How long is the America the global "Don" have left?

by BamfOttO on September 16th, 2016

Living In a country with no GNP and no real asset to any nation, how long can we as Americans continue to thrive on endlessly just selling crap to each other. I live in an area of the U.S. were 1/500 of all jobs are manufacturing jobs. Us working at a retail/hospitality place to get money to go to a retail/hospitality place. The way America stays on top is by being a gangster and going around the world robbing and stealing. We just take what we want, we are the "Dons' of the gangster world (allied countries) and no one wants to F with us.
I brought this up after conversing with my local small mini-mart owner who hails from India. I asked her "what did you do for work in India. I know there isn't a whole lot of this going on?" This being me jestering to the stocks of endless luxury items around me. She replied no you farm and sell small goods, crafts or do remedial jobs To make a long story short I learned she was never hungry, poor, over worked, stressed out constantly, or afraid of her families survival. She said she would move back because Although there are better convieiances here, the cost is getting to high. So when does the cost become to high that average Americans say F#$* It!

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Quinton: That's the question. Our

That's the question. Our standard of living in America has been decreasing for a long time and people are feeling the pinch more and more. It can't go on like this much longer and something is going to have to give.

We have about a $20 trillion national debt. We have been losing around $500 billion a year in deficits. We have around $120 trillion in future unfunded liabilities for pensions, Social Security, Medicare, etc. The Fed is monetizing around $100 billion each month. Our money itself is debt which can only be paid off with more debt. The engineered collapse is on the way, it's only a matter of time.

Tarheel: F#$* it

Social Security has almost $3 TRILLION dollar SURPLUS, not deficit. By 2025 the SocSec SURPLUS will be over $5 trillion dollars.GOP politicians always try to group SocSec into the "liabilities" because they want to raid it when they try to cover "unfunded liabilities". SocSec is everyone (but the elites) else's retirement. if raided, heads will literally roll (remember Mussolini?), and they know that. SS isn't available for them to raid.
On topic, 99% have already had it with this system and know it's a joke (look at pres candidates). Look what our politicians and govt has done to our country. 20 yrs +/- ago, we had a balanced budget. It can be balanced but not overnight.
I agree, the collapse has been engineered by the ultra-conservatives, and we are in the midst of it. Observe but don't buy into it.
Help on the way

Quinton: The $3 trillion Social

The $3 trillion Social Security Trust Fund is a holder of our national debt. So $3 trillion of the $20 trillion US national debt is held by this fund. It is literally $3 trillion in US Treasury Bonds, which doesn't look too good if you question whether the national debt will ever be paid off.

What they do is overtax for SS, take the profits and buy the US debt with it each year and call that a surplus. The whole thing is absurd. It's as real as the national debt held by China and other foreign nations.

Tarheel: The debt CAN be paid off, BUT...

...but, TPTB want to make it look like it cannot- thus crippling the USA and making it look worse than it ever is (part of the engineered debacle we're experiencing).
We need a balanced budget amendment .
I don't even remotely buy into that $120 million future liability HHS. I got that communication from my congressman a year ago, but the figure he used was $100 trillion. THAT is just a crock. When I asked him to show me where & to who we have future liability totaling over 100 trillion, I got no response.
It's not you I don't believe, Q-dog. It's the ass-clowns painting the picture. They aren't real artists, they are con artists. And bad con artists at that.

LettersToCleo: Its just the system or construct of control

it does what it is meant to. You may think it wasnt meant to but that is the illusion. The use of money and the financial systems themselves are a form of slavery. As long as you have a system of money, it will always be like this because its voluntary slavery.

Also India isnt any better, its worse. You have a billion indians fighting for smaller scraps, and most starve or have to do things they dont want to to survive. Dont know if that person you spoke to was telling you the whole story. When you have a billion people you have alot of competition for table scraps. Its not like indians living in some utopia. They system set up is the same the 1 percent control the 99 percent, and the 20 percent make more than the 80 percent in any nation. did you know because of the poverty in india crime is higher, if you are middle class you have to have body guards for your kids. That a life can be measured as 200 dollars in india, cuz you can hire someone to kill someone for that?

If you study the fall of the roman empire or even watch the tv series barbarians rising, empires are created and thrive on slavery. they callapse when the conquered slaves start to rise up cause a stop in expansion and availability of cheap free slave labour. Its what caused the callapse of the roman empire, and why the roman empire thrived when it was at its peak in conquering and enslaving.

here is one episode.


what happened is they merely replace involuntary slavery with a form of voluntary slavery by using their system of money and finances. the system or construct of control is one where it wants more control of population. so they took the money off the gold backed currency, caused inflation so the cost of living rises every year. so people have to work harder and longer hours to survive cuz everything goes up in cost every year.

even when it was gold backed the wages were low and poverty was high, or in proportion to the populations of each nation. so going to a gold backed currency would stop infalation but you looking at large unemployment and also wages decreasing to where its sustainable with an much smaller economy. because the main economy right now is the banks, and they make their profits and drive the economy with mortgages and loans and the stock market. you take away the cheap money because it has to be backed by gold, everything grinds to a halt, looking at massive unemployment and also a rewind in wages. people wont have money to buy so factories slow down, people cant afford things. likely the jobs available right now, looking at half the wages or less cuz the economic output wont be there or the demand.

its why they trying to digitize money so they can continue the artificial economy without the fundamentals of economics, someone just has the key codes to input more money. its why they moving to technology, you just go into a hologram for a vacation instead of actually going on vacation.

LettersToCleo: The reality is if the system comes to an end

Then the experiment on earth of consciousness comes to an end.

They will still have a monetary system and financial system that is meant to enslave. So merely changing people in and out of positions of power as they have been well, we know how that hasnt changed anything.

Also for the elite, any engineered major crash is simply a way to cause the slave class to lose money and assets so they can just buy it back on pennies on the dollar. It happens every 50 or so years. I am not talking about the small crashes of savings and loans scandal, dot com bubble or even 2008 crash. Those were small blips. The system is designed so when things become overvalued like homes and the stock market, there is a crash so the slaves lose their money and the elite can buy it back on pennies on the dollar. So the slaves have to keep working harder and longer to survive to get back to where they were. Its like the carrot in front of the donkey. In the past the whip didnt work so well for a long time, so they replaced the whip with a carrot on a stick. The system is doing what it is suppose to. Its designed to enslave. Unless you get rid of money and the financial system and the political and social systems, its naive to think changing people in and out is going to change anything. Also people want the carrot and want to fit in. So as long as they are willing to work in the system as it is using money and all the other systems, its just an illusion things will change. Its like thinking as long as you have guns, there can be peace and a utopia of harmony. Not realizing the need for them itself in concept makes peace and non violence impossible.

LettersToCleo: Also All Aliens are Fallen 4th dimensional beings

The reason being there is a law in the universe, if you play the game you are subject to the rules of the game and become stuck. So 5th dimensional or higher beings will not get involved in the matrix or interfere because they too will become stuck if they do. The matrix is an experiment in consciousness where 4th dimensional beings who are stuck can escape the matrix. Right now the consciousness experiment is happening on earth. When this cycle ends another planet will be created to allow those souls or spirits who do not want to stay stuck with the fallen to raise their consciousness to get out by taking part in the consciousness experiment.

You can see this clearly in the new age how aliens are projected as higher evolved and consciousness. How they embrace technology and promote it to humanity.

The reality is, technology is what caused the separation from source. Its why these aliens are as bad or worse spiritually than the souls that came down to earth to try to escape from the trap 4th dimensional aliens are stuck in.

Its why even we know transhumanism is bad. But aliens use implants and technology in their bodies and they promote it as good. We see this with new age gurus like simon parkes who said he has implants given to him into his body by the mantids to hook him up to the mantid hive mind.

we see the pleiadians of billy meiers. New age projects them as the good guys. But in billy meiers questions to them on dancing, the pleiadian males said they dont like to dance because they dont want others to think they are gay.

the reptlians have a cast and status system like the rest, they favor light skinned.

and they all embrace technology and engage in war.

so all 4th dimensional aliens are fallen, disconnected from source.

LettersToCleo: They dont want the debt paid off.

Currency system and debt is a form of voluntary slavery, it allows those in power to stay in power, and the slaves or serfs to keep working for the carrot on the stick.

Why would they pay off the debt, it keeps the slaves voluntarily enslaved. Its like the romans who empire and economic prosperity deciding hey we should free the slaves. It wont happen, at least not voluntarily by those in power.

for the slaves of the roman empire to be free they had to have violent revolutions, because they were being physically and emotionally abused. and when the barbarians freed the slaves, the roman empire which depended on free labour of the slaves callapsed.

in todays world the slaves are voluntarily agreeing to be enslaved. its what the construct of control is based on, shifting people in and out of positions of power every few years to create the illusion of democracy, and getting individuals and nations to strap themselves down in debt so they are voluntarily enslaved, providing the free labour for those in power to enjoy their luxuries and services, and to stay in power.

The analogy is one of the Lord of the Rings. But in the scenario of humankind, gandalf told frodo and everyone else they can use the one ring (the construct and systems of control ) against the dark lord. Its what new age tells new ages also, they can take power and use the constructs of control against the system.
sadly regardless of people are switched in and out of positions of power, the one ring only has one master. it corrupts and enslaves all. its like saying to have peace we need guns. not gonna happen, the need for a gun tells you there is no peace. to think you can use the constructs of control against the system is a delusion.

LettersToCleo: when you switch people in and out of positions of power

when you switch people in and out of power in the same system of control, you just get a new tyrant every few years, it doesnt matter who that person is. because the system is corrupt, and it corrupts and enslaves all.

LettersToCleo: heads up financial crash might be starting, deutschebank

basically how it works is same as 2008. deutchebank sold investment derivatives to other banks and pension funds. people stop paying, they have a problem. they file on insurance companies cuz they dont have enough liquidity. then all the banks with deutchebank file with insurance companies. insurance companies usually sell 100 dollars of insurance for every dollar they insure. They say they dont have the money, they go under, next day banks go under.

governments will have to step in with another bail out.

investments, pensions and stock market will likely go down by half. also might be limits banks have on withdrawals until it settles down.

Quinton: Wow, they're one of the

Wow, they're one of the largest banks in the world. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Everyone has been waiting for the big crash to happen for a while and it looks like it is coming closer and closer.

LettersToCleo: How is it gonna turn out lol: Market Crash

5 times bigger tha Leyman Brothers crash in 2008. They sold derivatives to other banks, hedge funds, pension funds and investment organizations and individuals. Insurance cant pay for it so they go bankrupt too or they will have to bail everyone out again.

Its domino effect deutchebank sold to all the banks, they call in the money on derivatives. they dont have it, deutchebank doesnt have it, they all call insurance companies and file claims. insurance company doesnt have money to cover it since they sell 100 policy for every 1 they can cover. Insurance company goes under, next day banks go under.

unless politicians bail em out again. either way stock market is gonna tank worse than 2008.

tomorrow when it gets out to everyone, its gonna be a shit storm. deutchebank basically said they are preparing for market crash.

LettersToCleo: They will have to bail out deutchebank

Germans wont let it go under, as well the insurance companies of various countries will get bailed out. End of day they work out with creditors pennies on dollar they are owed and then german government will bail out deutchebank

either way markets gonna take a hit also, cuz this stuff gonna takes weeks if not months to work out with creditors and then get bail out by germans. markets will be a roller coaster ride for a few months. that is if other banks dont fail.

heard italians having issues also. they dont have funds to prop up banks so they using some multi billion dollar helicopter contract funds they got from japan to prop up some.

gonna slow global markets more after this. opec agree to cut oil production but after this news oil was down on the day.

if crash happens means consumers wont buy, and emerging markets gonna also suffer cuz they are commodity based. low demand, low price. bricks nations like brazil and venequela really gonna be hurting.

LettersToCleo: Deutchebank leveraged 27 to 1

basically this means if you were to buy a house for a million dollars, you would put down 37000 dollars and borrow the rest.

their share holder equity is 74 billion, their total asset is 2 trillion. this does not include their derivative exposure so its not included in the 27 to 1 ratio. their derivatives exposure is 64 trillion dollars. derivatives are not put in the books cuz its off balance sheet.

LettersToCleo: looks like crash was averted

us justice department reduced its 14 billion dollar fine of deutche bank to 5 billion.

enough to rally deutchebank stocks and rally the markets.

have to see what happens,

LettersToCleo: Look for Deutche Bank to tank tuesday

monday is bank holiday in germany

rumors of cutting the fine with US DOJ is false, was done to get people buying stock again and to raise stock price.

they havent even started negotiating with DOJ

here is a graph showing all the banks exposed to the 65 trillion in debt of deutchebank

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