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I agree. Jesus is nothing like Horus. Jesus was an avatar created by darkness and dark beings to fool earth souls and non-earth souls. Into the karma wheel an the soul net energy grid.

Horus who was Heru before he came to earth, an was known on earth as; was a being from the sun. Literally there are beings living on the sun as we speak. He like many are... They amongst many other elder races were here long before they "negative ETs"

An it pisses me off that people group an see Heru and others negatively. They're not the same as these assholes that have been screwing with everything. But people will continue to lump them together. The same people who couldn't see the difference in an Anunnaki. The Reptilians, or the Other Beings who worked to actually create this world.
Who couldn't tell an elder from a shapeshifting Ashtar. Give me a brk...

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Quinton: From my understanding Jesus,

From my understanding Jesus, Horus and all the rest of them are sun god metaphors used to tell an astrological story -- the same story that has been told for generations. I think it is incorrect when people use these stories and similarities to negate an actual Jesus existing. But at the same time I find it naive for Christians to think that the Jesus in the Bible represents the literal Jesus and all the rest that goes with that story of salvation. That isn't a story solely unique to Christianity. And just because the details of the deeper story are not 100% identical does not mean that these stories do not share the same source and inspiration.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes, I agree. There is much

Yes, I agree. There is much story telling. What I am saying is this. You have Jesus, Horus, Yeshua. Jesus I feel an yes I agree, is not literal. But the figure especially the name sake. Jesus is certainly used as well as the cross an symbols for dark groups which work outside of our reality, an use this to do bad things. For example the soul net. It's so easy to capture these naïve people with the promise of salvation. Now, I do believe Yeshua & Heru (Horus as know on earth) Were real beings. I don't believe they went thru things like earth's "Jesus" but all three of them are used as a means to yes tell the same story.
But Heru was/is simply a being from the sun, as was Yeshua. An as far as I'm concerned Yeshua came mainly to be able to experience a life on earth. An Heru and his clan only came when the fall into the lower dimensions occurred, it was the balance that needed to be restored. That's just me lol

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