How to Prove Gods Existence (and Nature)

How to Prove Gods Existence (and Nature)...

By figuring out how all physical things came into existence.

That is what I am doing here:

And the rough draft is here:!How%20We%20Exist%20%28v...

By proving how Matter first came into existence, we can determine if it was created or not.

By figuring out how matter came to exist, we can figure out what existed before it.

In order to figure out how the first matter formed, I have combined all of the theories about "How We Exist" from all sciences and religions, and all of the factual observations and physical evidence I have found so far, into one unified understanding of Existence.

Read and enjoy, it may empower you, and heal you in many ways.
As will this thread:
(Where I have been posting all the answers I find to great questions)

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harleyborgais: Where we Live in Gods Brain...

This is definitely the most interesting thing I have ever figured out in my opinion...

Our Milky Way galaxy is one dot inside of a globule of galaxies, which are one dot inside a larger globule of globules, and that double-globule is one dot inside of a fiber structure with nodes, that does in fact match exactly the Structure of Neurons in the Brain.

Now, if you understand chemistry, electricity, magnetism, proteins, enzymes, neurons, stem cells, thoughts, the mind versus brain, and more (all of which I have posted on these links:

And you understand astronomy, gravity, orbits of planets, moons, and stars, fusion and solar radiation, and the many scales of structure in the Macroscopic Universe, and the microscopic universe...

Then you may be able to understand why the Universe is IN FACT an actual, physical Brain, that actually does function just like our Brains. We are created in Gods image, as above so below...but here is something I realized just now....when previously I said God had no physical body, so we are only created in the image of Gods Mind, I may have been wrong! It now appears that we are in the brain of God!

Here is an image of one of Gods Neurons:

So where are we?

Well, the Neuron is made of Proteins or molecules, which are made of atoms (the globules of galaxies), which are made of Particles (the Galaxies), which are the smallest thing that physically exists in this scale. From the Electron, up to the Universe, that is the scale of one reality, one octave of existence.

That makes our galaxy a particle. I wager a Neutron, since we have an overall neutral charge I think (Over the Galaxy), because the radiation from the stars is balanced by the absorption of the black holes throughout every galaxy (Formed when neutron masses exceed 3x the suns mass, and explode to form the black hole, which is super-dense crystallized neutrons).

My intuition tells me however that there must be another scale, one I am missing, because the Electron is Radiant, and the Sun is radiant, and the Galaxy is a whole system, more like an atom, making our sun the Electron, and us orbiting that.

In order for that to be right, the neuron, must be made by something larger than a molecule, larger than a protein, and that globule must be made of the proteins (molecules), in order for our sun to fit as the Particle (the electron).

I need to learn more about the structure of the molecules in the cell called the neuron to complete this task.

Note: Based on our location in the large scale structure, and the shape of the closes node (neuron of Gods brain), we can actually figure out exactly WHERE in Gods brain we it the center of a motor neuron, the pre-frontal cortex that does the problem solving, the pineal gland that does the combining of energy patterns (thoughts), or in axon or dendrite that connects the neurons (Axon=long nerves. dendrite=between neurons).

That could help reveal our specific purpose compared to the other life forms in the universe.

And by the way, if you dont believe in evolution or aliens yet, then that is only because you do not possess enough information about how amino acids naturally form, how radiation and chemistry drive mutation, or how selection of the fittest and exercise work. Factually speaking, based on scientific observations, it is impossible for there to NOT be intelligent life on other planets. I can prove this as a fact too!

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