How to cancel a debt to a bank

First, there is about a 100% chance that the bank has violated "Equal Consideration" and "Full Disclosure" laws, over 50% chance they charged you fees that were illegal, and some chance that they did not give you the Title "Free and Clear".

"Equal Consideration" was violated because ONLY Silver and Gold coin are legal tender in America under the Supreme Law of our United States Constitution. (Get a free pocket size copy here: That means the bank never risks anything, because the Federal Reserve notes are not legal tender, and hold no value, or represent nothing of value. It has been made illegal to make or obtain useable gold or silver coin in America. That is why there is a remedy allowing you to have the IRS pay off your debts through Form 1099-OID, but the secretary decides what is frivolous, and if you fight any federal law they punish you (regardless of the Constitutionality of it).

That is because the Du Jour (Of Law) "United States of America" has been replaced by a Privately Owned Corporation named the "UNITED STATES" of America, which is Illegally masquerading as our Government. The De Facto US is the physical land and people.

"Full Disclosure" was not made because they did not tell you how much they stood to risk, AND Gain! Apparently, the banks sell your debt to the Central Banks immediately to make around 300% profit from you right away, so they never risk anything, and they don't tell you this.

For a Contract to be legal, all parties must be fully aware of and in agreement with all the terms and Conditions.

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave the Private Federal Reserve bank control of the United States Treasury, they have been able to simply print money at will, single handedly causing Inflation, and being the major cause of our economic problems.

"Free and Clear" means that everyone from the first owner to the last must have legally possessed the title, and there must be zero claims against it for you to take ownership.
I would not investigate this one AFTER claiming ownership as it could cause you to lose your property.


Send a letter via notary demanding proof of what they risked (which is nothing), what they gained (Immediate 300% profit with zero risk to themselves), demand proof that they have the legal right to charge all the fees that they did, and see how they respond.

If they refuse to respond to your reasonable and legal conditions, (and make your compliance with their demands contingent upon them fulfilling your demands, in the notary letter), or if they ignore for a certain length of time (depends on the state laws), or if it is revealed that they violated the law (100% of the major banks do, 100% of the time), then you take them to court, and get the contract dismissed.

Randy Kelton has made a video explaining these things:
Randy Kelton Returns: How to Take Back What They Took From You

Another thing to be aware of: The banks have been combining properties into packages, rating them as AAA when they are not, and selling them to multiple foreign parties, resulting in multiple attempts to foreclose on the same property, even when it was paid off in full.

Since the central banks can simply print money, they dont care how much anything costs, they only care about how much control they can gain. If you believe in Satan, then this is his doing.
If you dont, then this is the product of Human Greed, specifically, the Banking families like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, and many more.

If you do not know about the Federal Reserve Audit, which showed they have stolen over $29 Trillion from Americans since 2007, please learn these things:


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