How To Survive The New World Order

I have been researching the New World Order and it looks to me like things could get pretty bad in the near future. I am wondering what you guys would recommend doing in order to survive the NWO. The common saying is gold, guns and God. Should I also be looking at getting a food supply? How bad will things get? Will it be like the Great Depression of 1933 or will it be worse? Is there going to be martial law?

I currently live in America and don't really have the means to move at this time. Is America one of the primary targets?

Any type of advice would be great.

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bluesbaby5050: Get food, and clean water ready, and a water filteration system

ready to use at a moments notice. They have many kinds to chose from, as cheap as $20.00 for for your bug out pack. Get basic hand tools. I would say it COULD get worse then the Great Depression era. People SHOULD have these ready in case of ANY disaster. People should have a means to boil water,and heat up foods,because this will keep the inner body warm,and it tastes better. Before electricy came about, people ALWAYS HAD THESE MEANS FOR SURVIVAL ready. Why do people even get TOO COMFORTABLE,and stop with this practice? Children should always know how to provide for themselves when ever the need arrives to. This should be taught, and this should be manditory anyways. Learn How to plant HEIRLOOM seeds,when ,where and at what times of the year,and to learn the cycles of the moon,because this involves the growing,and harvesting of the crops. (DO NOT BUY GMO SEEDS! LEARN THE REASONS WHY.) People should learn how to spin wool, and how to weave wool from sheep. Learn skills in repairing mechanical machinery , learn how to build and maintain generators etc. Learn how, and why you need to oil, and sharpen hand, and garden tools. Learn how to use flowing water as a source to generate power to run machinery, grind grains from crops.. THESE ARE ALL BASIC SKILLS TO SURVIVE IN ANY CLIMATE. My parents learned these skills,from their parents,my grandparents on BOTH sides, and they were farmers,and TOTALLY LIVED OFF THE LAND! They made their OWN CLOTHES,and grew their own crops,and tanned their own animal hides,as well as hunted for game in the forests. They cooked ,and heated their homes from chopped trees. They really did this. They raised their own fowl,and cows,and had their own milk,and baked their own breads. Canned their own berries from their trees,and made apples,and pumpkin pies from their garden crops. They lived to be in their late 90's! ON BOTH sides of my family tree. They passed on this knowledge, and so did I. There are books on all these subjects and they are FREE in the Public Librarys.

bluesbaby5050: People should REMEMBER................

That there will ALWAYS be Preditors,and Prey Type of people out there,and this is far worse then any wild animal to deal with! You COULD BECOME THE PREY! Watch out for your children,and watch YOUR OWN BACKS! SOME people will always be watching you! WATCHING HOW YOU ARE SURVIVING! Be very careful! THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL OF YOU. Don't be so happy to bunk up with someone if you can help it. People will become brave,and cocky when they THINK NO ONE is around. You could become a meal to a human that would stoop that low.


To Submit like a Lamb is the Absolute Worst thing you can do. Preditory or Prey you Decide.

Tarheel: Never FEAR the NWOdor.

NWOdor has been spinning their web of deceit for 30 years and it hasn't come to a head yet. Perhaps it's an ill fated mission!

Just don't ever FEAR the NWOdor or anything like it. Anything based on demeaning Humanity is destined to fail.

Here's a short clip on what The Ministry says about The NWOdor

Ecbra de Oaoj: ei Edward Snowden...


we in Brazil received your message. and so on, I will add some words to you and any person, american or russsian, or from any where, viewing bring to yours a vision from me that have been living in loko here and experiencing since born the culture and egregore contemporany. my intention is making this you can clear in your understanding and for meditate with us about waht better way for the globe and future.

your informations about works practicated by NSA, CIA and US govern isnt in realy news to concients citizens here; altough imense minor people, we know the path of espionage and acts that have been done to take out any sovereignty here.

and we are very happy and thankful for your comunication and desire to free all individuals for this mind ciber patrol that objetives control our choices as naction. You are welcome.

but, what I realy need to say you and all people that just hear in midia about our Country is: our governants are in the same side of these that want control our choices and nation; by mind ciber patrol and control of information;

PT (party in power here, opened socialist and and comunist in tendencies and linked since fundation with Vatican and Fidel and dictatorials regimes around world) caught your letter; after repercussion on midia chanels. and now.

are justificating; the "marco regulatorio da internet"; what means? control of sites and censorship web. because, they say, "security reasons". and...
blocking; all informations about corruption in govern; hiding. many datas and pages that would be transparents because now... there are "someone" spying us.

well; we believe in your good intention. so; atempt this responsability.

Lula (PT grandmaster); isnt who maistream journals says; he proved to us that he are a corrupt political profit swindler. and I say it with grand sadness because I believed in he in past but;
for many reasons you can find it for yours; if you observ facts in their adminstration here, including; murder of Celso Daniel and many others; etcs.

so, Edward, consider this lines in your mind, not taking it as absolute true but; caming from someone that search also one future with freedom and abundant of truth and welfare to people.

we are hoping for you; we know you are in diferent Country, without international rights and renegade for your govern; so, stay strong. think that all poors ones in tthese world; cant travel to outer own cities and; you're a important being in this time of changes.

please not surrender yourself to dark side of force; remember, information is light; and your light family never will lost you.

russians of course; will try take of you all skills; and it is natural. but after it they maybe will say to you... well... please ... came out. you arent here. and since now you must be gratiful to acept protected you, one year or more.

neither frome here Brazil or; some other place is your home. You will be welcome as refugee, time will acomodate your destiny but;

as a brother of; same Planet I sugest you: fight to get back your condiction of north american citizen. contact your friends there; have courage to came back to your home and put the things in clear points. wake up your conrades, expose the intitutions and why are manipulating all ones. make diference, not surrender your divine right to say truth and stay in your land.

best wishes to you, kid.

Peace and Harmony

Strenght and Valour.


Sandro Cezar dos Santos

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