How can i dael with trama !

by kaleohrile on August 30th, 2019

Hi ever one i been working a lot i not had time to hop on and chat , this topic is some thing i been deal with for some years and i wanted to know if their was some way a higher et could help me , a while back i was raped by a older man and it been vary hard for me to deal with what happen , now i been reported so no need to be alarmed , i cant find my self to grief or move on , some days are worse then others , my anxiety kicks in and it hard to deal with it for me , i wanted to ask if their is any et groups that could help me move on why i am asking i go to tharpy i does nothing , i go to church nothing , i talk about it with others nothing , any help i take i am having a hard time processing it , have a good night or day when you get the message !

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Annunaki77: You are Starseed , you must

You are Starseed , you must move forward , the past can hurt but you will only evolve by forgiving this nightmare for this reality is a biological program of evolution and learning. Move on and know that this person who did this to you needs a cleansing of their Soul which has already happened, if you need healing say this prayer GREAT SPIRIT PLEASE CLEANSE MY SPIRIT , say it at night 7 times and then watch what happens

Tarheel: good advice

Take the advice of a master. Anu77 won't steer you wrong.

Annunaki77: Starseed your existence here

Starseed your existence here at this time is no mistake, you will find your way that we know

kaleohrile: thank you

i will do as you say thanks for the help

bluesbaby5050: I'm so sorry....

I'm so sorry you experienced this, and yes to forgive is the answer to healing yourself. Our Annunaki77 has spoken the truth to you. He has heard your prayers.

kaleohrile: prayer

i been saying the prayer and i now been seeing a hawk ever time i say it ,i been saying the prayer so offten that when i say it , it help me clam down , i was wondering what the hawk might might mean , if one of you may know , also i would like to give it a shoot on other prayers i can say to my self , thank for helping me and getting back to me , i been working a lot and not had time to post , the next post i am going to post in about sleeper agents for et , i not sure if i am on tho i want options on it !

Unlocking Freedom: it is really about controlling panic

kaleohrile it is best after rape (by an older man) to overcome any panic that affects you daily,

Stay away from vulnerable situations, keeping only people with good intent around.

Eat healthy and sleep well which helps

Tarheel: Know you are loved here,Kaleo

I'm sure it is tough, but you must look inside for the help you seek. It won't come from ETs or anyone else for that matter.
Treat the wicked with disregard as best you can. You are far stronger than you realize.

kaleohrile: well said

The best advice i had in quite some time , i like the whole thing ,Treat the wicked with disregard as best you can!

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