How to defeat corrupt officers of Govt., Military, Corporations, etc:

1. Always AGREE with your opponent, but upon conditions you set which are reasonable and legal!
2. Demand proof of the source of the law/rule/statute/etc., being imposed upon you...
3. Demand justification for that requirement against you which must comply with the Supreme Law of that land.
4. If their justification for their "initiation of force" against you is Unlawful, then you win. If they refuse or ignore your legal and reasonable conditions for too long (time depends on laws of that state), you win.

Understand how your reality, society and its systems work:
-In America (the land mass and people) the Supreme Law is the United States Constitution. The Corporate and Privately Owned "UNITED STATES" is an illegal entity that only physically exists as Ink on Paper.

Know that the US Constitution gives courts ONLY four jurisdictions: 1)The Constitution itself, 2)Admiralty/Maritime Law (international), then the only two that matter to most of us, most of the time:
3)Common Law, and 4)Equity Law.

-Two sides of the Coin of Law-
Left=What you are NOT supposed to do: Do No Harm! (Injury, Loss, Detriment)
Right=What you ARE supposed to do: Honor Your Deals. Truth, Justice, Fairness.

These are not even two different jurisdiction, they are two co-existing Jurisdictions.
This is truly ONE Law, Gods Law!

Understand that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and that is why every state should make its own laws, as long as they do not conflict with the Supreme Law of the United States Constitution, who's purpose is to 'promote the general welfare' of 'We The People'. Any law that does conflict is notwithstanding, for no state may make or enforce such law.

Understand the two sides of the coin of law:
(I Plan to mint these out of silver when I am not poor)
Examples: Prize fighting, drug use and possession, prostitution.

These do cause harm, but you have the right to your own life, liberty and happiness. Americans consider those obvious, natural and inalienable freedoms for all who obey The Law.

If two people willingly choose to fight each other, and harm each other (by Injury), or even kill or take from each other, as long as they "Mutually Agreed" to conditions and they both abide them, then that is Legal, and no other person has the right interfere. That is fair, and equitable.

Different examples: Speeding through a neighborhood, stealing, raping, mugging, cheating.

If you cause harm to someone against their will, you committed a crime.
If you violate a deal, contract, or mutual agreement, they can bring you before a court (and jury if either person wishes), to settle the dispute. If that court orders you to do something in order to make the situation fair and equitable, and you don't, then you have caused harm, committed a crime, and can be punished under the Laws of the land.

You see how Harm and Equity always work together?

REVIEW: In America, when you know the Constitution well enough...

As long as you do not harm another, and you honor all your agreements, then you have complete freedom with your life, liberty, and property, which cannot be searched or seized without a warrant, which requires reasonable cause to suspect you of causing harm, or violating a contract (you can dispute the validity of the contract in the court).

The Supreme Court in the United States tries all appeals (when you believe the first court case did not abide Common and Equity Law, you appeal for another trial), and they have jurisdiction to determine what is Law and what is Fact (with exceptions made by congress, as long as they do not contradict the Constitution or any of its limited four jurisdictions).

NO WHERE in the Supreme Law of America does there exist the word "Statutory" or "Code".
Those are NOT laws in America, they are illegal rules placed upon us by the Privately Owned company called the "UNITED STATES".
Taxes on labor, inheritance, tips, or anything given or traded for equal value (value determined by the owner or creator of the thing), and traffic tickets when you did no harm, are all ILLEGAL!
Also, the Titles of Nobility Amendment was ratified, and every copy of the constitution from 1820-1860 shows it...

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

That applies to almost every single Judge, Lawyer, FDA agent, Member of Congress, any one knighted, members of secret societies, and many others as well!


harleyborgais: Cancel a deal with the "Devil"

In order for an agreement or contract to be legitimate, both or all parties must be Fully aware of and in agreement with ALL of the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract.

Those who are evil (without empathy), have no problem doing bad things, and will usually try to trick whomever they are dealing with.

As a result, if you are being harmed by a deal that you made, but in a way that you did not know would happen, and there is no good reason to expect that you should have known, then you have a way out.

If the Devil is a real entity, the so must be God and the angels, so you would call upon a higher power, and since Lucifer was created first, the only higher power is God (Unless He has empowered another angel like Michael to regulate Satan).

So, you call upon that higher power, to settle the conflict, by canceling the Agreement which was voided by the fact that the Devil attempted to deceive you. Deception is the main tool of evil, and power or control is their main goal. The Evil people on Earth become bankers to they can control the people through debt. This has been the case since before Jesus, as what I am doing now, here, is what Jesus did 2,000 years ago.

So, on the grounds that the contract is invalid because you were not made fully aware of all the terms and conditions, you can call upon a Higher authority (God perhaps), to settle the dispute, by cancelling the contract you made with a/the Devil!

Rule one:
1) Always agree with your opponent, but only upon your own conditions which must be legal, reasonable, and as difficult as the opponent to complete as possible.
2) Only argue in the court. Never refuse or ignore the opponents demands, because that is what you must get them to do, so you can take them to court, instead of the other way around.
3) Question the authority of the law or rules being imposed upon you, demand proof of it.
4) If their justification for the initiation of force against you is unlawful (by the Supreme law of that land), then you win. Just like if they argue, ignore for too long, or refuse your reasonable conditions, you win then too.

harleyborgais: Shorter version of how to win "The Game" of Law:

Since all of these statutory laws and codes violate the Supreme Law of our land, the US Constitution (USC), when you are familiar with the (USC), you can prosecute judges, DAs, police, Prosecutors, and any one who harms you or others

NEVER Refuse an opponents demands, ALWAYS AGREE, but ONLY on your own conditions (make them legal, reasonable, but as hard as possible for them to fulfill).

Whoever refuses, ignores, or breaks the law first, loses. THAT is how to win "The Game".

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