How to Kill a Reptilian Humanoid if you Encounter One.

by Chris on September 13th, 2014

Rick: Ok, what are the physical characteristics of the Alpha-Draconians? What do they look like?

Alex: They’re ugly! I mean they think were ugly too. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and belief system. In my belief system, and I’m only taking responsibility for me, they’re ugly. They’re anywhere from seven to twenty-two feet tall. They can weigh up to eighteen hundred pounds. They’re reptilian. The ones who have stabby tales, if you see one that has no tail, he’s of the warrior class, or the worker class. The longer the tail, the higher their rank. When you see one with long tails, with winged appendages, he’s considered royalty. Whenever you see one, you ought to just run like hell. You shouldn’t approach it, you shouldn’t provoke it, just get the hell out of its way, just get out of its way, just run. There is a way to kill them. If you can’t cut off their head – they have two hearts: there’s one here, underneath this (the right) arm, and one here (underneath the left arm). Or, if you can’t get to that area and you need to slow it down, you need to hit it right above its groin area where it has a very large liver. You need to wound it there to slow it down. It is not something where man to man combat you’re going to be able to deal with, because they apparently have the strength of twelve – fifteen men. They’re incredibly quick. They’re incredibly psychic. They know what you’re going to do before you do it.

Rick: What do the Andromedans advise human beings to do if they encounter an Alpha-Draconian?

Alex: To leave, to leave its space. Get away. To get away.

Rick: What if they can’t?

Alex: Then they can’t.

Rick: And if they can’t?

Alex: They’ll usually be killed.

According to Credo Mutwa - Reptilians have a weakness against ... Teak wood, and that a spear made of Rhodesian Teak wood can kill one.
The only thing that can kill them is a spear/pike made of Rhodesian teak wood, one way that can protect one from them is to don a mask of that wood, and also they are easily blinded by bright lights. They live off Human energy; they are like psychic vampires who feed off our emotions and even our metaphysical material.

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Cain W lightseeker: better then killing them

I have a better q how do we see them to know how to get away they have psi abilitys. and can mess with our heads

Logical Chaos: where would u find them?

If a person wanted to fight a reptilian, where would u find one? How would u "flush" them out?

Tarheel: Not advisable

It's not advisable to pick a fight with a reptilian ...or anyone for that matter.
There's plenty of material on this site about how to handle them, flush them, locate or fight them IF you have to.
We are a peace -loving bunch, LC.

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