have read your posts.

I am & have read your posts. I like your posts. But my comment earlier was simple. I feel that the time in which it has taken for the correction of the issues as been, way too long. I remember way prior to this life and being on another plane of existence. Where we watched the "darkness" sweep over other places below us. I was born into this life in 1985. I remember this multicolored force field around this particular planet (terra). It was very difficult to go for a light being to simply come here into a life & just boop be dropped into a life. One had to really work on many level just to get here. Because of these folks this is why it is more easier now. An a lot less tense, plus the light beings who have came before us just to lift this world up.

bluesbaby5050: How this universe works

@ Ben, Tanaath is a member of the Silver Legion. It exists on the Astral plane. Tanaath and the material of information given by Tanaath can be found on their web site and she also gives out updates of current events battling the negative ET's and does mention who they are and why they battle with them. Their videos can be found on YouTube in the link above in Chris' s post above. There is an explanation on the Silver Legion in depth under the video shown in the link, and you have to press the tiny traingle to your right so it will expand, and open for you to read.

Chris: tananaath amd tolect

Do not channel at all they have full contact with there own peoples and remember some past lives channeling is dangerous it allows bad beings into your body.

bluesbaby5050: Yes Toltec does channel ETs

Toltec has been interviewed on Alfred Weber's video channel in Canada, and he speaks about Tannath, and the silver legion. You must never of heard of this before, but I have. Toltec speaks on behalf of the Andromeda council. Look for Toltec from Dakote. He explains that he is a represenitive of Andromeda.

Chris: heres

The truth about that tolec never channels the andromeda council he has telepathic contact and physical interdementional contact eith them channel another being into your own vessel is dangerous and tanaath is the same way as tolec in what i just said channeling ia deadly the draco orion hydra draconian races and vampires archons greys and other regressive beings enter channelers you know this tanaath and tolec are the real deal. Those who channel breake protection agreements made by there star famillies or rel space families wicth ever species you incarnated from on earth from the multiverses.

bluesbaby5050: @ Chris...... Tannath

Tolec does not channel the Andromedas. I never said he did channel them. Read my comments again. I gave the links to his sites to show you in those links. Use them.

Chris: tanaath also

Is against channeling even cameron day said the demuriage and archons use channels to posses people. Tanaath has full telepathic conact and interdementional contact with her silver legion multiversal army legion group i know all about tolec and tanaath i read all there info from 2011 till know and know all about silver legion and andromeda coucncil the first person i heard speak of the andromeda council was alex collier and adrian borh in the 90s came out about the andromeda councils and galactic history. Also i have my contacts and spirit guides with sense birth protecting around helping and protecting me i have not reached out of my protection of the species i am apart off.

bluesbaby5050: Tannath.....

Chris, so do I. Then if your as familiar about Toltec, then you would be aware he is in constant communication with the Andromeda council, and that both Toltec and Alex Collier have done very many interviews on Ever Beyond Radio show with the radio host JP from the UK. They both have done many round tables together with other well known guest such as Jim Mars, and Jim Nichols, and Simon Parks and others. Toltec is from Dakota look up his history. Alex Collier knows him very well. I won't argue with you about this.

LettersToCleo: intresting study when money was introduced to capuchin monkeys

they started to steal, beat each other up and fight, kill each other and shortly after the first monkey prostitute appeared

story sound familiar?

scientists had ethics so they stopped the experiment because it was destroying the social dynamics and they didnt want the monkeys to become prostitues and slaves for a silly concept that was so damaging.

LettersToCleo: kind of tells you what is natural and what is not natural

by the damaging effects it produces because its created though duality and ego. ie economics, hierarchy, currency, technology.

bluesbaby5050: Interesting study when money was introduced to Capuchin monkey

Great information, and video. Well the Anunnaki introduced this system to humanity when they invaded planet Earth. They were also using this system here as well as on their home worlds. They use gold, and other precious metals, and crystals for currency as well. So really, who's the dumb monkey? ( that's what they call humans).

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