how to go to other worlds by means of astral projection!

Hello ever one i not been on here i a while , i was wondering how i could astral projection to some fictional worlds , the world i like to go to are pokemon, digimon monster rancher and dragon quest monster , i know their not world for ever one , it just all of them i am close with and i dear to my souls , other then that i been all right i work now and i have not had time to post their are more things i want to say but i will get back on here when i can , all so i am looking for the link about the native American in the 60 it was a long video i do remember his name , he talk about the making of earth and the different empires how are world came to be and how he said not to go in the light and go in to the darkness that the light was like capture your soul ,and last i wanted to know if the post et question is still up i have more to ask too ! Have a good day or night when you read this !

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