How to confront your fears.

This can be as complex or as simple as you let it be….it really depends upon your personality and gumption for adventure; confronting your fears is no joke.

In order to confront your fears you must first identify them….

What do you fear? Most persons have fears that they openly acknowledge, like fear of: heights, spiders, snakes, small spaces…..the dark. No fear is stronger or weaker than the other… is the power the individual has given away to the fear. My fear of the dark may be nothing to you…just as your fear of heights is laughable to me. What you have to understand and contemplate is the intent behind the fear.

I have said numerous times how ‘thought creates reality’…furthermore, it is the ‘intent’ behind the thought that provides the 'thought' its power. Reflect on this.

If a thought is constantly on your mind….you are hereby giving power to its creation regardless of whether you want to or not. Time spent ‘contemplating or worrying’ is time spent creating; the positive or negative outcome....depends upon how you spend the time either ‘contemplating or worrying’.

This explains our concepts and practices of ‘positive thinking’….how, if you ‘think’ you can than ‘you will’. If you ‘think you cannot’…..surely, your chances of success are lessened if not nearly impossible. Have you ever accomplished anything substantial that….that you thought was impossible? I say doubtful. You first had to ‘think you can’ in order to succeed. You must visualize your desire “in your minds eye” in order to create the ‘intended’ outcome. It should not surprise you that you are constantly visualizing…..because you are constantly thinking....therefore you are always creating.

Now that I have provided a very brief overview of the power of thought, let us tackle our fears.

If you want to progress as an individual….you MUST acknowledge your fears. This is the easy part. Sit down one evening and say “what am I afraid of”? From here, make note of what comes to mind.

Now that you have penned your fears onto loose leaf; it is time to continue to give away your power OR

IT IS TIME to confront your FEAR.

Confronting your fears…..

What is fear? FEAR is UNCONTROLLED THOUGHT. It is uncontrolled because you have not taken the time to FOCUS your mental creative energies. Therefore, you need to develop strategies to combat this deficiency.

Strategy – when you encounter the fear, when that little tingle crawls upon your skin, when the fear paints a vivid picture in your mind, when the fear stops you in your tracks, when the fear stops you from enjoying life…..THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU MUST TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

Now, we are all different and unique….for some of you this will be easier than for others etc, but what you must do at the aforementioned the earliest convenience is this; When you recognize that you are ‘worrying’ about your fears…as soon as possible… must CONFRONT THEM.

You must ‘using your minds eye’ see yourself climbing up the height that you fear…..see yourself looking into the spiders eye…..see yourself taming the snake…..see yourself crawling through the ‘crawl space’……see yourself ‘walking through and into the darkness’……you must see yourself overcoming these fears with large stout, passionate and angry eyes saying “I WILL NOT GIVE MY POWER AWAY TO YOU”.

You must create a plan that says…..OK, every time I think I am afraid of heights I will see myself ‘flying through the air confidently like Superman’. Every time I think I am afraid of spiders I will see myself with a golden sword and shield slaying the spider……Every time I am afraid of the snake, I will see myself grasping the reptile firmly below the head and controlling its bite…..every time I fear the darkness....I WILL STAND UP INTO THE DARKNESS…the unknown…AND I WILL WALK THROUGH IT…and into it….CONFIDENTLY....because I am unafraid.

Now, this may take you weeks or months but by creating a consistent plan to confront your fears and by incorporating this plan at every will eventually overcome them.

Employ this philosophy into your personal life…expand upon it and make it your own….and I promise you….watch as you overcome your fears and reclaim your power.

Fear exists to be overcome

Thought gives power to fear

Get control of your mind

Acknowledge, confront and overcome your fears

You can do this

No one can do this for you

You can do this

Trust in self, be strong, overcome, learn from your encounters, do better next time.

Wise people make mistakes often…..they just don’t make them twice.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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TillToTheWhen: I was born WITHOUT a hear of

I was born WITHOUT a hear of heights. However I always had a fear of spiders. I ended up killing my fear of spiders, by facing it head on. I walked into a bunch of spider webs over and over again until I no longer was afraid. And I was terrified of them at first. But now, not at all. They are small, and rarely do they kill humans with a bite. Also most kinds are not poisonous. So, I killed that fear. But now, let's get to the fear of heights....I was born with no fear of heights. I used to go on all those rides at the fair, that are high up, no problem. But then around my early 20's I started having these super real dreams of falling from tall buildings. So real that it seemed just as real as when you are conscious and awake. I could not tell that I was dreaming. i would fall to my death. I had the same dream nearly every night.

So, after these dreams I was now terrified of heights. I stopped having these dreams years ago, so now my fear has went down SLIGHTLY, but it's still there. I am still terrified of heights. If I even look over the edge of a tall building I feel as if I am falling off of it. I guess it triggers the memory of the dreams. So, I am not sure why I had those dreams, possibly and most likely demonic....but what if the dreams were trying to protect me from going high up, to keep me alive, or trapped here in this matrix? I honestly don't wish to die....especially by falling to my death. So, I really have no urge to over come this particular fear. I think I have(developed) this fear for a reason and so I have no problem with it, as long as I don't go high up.

I won't ride in airplanes, and if I'm high on a building I usually don't look over the edge. I might do so sometimes, but I admit, it scares the crap out of me. Even imagining flying through the air does not seem exciting to me. I have no urge to do that. I am fine right here on the ground. This is where I feel comfortable. Even if I had dreams of flying I don't think I'd like them. However I had some dreams of swimming underwater which was like heaven. But never have i enjoyed being up in the sky. I guess to each their own.

obsrvantlouie: Always to each their own

But I can tell you overcoming any fear will unlock your potential. That you developed this fear is not for your protection - it's to keep you down in the lower vibrations of fear versus raising your vibrations above it (metaphorically and literally speaking here).

What good is coming from your fear of heights?

Maybe it is demonic and they don't want you to unlearn this fear because they don't want you to fly. Flying is how you get around in the astral realm (4th density/dreamscape).

At your own pace - I advise to break this fear - it's not producing anything positive for you and is holding you back. Just know that "the moment of terror" even looking over the edge of a tall building - this is fear in action and it is possible for you to overcome this. If you do overcome this you will advance/progress faster to your potential - whatever that may be.

TillToTheWhen: Thanks.


I guess that explains why I don't ever have out of body experiences or go to the astral planes either. I have never astral projected. One thing I have enjoyed though lately is the dreams I am having. Much more exciting than my waking life.

I have heard that dreams are basically the astral realm. But it doesn't seem like I am flying ever in the dreams. I am always on the ground. One thing to note though- I also have a fear of motorcycles in this life, (As when I was a child I was on the back of one and the guy was red lining it, driving like crazy) but in my dream world, I ride the motorcycles myself, and am not afraid at all. I ride down stairs with them and everything. It's pretty cool actually!

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