How to understand masonic symbols through the internet

How to understand masonic symbols through the internet

You must look at them side ways (I suppose you wouldnt know that if you were living under a rock).

Since freemasons cant do their retarded hand gestures while using the internet, they improvise.

First off its the classic wink ;)

Thats the masonic wink for the all seeing eye in freemasonary.

Then its the sign of the horns \m/

That imitates a hand gesture where you stick your pinky and your index finger out like a pair of horns imitating the devil's horns and the constellation of taurus' horns.

It plausible deniability that this is a heavy metal hand gesture, but if you dont believe, then listen to some metal music backwards. Its satanic stylised music.

Then theres the classic :P

which I see alot of people use, but they don't actually know where it comes from, you see alot of gargoyle statues on top of churches have their tongues sticking out aswell, the devil likes to stick his tongue out alot aswell, and so do satanic freemasons!

*EDIT: also the god Kali sticks his tongue out, and hes supposed to have influenced the story of Satan.

Im sure theres more but those are the main ones and they piss me off.

like ;p and others....

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