How to make Contact with Friendly Extraterrestrials!

by edisonik on October 13th, 2010

I Love you people alot so the hell with it, I will show you how to make Contact with Alien Space Crafts , this will scare you abit but this will show you that these Spacecrafts are real and that they are observing this little blue Planet.
Follow these steps and get prepared for a surprise.


(1) Go to a Home Hardware store and buy a Powerful Flash Light and a strong Laser Pointer, do not fool around with the Laser Pointer because it can blind you.

(2) Wait for a clear night , a night that the Stars can be seen clearly, go to a place were there isn't too much lighting like a Park or someplace like that.

(3) Now that your at that place l want you to look for a flashing Star, a Star that's flashy , once you found your Flashy Star use the Flash Light and signal the Star 5 times, stop, then 3 times , stop, then 5 times.
Wait for a response, if you see the Space Crafts wip around that Star you made Contact.
If you didn't use the Laser Pointer and Flash that shiny star 5 times and move the Laser pointer around. When you do this you will get scared because of the other hidden Space Crafts that will move around very fast.

(4) If you get lucky and a space craft lands above you and you see the ET's just say this, they will understand:

" It is the Manner and Custom when entering my space that permission be asked", then bow your head, they will ask you if they can stay, say yes and there you go, dialogue will commence, it won't happen right away but with practice you will make Contact!.

I believe you deserve it since you are ET beings anyway, the Governments and the Cabals can kiss my Interstellar Ass!.

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edisonik: Open your Heart & Believe, do it now!!!

I dedicate this Musical Peace to Contact!, you want Contact you got it! Go for it!.
You Humans have to think bigger!, it is your Destiny to leave Earth and Colonize better Planets, better star systems then this one, you must believe so you can achieve.

You must continue your Space Program, John F Kennedy knew that these vast Dark Oceans of Space was were you belonged, do not let the Reptilians enslave you on this Earth go beyond explore other planets!. Create it yourselves, do it yourselves.


Stop and just step out of your Box, Forget about the Lies of your Earthly Media!, forget about the Political Lies the Illuminati spin to control you, forget about the Religious Lies your Earthly Institutions try to shove down your throats, forget about Money, forget about Hatred because it blinds your heart, forget about all the bullshit at work!, forget about your stuff like your cars, or houses or any of that Crap!, Just let go maybe you can go to your special place listen to your favourite music and just scream out of your own skin! , Cry if you have to!, this will open up even more Chakras.

Everything and I mean everything is a Lie on this pathetic little planet, find your truth from within, discover it from within yourself, you will find the reality , it is absolute consciousness, you don't think I can read your minds?, I can.

Think Freedom forever and never, ever let anyone take it away from you!.

caseyhue: Good

Last night.. I opened up my soul an could feel everything from the universe an alot filtered in. I've never felt this before an it opened up so much an I'm beginning to feel the true meaning of it all spiritually. Edisonik is right remove all this stuff from what you learned an the negativity an you find the true meaning. I examined the worst negativity from mind an soul an found that it's really not all that it appears to be it can be cleansed this world is creating the hatred an when you see beyond it really open up inside you'll see that all this negativity/hate is obsolete it's just a waste of time/energy. Since last night my negativity toward this bad energy is now gone to diminished an I don't feel the same.. but it's the good not the bad. It's really true folks!!!

edisonik: Be strong and Positive

Be strong and Positive because Humans Rule, not the Illuminati half breeds.

sdeev: re:

can you please contact me on [email protected]

edisonik: Doctor Richard Boyland discusses Star Nations

If you need any help let's discuss it here. I need everybodies imput on this Sdeev.
Here is Dr. Richard Boyland he is already in discussions with the Star Nations so we can save our Planet from the Poleshift and the Satanic Cabals who want to destroy Humanity, listen to what he has to say because the Alien Nations are real and these Groups want to help humanity. This is Real!. ( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 )

Humanity will Evolve and the Star Nations are here to assist Humanity and help prevent the Mayan 2012 Poleshift which could cause serious problems , the Motherships are currently circling the Sun.

Crackdown: Takedown

"Secret Meetings With Star ..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement

As usual, they take down what they do not like!

bluesbaby5050: The Peggy Kane links are still available........

Peggy Kane has done some very important work in the field of RE-verse Speech. Her work reveals that the Reptilians are really speaking their truths to people with out the people knowing it. Peggy has learned how to decipher their lies from the truth when they speak to her though her recordings of them. She shares a wealth of knowledge that people should learn about,because this will truely make people see the After Life though different eyes. Learn the truth when you hear her information though her links provided on this thread. (You will really be shocked.)

sdeev: i understand

since i learned about this which was 3 weeks ago i couldn't sleep and tried to phase it out for 2 days and got a good sleep. most people i've talked to reply me saying "you can't do anything even if you try" and it's such a pity that most people think that. it's the truth for the majority and that's exactly why the crowd is so easy to handle

edisonik: The Problem is the Net around the Earth!

The Problem is the Electromagnetic Net that is around the Earth Sdeev , there is a Net that has trapped the Souls on Earth for 240,000 years by the Reptilians from the Orion Star System, many of the Souls coming here from other Star Systems and entering this Matrix through the Womb have been blinded from their Cellular Memory and therefore cannot remember their Incarnational Past or Past Life Cycle, they are born into this Planet totally empty of their previous past and start over completely forgeting their past history.
You have taken many forms before you have taken this human form,many of the Souls coming through the Womb via Human Vessel were Angels, Sirians, Lyrans, Pleadians, Tau Cetians, Reptilians, Apacheks ( Cat People ), Bird People, Wookie People, Insectiods, Tree People, Ancient Space Travellers from other Universes.

Like I said before Humans are Awsome, it is the Media , TV Shows and Government that Portray Humanity as Dumb, Stupid and Incompetant, if you don't believe me watch your TV shows, you will see what I mean. You are all very special , follow your Heart , you will know what you must do , never be afraid because you will screw up your mission, fear is a tool that the Darkside uses to stop you from your divine Mission.
I bet your next question will be "What Divine Mission?", you will know when you are calm and at Peace within yourself for your future will be guided by your desire and emotions.
Good Luck.

The Orion Empire has Mind Control over the planet and the best Mind Control is ( You Guessed it!, Main Stream Media! & the T.V.), many people watch the Television and the Tube is the Mind Control Device being used to Manipulate Humanity and it is a very powerful weapon to subvert freedom by creating fear via fabricated Terrorism and Economic Uncertainty.

There are more Citizens then there are Globalists , so the Citizens have more power but they don't realize it because of the Manipulation through Mainstream Media and T.V.

sdeev: confusion

i can't seem the believe the "trapped souls" segment. as i mentioned somewhere else before, would you provide me with some evidence of that being true.

edisonik: Peggy Kane the will give the Knowledge

Peggy Kane studied the Art of Reverse Speaking and she has made contact with the Spirits on the other side of the fence or frequency ( The Field you go to when you leave your body, or when your body dies ).

Peggy Kane will give you the knowledge you need Sdeev.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-Arthur Schopenhauer ( Part 1 of 24 ) ( Part 2 of 24 ) ( Part 3 of 24 ) ( Part 4 of 24 ) ( Part 5 of 24 )
( Part 6 of 24 ) Missing ( Part 7 of 24 ) ( Part 8 of 24 ) ( Part 9 of 24 ) ( Part 10 of 24 ) ( Part 11 of 24 ) ( Part 12 of 24 ) ( Part 13 of 24 ) ( Part 14 of 24 ) ( Part 15 of 24 ) ( Part 16 of 24 ) ( Part 17 of 24 ) ( Part 18 of 24 ) ( Part 19 of 24 ) ( Part 20 of 24 ) ( Part 21 of 24 ) ( Part 22 of 24 ) ( Part 23 of 24 ) ( Part 24 of 24 )

caseyhue: Never

I definitely liked those videos ... Thank You!

edisonik: Sdeev I am holding back

I am holding back, once you absorb the information you may ask me more questions.

mtrfckr: i feel ya

thanks a lot, im gonna find-out if this really is the truth, if this works for me im not hesitate to immigrate with them, i have no hope for the future on earth since ive met the truth

only the flashlight story makes me laugh, could they see that far with only a laser/flashlight?

anyone who like to share their experience / info on this matter can reach me at:
mr.mtrfckr [at] hotmail [.] com

again thanks a lot for sharing this subject!

DLL33: Need

I have came across this exact page as if found by path in destiny and fate. I need more. More words of my very possible truth. I've grown and seen past that of this confinement. My own personal thoughts and beliefs resemble that of what you speak so well, I have only complete confidence that I was not brought here by mere coincidence. Please get back to me, I feel that time is running... Short.

dvogel: Question

Hej Edisonik,

I know its an old article but I was wondering if you ever had success in doing this?

Tarheel: Edi will answer for himself, but I have found....

....that YES, it does work but you have to play the odds and be persistent.

dvogel: What if

Thanks for your answer. Would it then be possible to ask them for token which could help humanity in exchange for the permission to fly around our planet?

bluesbaby5050: Foolishness.........

You don't need a spacecraft to accomplish space travel,or multidimentional traveling! USE THE POWER OF YOUR MINDS. The you will truely be free!

dvogel: reply

I see you are so kind and mature to write foolishness in your subject. I did hope we could have an adult conversation here. What I meant was something which could help mankind like a healing device not space travel technology, which Im sure they already have in the underground black project bases

bluesbaby5050: You Never Mentioned this to Tarheel as noticed...........

And you never mentioned this Healing Device in any of your threads either. That's why you recieved the answers that you got. You should be more specific/clearer in your writings to any of us. Then you would get a clear reply to any questions.

dvogel: reply

Indeed I wasnt clear but does that mean that I have to get a reply with the subject foolishness?

bluesbaby5050: It's a word only, and not a subject.

Tarheel answered your question. He was replying in regards to the Flashlight which was the topic spoken of by others in the forum at that time. RE-read it, and Tarheal was not referring to a healing device at all. That was clear in his statement to you. He said it worked for him- Meaning the flashlight into the night sky.

Tarheel: You are very perceptive, dvogel.

You have identified at least 1 of the mines correctly.

I would suggest you employ the old Tarheel addage "cerca trova" (seek & ye shall find). Avoid the disinfo and don't even bother with The Delusion . You are on the right track.

dvogel: Thanks

Well thank you Tarheel. Indeed there is a lot of disinfo and everyone much be alert for this

dvogel: Thanks

Well thank you Tarheel. Indeed there is a lot of disinfo and everyone much be alert for this

Tarheel: You can ask them anything...... like. I'm not sure how they would answer, as I cannot answer for them.

IF you try this, I would get away from any city. Out in the country...away from The Masses. Your odds increase exponentially.

dvogel: I wonder

I wonder if anyone on this forum has tried this out with sucess and can tell what really happened. Furthermore I wonder if it would work in Belgium and most important how can you know it wont be the malevolent alien greys showing up?

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik does Not Need to do this because........

Edisonik travels time lines. He is a Master Teacher of Ancient history of Earth,and elsewhere. He is in Light Body Form. He is an Ancient Warrior of the Falcon Bird Clans People. He is from another Universe. He is the Giant Garuda!

dvogel: reply

Travels time? and if he is from another universe why does he need a flash light and a laser pointer to contact aliens or do you just mean from another universe as an expression? Thanks

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik TOLD this to the Humans asking..............

He does Not need to do this himself. Lightbodies have the freedoms to go anywheres! This is Sirius,and not a laughing matter. A Flashlight is what THE HUMANS NEED to make Contact he was stating, because humans have Dense Fleshy 3R Dimentional Bodies, and they are Earthbound. If they really believed in themselves they would Not need a flashlight at all! They could just use ESP instead but, they THINK they are IN-capable of doing this, and this is their own Downfall.

bluesbaby5050: You can be on Earth in your Earth human bodies...........

And humans can travel WITHOUT the human Earth body while they are at rest in the Human Physical body. You do this with your light body/Your Astral light bodies! You can travel out into space,and you can travel into any other realms in this galaxy,and into any of the thousands of other Galaxies out there. You can even travel into other Universes also. You are the master of your own destiny.

dvogel: Reply

That is all good and well, but aliens travel here physically as well and we should also strife for going to them physically and of course there must be a reason why we got a physical body. A small question, why do you refer to Edisonik as non-human in the way that you write "he told the humans"?

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik is speaking to all humanity in your sentence above.....

And not just to a few humans in this forum.( I do the same). Edisonik speaks to the Group- Whole of Humanity on this planet. What should I call the Humans/Mankind, Animals? Would you prefer? No ,not Animals, as I prefer to call them Humans, because this is what they/we are. I am only a spokeperson in agreement with what Edisonik had to say in this post of his well over 3 and a half years ago. I refer to him as Edisonik, because this is his name on this forum. You should be asking Edisonik your question on this matter. Refer to his works on this site for further information on his origins if you prefer.

Wise: Question to Edisonik

Hi Edisonik, I appreciate and interested in what you told us. A question: Do you know anyone who was able to contact physically good extraterrestrials using your way, and was taken by them to their Planet and moved from Earth permanently? PLUS, in what you taught us, do we need to signal the flashy star 5 times with the laser bean while our flash light is always on? Or we have to signal 5 times with the flash light without using the laser bean? Please reply in details and clearly. Thank you :)

Crackdown: Remember, we are here for a reason

Dear friend, this question was not addressed to me, but I still would like to comment on it.
Yes, sometimes you may want to move from Earth permanently. It is not the nicest place to live, currently. But our mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity, that is the main reason why we are there! Damn, Alex Collier was really fed up with all the ignorance and hatred, asked his celestial friends to take him away. Guess, what happened next? They have refused to fulfill his desire, because he is needed here. And you are needed here as well ! So I highly doubt that someone would decide to take you from Earth permanently in these difficult and important times (well maybe some malevolent aliens would like to take you permanently, for something that is certainly not good)

Wise: Edisonik

!!! Dear Friends, with all due respect,the answers that I have received concerning my question addressed TO EDISONIK, and that are based on analysing and encouraging and jumping to wrong conclusions and misunderstanding, ARE NOT related in anyhow to my SPECIFIC question. So please, and with all due respect, I have addressed the question in my previous message to Edisonik, I will NOT take or answer to any reply unless from him. Thank you!

bluesbaby5050: I AGREE with your Statement very much!

People need to realize what they are on this planet for. WE THE PEOPLE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and by the way WE ARE, and WE HAVE !! Were are working along side our space brothers, and our space sisters= our space families to manifests the higher vibrations while we are stationed on this planet Earth in our tour of duty. We already have risen the vibrations of Earth, and it is obvious because just recently 1-2 MILLION BIKERS IN THE U.S.A. have driven from all parts of this Great country of ours to protest PEACEFULLY in Washington DC. AGAINST ALL WARS,and to BRING OUR TROOPS BACK HOME FROM OVERSEAS!! AND THEY ACHEIVED THERE GOAL! DC. GOT THE MESSAGE! No riots happened at all! And of course this was NOT DISPLAYED ON THE 6:00 PM nightly TV NEWS! It was censored as usual! This happened during the end of last week, and it showed this on the internet news, along with pictures of this great event. Yahoo headline news did carry it, and this is where I saw this. These brave bikers were DENIED A PERMIT TO DO THIS, BUT, they went ahead anyways, and the amount of people had doubled in numbers! 2 Million bikers showed up instead, along with and people on foot, and it was a grand sight to behold indeed! This is just one example of the higher vibrations at work here right now! This made my heart swell with pride! The regular people in the U.S. DO NOT WANT WAR ANY WHERES! The government leaders in DC. DO NOT HAVE OUR VOTES! THEY ALWAYS GO AGAINST WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT! Our hearts are saying NO MORE WARS! WE HUMANS WILL NOT DO YOUR DIRTY WORK FOR YOU, AND WE A SMART TO YOUR DIRTY TRICKS YOU PLAY ON US. PEOPLE AGAINST PEOPLE, AND THIS IS VERY WRONG,AS WE ARE ALL RELATED=WE ARE HUMANS!! WE WANT TO LIVE, AND LOVE IN A WORLD OF PEACE! I VOTED NO TO WARS!

Wise: Edisonik

!!! Dear Friends, with all due respect,the answers that I have received concerning my question addressed TO EDISONIK, and that are based on analysing and encouraging and jumping to wrong conclusions and misunderstanding, ARE NOT related in anyhow to my SPECIFIC question. So please, and with all due respect, I have addressed the question in my previous message to Edisonik, I will NOT take or answer to any reply unless from him. Thank you!

bluesbaby5050: My thread was a reply to Crackdown...........

And it was not to your question of how to attract aliens with or without a red beam, and light, or not light, and red beam. This does not interest me, and so I paid no attention to it, and it is 3 year old post anyways. If you are WISE, then you would not be attracting attention to any kind of aliens. They would be attracting YOU, and then You should still use Caution for your own sake!

Wise: Question to Edisonik 2

!!! Dear Friends, with all due respect,the answers that I have received concerning my question addressed TO EDISONIK, and that are based on analysing and encouraging and jumping to wrong conclusions and misunderstanding, ARE NOT related in anyhow to my SPECIFIC question. So please, and with all due respect, I have addressed the question in my previous message to Edisonik, I will NOT take or answer to any reply unless from him. Thank you!

bluesbaby5050: Now, I AM ADDRESSING you, Wise...........

This is a very old post, (3 years) and I doubt you will be hearing from Edisonik any time soon. I never gave you any reply until now. People will give others answers to their questions to help them if they can. The answer Crackdown gave you was a very intelligent reply to your question, as well as to everyone else. You should use caution before attracting attention to yourself, because you could be putting yourself in danger from unsavory aliens. You could become an experiment, or worst, a food source, and that would end badly for you, and others. Personally, I would not be doing this. But, to each his own.

moonsstarr923: You can do it

Whoa people!!! First of all, you *can* make contact without having to have a laser/light by means of practiced and advanced meditation ((although it *does*, indeed, help to be in a peaceful place of beauty in the evening---PLS see/look up- "Dr. Greer and the Joshua Tree"
video on Youtube; it's simply amazing and a must-see if you're serious about contact)) Like anything worth while, serious meditation techniques take practice, but it is well worth it, as you will be able to make contact with more than, what you call, "aliens".
Secondly, no one---or entity----here **physically** on Earth is a "master" my friends!!! That statement isn't as humble as I'd think it should be. Listen, the true "masters" are not "here" on our physical plane anymore. Examples of (ascended) Masters include: Jesus, The Buddha, Merlin (you can watch and listen to Merlin being channeled on Youtube; he's got a ***very*** important message for *you* that you should all hear!) You see, no one that's able to talk or type to you should technically call his or her self a "master"------thus and perhaps making you feel like he or she is, "higher" or "better" than you-----or he or she can make contact easier than you. The **reason** no one should call themselves a master is because ***true*** (ascended) masters are not on the physical plane anymore because they have *transcended* the need--and/or want----of a physical body. Their *reward* for such transcendence *is* actually separation from the physical body. So you see then that no one here *physically*---and typing or talking to you------is a ***"master"*** of anything (or anyone).
*YOU* are your own master, and if you practice meditation you can successfully make contact with other entities and meet and do a whole lot more! (I have, and do, see all kinds of "things")
Never believe that you have "mastered" anything (yet) because then you will stop trying to learn and stop trying to transcend. Just keep trying to do your best. Meditate everyday when you have the (private) time to do so, and you'll get results!
You are more special than you let yourself imagine, and that holds you back. If you want to make contact-------- then go do it!!! Go do it because you CAN.
Warm Regards and Universal Love,

killingwithkindness: cool

Thanks moonsstarr923! I agree with your message, and I'm going to try out your advice.

obsrvantlouie: Who Benefits?

When contemplating action/mystery...essentialy any excellent question to ask is "who benefits?". How does an ET craft benefit from you trying to make contact with a laser pointer and a flash light? What is in it for them to show any response to this action? Regardless of if it works or not...why? As far for Edi telling you to go to a park....alone...and try to get some ET attention, the followig video is my answer to that. Only 15 mins long and well worth your time.

There is no reason to go anywhere but within. Going within can lead to contact with different beings.

Karoline: Missing people:

Have just watched the above youtube clip about missing people. Is it possible that some are easy picking for ongoing genetic research and to back the no doubt Nazi implemented 'disclosureproject' which is designed to make people both believe in and fear an ET presence on Earth? Secret files reveal that 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WW11. This document and youtube clip highlights what 'humans' have been capable since WW11 and not an ET in site.

Karoline: And she's back:

Resurrected, wide awake and looking for some information please if you know. Who are the other men in this picture?
I recognise Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke, Robert Morning Sky, Eric Von Daniken, Billy Meiers and Giorgio Tsoukalos, who are the other four please?

Also Edisonik, one should never flash a laser beam around the sky. Laser beams are a hazardous distraction to aircraft, in the UK you could get arrested for it.

obsrvantlouie: H-DUB

Hard Work seems this term is still unfamiliar to you. If you are going to keep on being lazy I am going to keep on reminding you that nothing is what you will accomplish without some "blood, sweat and tears" = HARD WORK. You admittedly have not read or viewed the Terra Papers (recall your head got a boo boo when attempting to read).

Do you really think the link provided above by you is credible?

If Morning Sky has been so come I can not locate a single "published" copy of the Terra Papers? How come he has not been made to pay for his crimes? How come you cannot locate even an online copy of "L.A. Transcript" penned also by Morning Sky? No one here is saying that the Terra Papers are 100% accurate. Proof is what you want it to be.

Can you name me anything that is 100% accurate? Your assumptions of creationism and all of this coming about from the incorrectly termed "mother" nature is far more conjecture than ancient alien theory.

Let's see the financial data on Morning Sky and Icke? I have seen how the PTB have attempted to discredit Icke over the years...(even after his proclomation of being the "son of God" he rebounded). Jesse Ventura invited Icke on his conspiracy theory show and it was evident of the foul play and premeditated decision to attempt to discredit Icke. I think also huffpost or the guardian ran stories on Ick's "millions" he has made. SO WHAT? He has made only millions over HOW MANY YEARS AND BOOKS.

Icke travels the world lecturing on hidden knowledge in an attempt to educate...I am okay with this man living more comfortably than the manager at McDonalds. I am okay with wise men being taken care of so their message can be heard. Judas comes to mind.

I...unlike you, have read the Terra Papers and also watched Morning Sky lecture them. I have also listened to Morning Sky's 6 radio interviews available on youtube. I HAVE SEEN Icke speak "live" in Cleavland Ohio a couple years ago. For Icke, I paid $60 for a FRONT ROW SEAT for an 8 hour presentation. During which Icke did not use a teleprompter and or note cards. He actually spoke from his mind. This man is very knowledgable and speak many truths. How much does an NFL playoff ticket cost again? How much is a trip at the movie theatre?

Icke and Morning Ssky do not appear to be living beyond their means...and the link you have provided does nothing but echo again your baseless claims. Also, Defamation tactics usually agree to start at the root of the issue...this is why your bogus link starts out with it's embarrasing attempt to discredit Morning Sky first. Morning Sky is feared by the PTB far more than any other men on the link you provided....because of his message.

May I ask, why are you so hellbent attacking Ancient Alien Theory? Why do you attempt to convince us so? Is your belief system that has been so dear to you over the years starting to crumble? If this is the is okay, you have friends here. If not the case...well then, we all know your agenda and most here have suspected as such.

Some of these men may be shady...Greer and Sitchin are my guess's and perhaps more. I don't simply believe everyone in the UFO community (a la DOCTOR Greer and his money making farce of Sirius/Disclosure project). I do not lump people into categories without personal experience like you do.

How many books of Icke have you read?

Keep on running around yelling FIRE FIRE....I guess eventually you will trip someone up. Even if only yourself.

I challenge you address each of the questions I put forth in defense that you are no troll

Karoline: You seem very angry?

And this is your answer to my question, which was simply: 'who are the other men in this picture?'
I too think for myself and unlike David Icke, Robert Morning Sky etc, i do not have government strings attached to my body. This IS a free thinking site isn't it? Or have i got the wrong end of the stick - is the site perhaps more about 'controlling the truth'. You make no mention of Why is that? Do you have vested interests yourself, you're making me suspicious now. I have listened to Robert Morning Sky on the radio, i have also read 'Lord of the rings' shall i assume THAT to be factual if someone says it is? Anyone can make up stories and sell it to the public. Like i said, 'what is history, but a fable agreed upon', if you choose to believe it that's your choice and if i see no reason to believe it, that's my free will. I have still got some haven't i?

Nicola Tesla's work in science brought about the creation of UFOs right here - on Earth. Infact something that would be of interest to you is his work with vibrational frequency. The more people (as a group) who have an intention that they set their minds to, the more chance there is of it coming off. Maybe if you all set your minds to it, you could use vibrational freequency to convince me of your ETs?

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