How to Kill a Reptilian Humanoid if you Encounter One.

by Chris on September 13th, 2014

Rick: Ok, what are the physical characteristics of the Alpha-Draconians? What do they look like?

Alex: They’re ugly! I mean they think were ugly too. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and belief system. In my belief system, and I’m only taking responsibility for me, they’re ugly. They’re anywhere from seven to twenty-two feet tall. They can weigh up to eighteen hundred pounds. They’re reptilian. The ones who have stabby tales, if you see one that has no tail, he’s of the warrior class, or the worker class. The longer the tail, the higher their rank. When you see one with long tails, with winged appendages, he’s considered royalty. Whenever you see one, you ought to just run like hell. You shouldn’t approach it, you shouldn’t provoke it, just get the hell out of its way, just get out of its way, just run. There is a way to kill them. If you can’t cut off their head – they have two hearts: there’s one here, underneath this (the right) arm, and one here (underneath the left arm). Or, if you can’t get to that area and you need to slow it down, you need to hit it right above its groin area where it has a very large liver. You need to wound it there to slow it down. It is not something where man to man combat you’re going to be able to deal with, because they apparently have the strength of twelve – fifteen men. They’re incredibly quick. They’re incredibly psychic. They know what you’re going to do before you do it.

Rick: What do the Andromedans advise human beings to do if they encounter an Alpha-Draconian?

Alex: To leave, to leave its space. Get away. To get away.

Rick: What if they can’t?

Alex: Then they can’t.

Rick: And if they can’t?

Alex: They’ll usually be killed.

According to Credo Mutwa - Reptilians have a weakness against ... Teak wood, and that a spear made of Rhodesian Teak wood can kill one.
The only thing that can kill them is a spear/pike made of Rhodesian teak wood, one way that can protect one from them is to don a mask of that wood, and also they are easily blinded by bright lights. They live off Human energy; they are like psychic vampires who feed off our emotions and even our metaphysical material.

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eevie: killing a reptilian

If you don't have a laser cannon at your disposal, your best bet is to haul ass and hope like hell you make it. lol Seriously.

bluesbaby5050: LOL! Tell this to Tarheel.......

Cause he thinks there is nothing dangerous about them, and that's exactly what he always tells this forum.

Crackdown: The only question is... to get/make a laser cannon? ;-)

eevie: laser cannon

They are available for milabs on earth. They are hi tech, et origin if i remember correctly. You won't get one at this time in other words. You have a split second to act on a rep. They can make you immobile with a thought. They can put you in sheer terror.They go into our minds and manipulate us.
In an abduction situation you won't have a choice about your actions, or lack of . Should you run into one i would try being nice. Seriously. They aren't all bad. Many are working with us, fighting for us.

HebrianDaniel: Electric gun can paralyze

Electric gun can paralyze them?

eevie: reps

A stungun, or electrical type gun will not stop a reptilian. You will only piss them off. =)

Crackdown: "Aura sword" for melee attacks!

Eevie, I have a question for you.

According to some alien sources, it is possible to manifest an "aura sword",
which is almost invisible (except solar reflection) and which could cause some
real damage to reptilians, even to those which are like 3 meters high! o_O

However, I have no idea if it could be learned by Earth human being.
Please tell me anything that you know about this technique

eevie: aura sword

I have never used one in 3d. Most of what i know is in alters and in ancient memories. The very first of the battle begins in the mind. This is where malevolent ets always kick our butts. They manipulate our minds with insane irrational fear. I have found it most difficult to overcome, but it can be done. Your mind must be strong, your spirit even stronger. In order to make your first move, you must first conquer the mind. And, they are experts where our minds are concerned and we are not. :)
When in battle you can create, manifest with your mind any weapon you choose. :) MILAB battles are etheric and physical. If you are good enough with a sword, any kind, you can take out a base of laser weapons. :) Swords are quieter and don't need power cells. lol
My son is an ex marine. He has alters like i do, programmed inot him by the dark greys for the Marine Corp . They triggered him on me last spring at my daughter's house, my grandbaby was there too. I had to lure him outside the house so no one else would be harmed. He had been triggered to kill us all. Once outside i gave him orders. The orders had ot be coming from one of my alters. As long as i had eye contact with him i coudl control him. but he did eventually stand down. whew! In an alter you can be as strong as reptilians, or even stronger. Apparently my alter that surfaced had rank over his alter and that is the only reason he stood down. scary shit knowing my daughter and grand daughter were at stake.

eevie: tell this to tarheel

LOLOL Really! Oh man. No, you need a laser cannon and hope you shoot before they can move on you. =) We only take them on in souped up clones in milab. lolol

Tarheel: Sorry, fear isn't in my vocabulary.

Save it for someone it works on.
My vernacular doesn't recognize nor employ it like "Fear Inc." does. You'll find other likeness you can appeal to. There's no shortage of them here. You should be able to spot them a mile away.
If you can overcome your's, you will find it much easier. You need a secret journey.
Oh...... "LOL" as you say.

eevie: don't really know

What are you going on about, Tarheel. Alpha male, eh. Not in my world. We don't have alpha anythings in a world built from and on love. No one is above another. That is an elitist thing to call oneself. Therefore, you have nothing to say that i want to hear.

HebrianDaniel: what about laser sword?

what about laser sword?

Tarheel: This always works better.

Down 1 of these and they'll run to Mommy & hide.
K J J works wonders.

eevie: reps

Honestly, Tarhell, how many reps have you engaged in battle....none or you wouldn't spout such bullshit.

eevie: That will work. Thing is,

That will work. Thing is, most of our battles are done on another plane of existence. Our weapons are on par with the battle at hand. We also have our abilities that take the enemy out. A voice can destroy everything within hearing distance. :) We have to stop thinking in 3d terms in order to best them.

eevie: reps

Honestly, most of my memories of dealing with reptilians are positive. I was even rescued by one last weekend. LOL Blew everyones' shit.

pasqualie: Have to use common sense

Not that i have seen one, but if you are seeing one near you its probably not a good thing.

Rule number one you probably wouldnt fight a kodiak bear or a silver back gorilla hand to hand, so dont even think about it unless you are cornered. So get out of there is probably best thing.

If you are cornered, you probably dont have a teak spear, not that you would want to fight it with a teak spear. You would probably want an 8 gauge slug shot gun.

But if you to manage to find yourself in a wrestling match with one, and dont have a teak spear with you, my suggestion would be go for the eyes, and try to get into its brain. If anything it will be blind and you have better chance to get away. But like if you are in a situation like a bar fight, you gonna get hit, so if you wrestling a reptilian you gonna get hurt, so go for the eyes, probably your only chance.

eevie: reps

lol I would never wrestle a reptilian. Stupid way to die. Not all reptilians are bad. :) Many of them are fighting on our side, giving their lives for us. They suffer hell itself when captured by the malevolent reps. and it is painful to know what is being done to them.
Shotgun won't work either, guns don't work. Like i said, a laser cannon is teh only way. Unless you can slice and dice better than anyone else. :)

eevie: why we stand our ground and fight

Sam: It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end it's only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it'll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand, I know now folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

Sam: That there's some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for.

=) Yes.

pasqualie: My Favorite LOTR Dialogue: Gandalf: Living in a Fallen World

Dialogue between Gandalf and Frodo (from the movie, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring) about Gollum’s presence with them in the Mines of Moria. There are only two sides, God (Source) and everyone else; and finally, our place in this world and encouragement that there is another Force besides evil at work in us and the world.

(Frodo has just noticed that something is following them through the mines of Moria. Gandalf tells him it is Gollum, the former owner of the ring)

Gandalf: He hates and loves the Ring just as he hates and loves himself. He will never be rid of his need for it.
Frodo: Its a pity Bilbo didn’t kill him when he had the chance!
Gandalf: Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo’s hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.
Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you also were meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.

eevie: lotr

My favorite, too. :) We are now where they were then. The parallels are uncanny. I remember. Lotr is not a work of fiction, it is a history, a most ancient history of earth.
I could use a Gandalf in this fight. :) A man of magic, of heart, of thought and caring. We need more of these kinds of people. All who sacrificed for the world, for their families......did so to make sure life continued on. It was never about them in their hearts and minds, it was about everyone. Personal sacrifices of such magnitude change a person. but it is worth it, so much more than worth it. :) Thank you for the dialogue. Thank you for reminding me why i am here. Love you. :)

Bellerophon: Wood? They will impale the

Wood? They will impale the human with it as if its a shish kebab. Then pick their teeth with it after they're done eating.

To fight with one is a suicide. At least if we fight them with our presently downgraded genetics that is.

Crackdown: Fight reptilians remotely???

Direct contact with them could be dangerous, but it is still possible to fight them remotely :-)

If you know a location which is occasionally visited by reptilians, you could place remote-controlled powerful explosive device! Also, it is possible to build a quadcopter with camera and radio transmitter, attach explosive device to it, then launch it to reptilians and blow it up. You would have the great footage as well XD

For remote controlled devices, you would have to be closer than 250 meters to them, to avoid losing radio signal (that is for standard hardware. more expensive ones could allow you to increase the distance) After success/failure, you would need to quickly depart from your hiding. They would not realize instantly that the device was remote controlled. Or even if they would, they still would not know, what direction they should go to get you... It would be still safer than a direct face-to-face contact

P.S. I am not talking about remote controlled hand-made firearm, since they are more difficult to construct and control

Bellerophon: You are right, that could

You are right, that could work.

But there is one problem - They have technology as well lol. One more sophisticated than ours. The reason I said fighting and the spear thing is because without technology the two creatures rely on sheer biological fitness and killer instinct. If we didn't have our genetics downgraded the way they are now, we could be a match for them, with the proper combination of gene markers being activated, and proper combat training.

eevie: Bless you heart, you keep

Bless you heart, you keep trying. :) They know your thoughts. What you have proposed would never work. You have about 1 second to act and that is it. Your thoughts are not private with reptilians.

Bellerophon: The underground human

The underground human civilization that is being bred for proxy wars needs to have implants in their head as birth in order for them to be able to read their minds. If one of those was born independently on the surface, they wouldn't be able to establish a telepathic link unless one of these humans allows them to. So I'm guessing genetically they would be much more of a match, even in terms of the abilities the two have.

eevie: implants

Funny you mention brain implants. They removed one from my brain about a month ago. Head was too sore to touch. Messed my vision up as well, but at least it's gone. They knew all my thoughts, in fact i conversed with them once i understood what was happening. With the implants gone and the damage repaired my mind is sooooo quiet. :) I love it!!
I'm wondering if i tie into what you shared about the implants.

Bellerophon: Well, without the implants,

Well, without the implants, they can sense emotions and intentions (not exactly what you feel or think etc.), the implants give them the necessary details IMO. And yeah, what you say does tie in with what I have seen/been told. Its only a matter of time before a significant number of implant-less super-soldiers escape their grasp overthrow them. I just hope if they call the shots thereafter that at least we deal with less egotistic people or with less damaged psyche.

Thanks for sharing your experience btw. Cheers.

eevie: milab

ha Thanks, Belle. We are working on it!! Sometimes it is super soldiers against super soldiers.

Crackdown: Re: thoughts

Why do you think that this plan would never work? They would be able to read my thoughts despite there is like 250 meters between us and they have not seen me?

eevie: thoughts

Because you are thinking in 3d. That is automatic defeat. You cannot defeat 4th and 5th dimensional beings while thinking 3d wise instead of multidimensional It changes everything.

Crackdown: Re: thoughts 3

I see... But, when they are in our 3D dimension and you could touch them, that means you could also hurt them. Please tell me, what I need to add/change in my plan, regarding this 4D/5D specifics, in order to successfully bomb their ass ;-) You could write me a private message if don't want to share your advice in front of public

Crackdown: Re: thoughts 2

If you really think that they are so allmighty and 250 meters is not enough: I could place several retransmitters with autonomous battery blocks. So, what distance is enough, in your opinion?

NeedProof: Seems we must never assume 'bad' is prevalent

To think about blowing up anything living is horrible. Eevie says, some Reps are not evil. Same with people who are good or bad, so we cannot think about harming any. It's the same with wild animals. Even the predatory ones. Not all would harm us, unless they were really hungry I suppose. I would never want to be responsible for killing a friendly 'anything.'

If I found a Rep (or any unfamiliar ET) near me I hope I'd manage to ask if they are friendly or not, but if the answer was not..... double yikes! Anyway, I'd probably faint first!

So, some Reps are helping us and going against their own aggressive species? Just shows how brave some creatures are! I wish all this suffering and fighting were non-existent.... Having ET friends sounds fantastic to me.

eevie: Hey, Belle. Thank you. I am

Hey, Belle. Thank you. I am hoping some sense can be talked into some over anxious warriors. lol I understand the fascination with reptilians, or with any little known et group. :) Always had it myself. Mostly from past life experiences. :)

pasqualie: its not really implant, you have a reptilian brain also

but you have a very old or primitive brain referred to as the reptilian brain as well.

i believe its may be how they are able to read your thoughts or be aware of you in terms of consciousness because with that you are in a sense connected to their hive mind.

its why possibly when its noticed a person is doing the inner journey, they start encountering difficulties in their life and in a sense their lives get turned upside down. because they start trying to push your buttons and causing changes in the matrix so you are exposed to more polarity. its because of the components of reptilian and mamalian brain in all of us, that humanity is basically constantly at war with yourself as well as others. mammals and reptiles do not get along, they compete.

Bellerophon: Then, do these superhumans

Then, do these superhumans being bred underground lack this reptilian hind-brain? Because the only way I know they exert control over them is to insert implants during their fetal development, otherwise no control whatsoever. They must be lacking that part of the brain, somehow.

eevie: reptilian brain

Everyone has what is called the reptilian brain. It is what keeps us breathing, automatic responses. It is where the fight or flight syndrome is born.
ha I am a minimum 50% rep. It comes with its own unique problems that occur when mixing species.

pasqualie: i think everyone has the reptilian brain regardless

so everyone is connected to hive mind or they can monitor your thoughts to some degree from a distance and more so if they near.

as for implants it really depends on what you refer to implants. they inserted blocks or seals in the dna when they created us genetically. so some refer to those at implants also because they are on all chakras until you remove the blocks in theory.

as for the physical implants people talking about dunno what they are for. my guess is its for milabs. only certain people have em that have been abducted, or the government put em in the people they were experimenting with.

underground if they doing experiments, then its more milabs, or people with 50 percent reptilian dna. which means they are easily controlled more so than wild humans who have less than 50 percent. they only put the high dna into race lines or people who have genetically easily controlled minds like blue eyed blonds, or red heads. it was why hitler called them the master race because their minds could be easily controlled because of the rh positive blood type, and why everyone else basically been slaughtered or being slaughtered recently and in the last century or so who dont have the genetics to be controlled.

Crackdown: Re: reptilian brain

Main question here is, from what distance they could notice you and monitor your thoughts. This knowledge is very important for those who would like to participate in remote warfare. I asked eevie this question, and waiting for reply...

6thGenGirl: Remote warfare?

I understand you may not want your thoughts or emotions read, but I can assure you we are not the only ones that can do this. Why would you want to engage in remote warfare with us just because we are Reptilian? Besides we can sense your negative energy from a mile away. We walk around people like you daily and you have no idea who or what we are. Again, we are not "evil", just different than you are.

Xplicit408: You're really claiming to be

You're really claiming to be a reptilian? Seriously?

LoliApolys: draconian abilitys

Kinda very depending on who you come across and half breads don't inherent everything :( it depends on what they bread with but my friend has a sensory range of 50 miles of just what is best described as life sence. And could locate people. He dose have the energy feeding that he hates terribly says people's energy tasted like trash. He has issues controlling it sometimes. Has never hurt anyone in his life on purpose. Is layer back and only likes fighting when it comes to martial arts sparing respectfully. Likes to spend time helping people and healing them. Likes warm forested weather. And is conservative and polite. Hates artificial light. Can fell energy from cellphones. Tv. And has some hellarous vibration sence. Doesn't care for sex either the energy is bad but they love him XD but that's all I am allowed to say with his permission. So while I have tangled with a draconians on the Astral getting threw that dam soul net a few months ago I have no hard feelings because why hate someone who didn't not do anything to you personaly. Just because a poison aggressively spider is near you dose not mean it will attack I test the spider before making the decision to kill it. If it curls up in a ball or just lashes out in defence instead of strikes I let it live if it strikes and chases me it dies. I do this with most off and llol things there is just those who you know will kill instantly. While I take chances I am not fool. So please don't let propaganda be your decision to make friends and learn from a new society. But please take caution like all people no one is friends with out a reason wither it be a reason for helping some one or getting info it always be a gaining situation.

Fire Dragon: First, please recognize if

First, please recognize if they really want to attack you before you shoot or attack anyhow. Reptilians/Draco have a very intense energy, driven by high vibration so being around them may feel invasive for a subtle, self-protective human. If humans shoot first before talking and learning, they have no chance for any successful contacts with any ETs in the physical yet therefore ETs will not come to say 'hi' until humans learn to truly accept differences, forever, not just temporarily. In fact, our human bodies can look ugly, 'bare' to many ET races. What we have are just 4 limbs and the head, plus genitals. Fancy? Not really :)
There are many positive Reptilians and Draconians currently waking up from an illusion and we do not want to be mixed with that other negative part of the race who are not very friendly towards us-rebels as well, to say the least. Just as you can't claim that all Black, Indian, Mexican or Japanese folks are good or bad, otherwise you'd make a very bad judgment. Collier freaked out and it was I guess over 10 years ago when he had that contact, so you shouldn't quote him over and over again like the rest of people who were dragged into a spiral of fear. Same as you can't claim that a band you liked 30 years ago never recorded a bad album, there are always some changes, the universe expands, so please keep an open mind and tune in your heart first and foremost, it will tell you who is a friend or enemy :) The human brain is wired too make its host survive, therefore it'll prefer to fear, run away or defend first before establishing any contact, verbal or telepathic - this human impulse should be recognized and trained to be ready for future contacts with ET races.

Non-human Draconian/Reptilian bodies are beautiful and perfect in the eyes of their race, and possibly many others too :) It's a reason for why so many humans of Draconian/Reptilian origins don't like and cannot get used to their human bodies, always finding some imperfections and weaknesses. Fortunately, the Awakening brings self-love. In terms of Reptilians/Draco - that what I've channeled - think of strong legs and thighs (great sprinters!), tall, athletic, lean and very strong bodies, thick, muscular and long tail, strong neck and shoulders, rather small but proportional head, possibly protective fan-like skin behind the neck (Dracos), different body colors (2 or more), horns, wings or other external parts, either decorative or protective. But 'Reptilians' mean a big group so you can expect seeing many types of bodies and behaviors, just like amongst humans.

6thGenGirl: Kill US? Wait a minute....

Not all of us are bad or what you call evil. Just as you battle over good and evil within yourselves, we battle over what is reptilian and what is human. It is very similar. The only difference is the nature of the struggle. We have to fight our temptations to manipulate, control, populate, and devour our enemies. However, it is not much different than your resisting of temptation for sex, drugs or war. Whichever you feed the most will become the dominant part. Hybrids are just that, we are a mixture of the two. Please do not label us all as baby eaters or satanists. I assure you there are plenty of us who give over to our human side and do our best to take only the good from our reptilian side... such as the ability to read your energy to comfort or empathize with you, to read your thoughts to help you sort them out and achieve a level of enlightenment. Many of us want assist you when you can not understand the complexity of this world. Again, we are not all bad as we are just hybrids and trying to sort out life too.
Oh and many of you know more about US than we know about ourselves! It's like you are diving into our heritage and ancestry. We learn a great deal from our bloodlines, however we learn so much more from you.

Xplicit408: How does everyone seem to

How does everyone seem to know so much about reptilians yet the mass majority is still in the dark. You guys claim to remember your past lives but Im calling your bluff. Some of you claim to be reptilian as well. You guys are starting to make me doubt they exist again. Can someone please come with a rational explanation

Sonn: I'm a newbie to all this in

I'm a newbie to all this in comparison to this conversation, i think ive got most of it but WOW, i have so much to learn, I'm desperate for knowledge, and to gain insight and understanding, so if anyone can point me in a good direction i would be hugely grateful. much love to all

Tarheel: Welcome, Sonn !

Happy to have you aboard.
Yes, there is a lot of info to digest here. Employ crawl/walk/run and enjoy.
By the way, don't kill any humanoid reptilian. Just use love vibrations if driving it away is necessary. Love vibes are something malevolent reptiles cannot handle.

BenjaminFalkenrath: So I guess explain to him TH

So I guess explain to him TH the difference between the negative energy​ sucking reptilians an the non or more socially acceptable reptilians haha
Actually speak of the good ones 1st. Let's not paint a negative picture so as to allow an untainted version.

Sonn: Thanks Tarheel

Thanks Tarheel
I wouldn't know how or really want to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary. Oh love vibes woh, how do I do that ? So interesting ?

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