How to make Contact with Friendly Extraterrestrials!

by edisonik on October 13th, 2010

I Love you people alot so the hell with it, I will show you how to make Contact with Alien Space Crafts , this will scare you abit but this will show you that these Spacecrafts are real and that they are observing this little blue Planet.
Follow these steps and get prepared for a surprise.


(1) Go to a Home Hardware store and buy a Powerful Flash Light and a strong Laser Pointer, do not fool around with the Laser Pointer because it can blind you.

(2) Wait for a clear night , a night that the Stars can be seen clearly, go to a place were there isn't too much lighting like a Park or someplace like that.

(3) Now that your at that place l want you to look for a flashing Star, a Star that's flashy , once you found your Flashy Star use the Flash Light and signal the Star 5 times, stop, then 3 times , stop, then 5 times.
Wait for a response, if you see the Space Crafts wip around that Star you made Contact.
If you didn't use the Laser Pointer and Flash that shiny star 5 times and move the Laser pointer around. When you do this you will get scared because of the other hidden Space Crafts that will move around very fast.

(4) If you get lucky and a space craft lands above you and you see the ET's just say this, they will understand:

" It is the Manner and Custom when entering my space that permission be asked", then bow your head, they will ask you if they can stay, say yes and there you go, dialogue will commence, it won't happen right away but with practice you will make Contact!.

I believe you deserve it since you are ET beings anyway, the Governments and the Cabals can kiss my Interstellar Ass!.

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UN.i1-PHI: that link

is the location of that file on your computer directory, it is not on-line

and about the other links/websites, ufologyexposed and ufoevidence, they are very likely to be NWO coverups but feel free to think and research what you want,just make sure youre not just sticking with denial out of comfort or discomfort of something changing way you see the world 'radically', nobody here is enforcing you, just trying to show the importance/impact of the et reality, but your right to question everything and how do we know what details are true and how much, and it does takes a lot of hard work&thinking as obsrvantlouie implied... your very right not to trust anything but why do you trust these probable nwo tactics so easily..?

another guy there is david wilcock, dont know how much to trust him... and another one is from the ancient aliens shows i think,..

and i think truthcontrol is more about exposing the truth that has been controlled...

Karoline: Have changed file location:

Well here's a site which is very similar to this one involving the desire to unleash the truth. I'm sure you will be familiar with her works as a scholar of religion, mythology, archaeology and anthropology.
To simply believe the words of a half Hopi, half Apache dancer, that neither Apache nor Hopi have laid claim to having heard of, is a discredit to the Hopi nation (in my opinion) and what of the works of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the dead sea scrolls scholar John Allegro, are they to be disregarded also? Guess so - then you do what you're paid to do Crackdown - crackdown on the truth and boot me off site.

Crackdown: Have never told you to "boot from the site"

I asked you to change the focus of your comments. Like other members suggested, please research the subject before posting anything - that would help to avoid the confusion, and you would be able to become a truly valued member of our community

Karoline: I don't do threats!

And i don't do lies either, which is why i came to this site to get some answers. The answers on truthcontrol, are biased towards the terra papers (clearly agenda motivated). I have no wish to be part of a community that dictates to me which truths to believe and which not to. Such behaviour is a digrace therfore i shall leave with my conscience intact. Shame on you.

Terran resistance: @Karoline

Tera papers are a load of non-sense.
I agree with you, Karoline what conspiracy theories do you follow
ancient astronaut theory?
new world order?
the occult?

Crackdown: Message to Karoline | +Information about paid trolls

Karoline, I apologize if you would find that offensive, but - after looking through your 69 comments - I have not detected any valuable content in them. Most of your comments are desperate attempts of "debunking the stuff" based on information from biased sources. Unless you would switch your focus from "debunking" to sharing stuff (stuff that comes from reliable sources or directly from you), I will have no other choice but to think that you came here to spread the disinformation and derail the discussions

I was a paid Internet shill article from ex-member of Above Top Secret

Such agencies are common in my country as well. Usually, trolls are being hired through the headhunter websites, and job title is usually "online media specialist" or "social media specialist"

Payment depends on quantity and quality of comments.
Different centers have different requirements and strategies!
Average salary: about $1800 for capital, about $1200 for country (in dollars)

Usually, it is possible to select a location for work:
1) Office (you would get free meal, and it is comfortable there)
2) Home (you would receive extra money for not using office computer, because they could place another person for this computer and save on rent)

UN.i1-PHI: lol

thanks for sharing that link!
the updates on the end was the most pleasing to read haha xD

frecking PRO-Poop-AGENDAS abusing 'poor' people's and taking advantage of the despair, to sell them/theirselves out to their system, nonetheless, bravo to those who do confess they were (paid) shills and change their lifes for their own dignity etc...AND TO INFORM OTHERS ON THIS ABOMINATION!!! :D

Krisbryan15: Wanting to contact ET's

Please teach me more ways to contact in earthly being I want to learn more

BeautifulSemira: i just want to say thanks for everything

for everything you write on here and not just about the aliens but everything I thank you

Tarheel: What a nice gesture

The universe could use more like you.

TriThorntheReaper: I know one other way but it

I know one other way but it very dangerous

Truth And Knowledge: I am interested in speaking with someone who has answers

Is the a being on here that has the knowledge that I seek? Are you capable of knowing the knowledge that I seek without me having to tell you out right? Specifically I would like to speak with a being (no matter the place of origin) who can assist me in finding the missing links to the puzzle I am trying to piece together. I would prefer to speak with someone beyond the planet Earth. Thank you in advance.

TriThorntheReaper: Truth hope this will help

there nobody here that i know an off worlders that i know of but i know Terran Resistance and LoliApolys can help you. they talk to a lot of Aliens but if it classified the wont be able to help you. hopefully they can help but i know for a fact that Tr and loli are limited in what they can say.

Truth And Knowledge: This is much appreciated. I

This is much appreciated. I thank you for your reply.

truthseeking_wolf: get some proof

You guys claim so much about the idea that we are being ruled by reptilians and (annunaki?) .. and yet i havent seen a sinlge motherfucking reptilian anywhere. Not even a damn spaceship/UFO.

How do u expect people to believe this about "reptilians controlling earth"? what makes you so sure about this?

Tarheel: Open your eyes-all 3 of them.

Get educated and open your eyes. The proof's all around you.

truthseeking_wolf: I am educated m8...

Listen brother/sister there's a difference between Educating yourself and Brainwashing yourself.

Now, Im NOT SAYING thay Aliens do not exist... I do believe they exist; We can possibly NOT be alone in this huge universe.

What Iam trying to say is that we shouldnt put all blame on aliens; Lets just put all possible explanations and answers about our questions on the table, I know blaming it all on aliens makes it all easier but it is very hard to find the truth, if there is no edivence then the story is not trustworthy because it is like saying " Jesus/Allah Will save us soon, because it says so in the bible/quran " -- There is no logic in that, right? There would be questions about everything related to the topic. Do you understand what Iam trying to tell you?

Dont just jump on the information yiu get from a source. Collect information from many sources and question those that have shared the info about _thetopic_ ... and then TRY TO MAKE LOGIC of what you have collected.

Quinton: Agreed.


Tarheel: Gotcha pal.

I understand you better now.

Makii: Can someone help me to contact aliens..

I wanna ask one for something ..I'm 16 years old and looking to achieve my destiny.

Tarheel: Here, young Jedi warrior....

...if you want to acheive your destiny: Go to your bathroom. Look in that glass above the basin (mirror). That's where your answer lies.
Chase it down. Happy hunting !

Starboy: I know tht this discussion

I know tht this discussion hasn't occurred for some time but I was wondering tht how could we leave earth for a short period of time to learn about other civillisations I know abt one of them it called "traveller" or "trader". They had the technology to "rope" a black hole and draw energy frm it but suddenly some accident occurred and their planet got destroyed and they were able to save only themselves. They told tht we didn't need physical bodies to travel but we could do it mentally. We hv some abilities aliens want to use nexus they said tht we are linked to the universe "directly". Our brain also uses only 15per cent of its total capacity and so its designed for upgrades. Aliens also left blueprint of spacecraft's which are called "crop fields" so tht we can build our spaceships in case we are not able to achieve 100 per cent brain capacity. When a person enters such a crop field he has rushed emotions and can remember everything easily without trouble. Fear as I saw in earlier comments is not bad its a weapon aliens fear because it is said to vapourize them. Only one sort of aliens hv the power to stand against fear im not telling name cuz it's classified. This alien has long antennas which use our fear against us and paralyses us. Also moon is possibly an alien satellite cuz the soil of the moon is far older thn tht of the other planets in milky way which leads to one conclusion it was here a long time. I'm revealing too much info if anyone wants to kno more just ask ? and also reply t MY QUESTION DONT FORGET THT.

moonchild: Human brain and 'quantum leap' engagement

I think you may be in error regarding the use of the human brain. It is a myth that humans use only a percentage of their brain's capacity. The brain is also more than you might imagine and is able to take leaps and bounds throughout cosmic consciousness. Look also into integrating your whole self and you will connect soon enough, starboy. I would most humbly suggest that you look into the evolution of the human brain and its connection with the whole physical body - taking into account the heart especially. Once you begin to understand how you function, then it is easier to exist past the limitations that humans have been conditioned to believe exist...

Starboy: Maybe but all this info is

Maybe but all this info is based on this site if u hv time visit here and also I said DONT FORGET MY QUESTION WHOLL ANSWER THT

moonchild: Starboy

What is your question, exactly?

Logical Chaos: Im gunna try

Ive seen these flashy stars. Ive seen them at the Facebook Data Center, just over the Apple Data Center, and Ive seen them near the moon, hovering over it the whole night.

Just saw another UFO yesturday morning, looked like a star. I have a hunch that aliens are hiding their UFOs in the position of bright stars, to hover over Earth in secret. I have a bright green laser pointer, Im gunna try this.

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