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Some of us are spiritually awake. Certainly, many of us are not awake and/or are trying to awaken for the first time.

This could be regarding: Awaken to the NWO, Awaken to my spirit, Awakening to my crown chakra abilities. The three examples just given are 3 drastically different levels of vibration.

We are all vibrating different levels of awareness..keep this in mind (Allowance).

What does that awaken?

I know it's cryptic but...TRUTHFULLY, only you will know exactly what it means. Only you will KNOW what you: saw, felt, heard, touched etc. Take the following advice as it is....

Awakening is often an experience that leads to a KNOWING/AWARENESS of the current paradigm and it's shortcomings. The current paradigm/shortcomings is the agenda of NWO implemented by the PTB. Research indicates awakening to facets of the NWO & its deceptions leads to a sort of spiritual awakening for some.

This could be night you are researching and determine most religions are all the same box...they are just colored differently. This realization is so strong your spirit begins to vibrate and you expereince for the first time a KNOWING of validity of your spirit. Even if you aren't quite sure at the time.... you KNOW YOU FELT something and this knowing sends you even further into research.

Awakening - Lifting the veil of indoctrinated manipulation and lies by the PTB. Realization of BIG: Money, Media, Pharma, Food, Energy and the Military Industrial Complex. How this information effects your BODY and SPIRIT. Realization of main stream Religion and its control mechanisms. Realization of LOVE. Realization of ancient cultures and their evidence of AA Theory (Ancient Alien). Realization of the Body. Realization of the SPIRIT. Realization of the energetic universe and how you TRULY function in it. Realization of ESP abilities and willful OOBE.

Awakening will not come to all of us. Some of us ENJOY playing the PTB GAME. This is okay, as respect for other's choices/path (ALLOWANCE) is required for spiritual advancement. Awakening comes to each in varying degrees. This is okay as we are all unique and having individual and unique experiences (this is something the PTB want to halt like the group they anything but a REBEL).

Because you had your awakening.....THIS DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NOT MORE.

There is always more to learn.

These are heavy and difficult times. We all have our own truths and we share some. The only way to determine individual truths are by going within.

HOW TO GO WITHIN - instructions for creating physical setting

A location of comfort to you mentally & physically.
Mostly Dark
Quiet and peacefull as possibly
No timer needed/required
No or very little best you can here.
No jewerly
Warm and comfortable environment
Fill the belly (many suggest steak and eggs)
Empty the bladder
A tired body with an alert mind is ideal time

From have to make it your own. Lie down, sit up...however you choose to be comfortable but the longer you can remain comfortably immobile the better your chances are for connecting within. This could take you one day or 6 months...not to sound like Pete and's all according to individual advancement.

Whatever your reasons for desiring to "Go Within"...hold them at the forefront.

You are going to attempt to connect with your third eye.

Use these key words throughout meditation in effort to remind/check the body for relaxation and connect/open chakras.

AT Crown think - Connect
AT 3rd Eye think - See
AT Throat think - HEAR

Select your position, body parts should be free for blood flow and comfort.
Close your eyes and think "put the body to sleep, keep the mind awake".
The mind races with thoughts...observe them, they will pass.
Shapes of geometrical nature may occur...follow them with your vision.
Simply be still and CANNOT force have to ALLOW it to happen.
CHECK THE BODY from head to toe and remind each section to relax via key words listed above. You may need to focus only on the key words until it is "second nature" for you too FEEL and HEAR. You are FEELING THE BODY and HEARING THE BODY...INTERNALLY. GOING WITH-IN.

Once you reach the stage of a relaxed body and quiet may then start to feel your vibration (energetic energy level) rising. These energies are available to your command with practice and practice. Eventually, you will be able to focus these energies of your intent and thoughts in the direction and at the point of your 3rd eye.

Your eyes should be the darkness of your closed eyelids....TRY TO SEE INTO THE DARKNESS. DON'T GET CAUGHT UP looking for things....just OBSERVE THE DARKNESS.

Recall the feeling of a limb "falling to sleep". This is the type of feeling you should aim for your body.

Awakening lies for most on the edge of keeping the mind awake...and putting the body to sleep.

NO FEAR....most fears are of the body (much can be said here).

If you have a saying or mantra you can use it...IF YOU TRULY WANT TO CONNECT/AWAKEN ..I suggest the following prayer.

Becoming Prayer - Handbook for the New Paradigm (series of 3 books)
"I am a human becoming, help me to become". Said with intent....this truly is amazing.

You are asking for your Higher Self to help you to reach in and reach inward and connect with none other than your Higher Self.

It's an energetic universe don't need to be at an alter or shrine to connect with the divine.

Going not awakening. It is possible to awake to the nightmarish truths of NWO only to turn tale and run from fear of it. This person will not be able to "GO WITHIN".

Going within is an ability derived from KNOWING that you are in fact MORE THAN just your body....that your body is actually a vehicle for your spirit. KNOWING enables cannot preheat the oven....if you do not KNOW HOW.

Like your automobile, your BODY VEHICLE functions at optimal levels when fed organic diet full of exercise and or eastern martial arts/meditative practices dependant upon your level of physical/mental ability. Just like your car needs an oil change, gasoline...etc.

Some of our cars have: AM/FM, Cassete players, CD players, Multi Disk CD Player, MP-3 Player, IPOD Player, Smart Phone hook up.

Some of us imagine being able to Hear. To Hear and Feel that voice at our gut/instinctual level. Some even imagine listening to this voice....

Some of us KNOW what the voice is saying. So, since we KNOW...we can always hear it and act accordingly.

The link below is an excellent precursor....

4 enemies of a Man of Knowledge

Lastly, I CANNOT DO THIS FOR may not happen for you at all. Likewise, it may not happen exactly like I have said...IF IT WERE EASY EVERYONE WOULD DO IT. Where would be the challenge if you had step by step instruction?

Take what works for you and make it yours.


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Tarheel: Nice piece, OL.

Very introspective and well put.

Starperson: Take some time reading OL's post

Excellent information and delivery, OL. I found your messages on the mark. Thanks.

Doobz: great post

This is so well written and full of information, really helped me out a lot. Ive had some things happen to me that were hard to explain in words and has got me put in psych ward and all i could say was it was a sign of god, god was talking to me, i just new something was happening to me that was bigger then me and I could feel it in every part of my body and now i finally think that this is what happened to me.

contactorion: informative

I will reference this again for sure.

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