Homosexuality is okay in other planets?

well as you know everyone we used to bealive that homosexuality and lesbianism is very bad and these people need to perish from our world because what they do is sin
however more and more people agree to it
but now i wonder how its work on other planets do they also agree homosexuality?
or is it not natural in other planets? was wondering


bluesbaby5050: I do not believe this is good-----

Man was made to be with a woman,and the same is true of a woman to be with a man. We were not made to go both,as some do. If this was true then Lord INKI would have made us with the organs of both sexes.Ask this of Master Annu 77,and he will give the your true answer to your curiousty. Falcon.

Tarheel: In reviewing some of Anu77's early posts, I saw....

...I saw Anu77 comment on DNA gone awry(in an OLD post) and some people end up with both male and female organs in some EXTREME instances. It's an anomaly, though.

I agree with The Falcon Godess on this one, tho.

Think about that PASSION thing Anu77 and Edisonik often speak of.

Annunaki77: Man was created first but his Heart was Restless Created Woman

Homosexuality is just Passion for the Same Sex, Yes there is Homosexuality on other Planets also because on other Planets there are Three Sexes not just two, out in Space there is Man, Woman and Both.
Sexual Expression is vast out there.
But if you want to go by the Book , it was for Man and Woman only , Sexual Pleasure was for reproduction only.

Homosexuality will always be around, but it is taboo also.
You have Beauty in Woman and in Man, Some people desire both.
But Woman was created to fullfill this Passion.


Tarheel: Touchy subject here !

Sexual Expression is VAST here, too My Lord ! I'm gonna stick with heterosexuality and anybody else can do what they gotta do.

I am NOT a fan of PDA , though.

Quinton: I would love to hear the take

I would love to hear the take of others on this. I used to think that it should only be male and female, but the more I look into it the more I think there is much more to it...

We are all spirits evolving according to our own free will. What if we want to evolve with lessons that a homosexual would experience? How is this a bad thing? What is wrong with people who want to live a different way than others? How is this wrong if they are not hurting others? Maybe they have lived many lives in heterosexual roles and they are looking to gather more data in a homosexual role.

What about women who choose to incarnate in male bodies? What about males incarnating in female bodies? Maybe people want to incarnate this way to experience these challenges and differences. If they are not hurting anyone how is it wrong? If they are growing and maturing themselves how is it wrong? Maybe they've already played life 1,000 times as a male and female and are ready for something new. The body is just a vehicle for the spirit. The spirit may choose to use the body in a way that it never has before. I don't really see how this can be bad.

We are all our own gods. It is up to us what is good or bad. And things aren't always black and white. What is good in one situation is bad in another situation. We should look at the intentions and the reasoning behind our decisions rather than the decision itself.

alinabezerra: People should be able to live

People should be able to live their lives without jugement from others we all have our own way of living and i think that its fine not to support certain decisions people make just dont bash people because that does more harm then whatever they are doing that one may not agree with. If people find compatible happy relationships with the same sex i dont think people should judge.In life there are so many gray areas in basicly every topic so black and white thinkers should learn to be open to ideas in the gray areas. Just because a person believes a certain thing doesnt mean its a betrayal to be open minded twards other things too.

HebrianDaniel: well you right i was

well you right i was wondering how its going on other planets how the people in the other planets accpet the homosexuals and lesbians

wmarkley: sex

I believe that homosexuality is nothing more than cell memory, if a man dies and reincarnates as a woman, through cell memory of the past life, the spirit still desires the woman, but his new woman body desires men too, thus now becoming bi- sexual, if i die and come back as a woman, i will probably be a slut who also desires women. i will be a female Freddy Mercury, lol

Tarheel: You are crackin' me up, Wmarkley !

OMG ! Dude, a female Freddy Mercury?

"We are the Champions, my friend...and we'll keep on fightin 'til The End.
WE are The Champions. We are The Champions.....of The World !"

It appears that our dear friend Wmarkley has lost ALL his cookies, I would donate, buty actually mine are in short supply, too.

You WERE a woman in your last past life. I did you in that past life, Wmarkley...and you were so heartbroken becuz I didnt stay that you incarnated as a man this time.

wmarkley: reincarnation

In my present life i am a man, i believe that i must have been a man in past lives, i do not desire men in this life, i find men un attractive, and dont see what women see in us, on the other hand, i find women to be very desirable. i dont know anything about reincarnation, im not sure if we pick our sex, or if it is the luck of the draw, but maybe i keep picking man because of how i feel, but quinton makes a good point, if i never was a woman in life, then i still have experiences to do, maybe in a next life i will be a woman, and im sure that i will be a lesbian, as for homosexuality, i have friends who are gay, they are the friendliest, loving people, and i have great respect for them, my opinion is this, if they give love to their children, and want to marry then so be it, it is their business, and theres alone, i know people who are hederosexual with children, and they make a hell at home with the children, and themselves, a place that i would never want to live in. as love as love is the main focus, it dont matter who or what you are.

HebrianDaniel: on my next life i want to

on my next life i want to experience different race. well its might scare you guys
but i want to experience Reptillian life to see how they really live its very interesting...

Tarheel: Reptilian does NOT suit you, HD !

You surprise me.

I dont think you really mean that. Careful what you wish for. That could be a very ugly manifestation.... and Edisonik/Anu77 may be forced to put you to death..... a very gruesome, slow death.

We would torture you with Love/Joy/Peaceful vibes.

It appeared to me that you meant dark-side Reptilian.

HebrianDaniel: there is belevolent

there is belevolent reptillians to let you know like the annunakis

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