The Hologram Project and the Resistence of the Draco Reptilians ( Elohim )

by edisonik on December 30th, 2010

This Reality is one Giant Hologram, it is a very dense hologram and very believeable, we are all a part of it, it has taken billions of years to create it.
You are all playing a Virtual Reality Game, what is the point you ask?, why am I here?, lets shatter you Paradigm Terrans. You existence or reality is an elaborate hologram, Yes you heard me correctly it is a Hologram meaning it's not real, it couldn't be so, I am mad correct?.

This whole Reality is an Elaborate Hologram, you are players on a Virtual Reality Game Created by Powerful Beings, you task is to see how you can manage your Emotions and Your Heart in a Primarily Negative World. Many of you are doing a fabulous Job at maintaining your feelings under control but there are those who simply give in to the Lower Frequencies of Negativity, Misery, Dispair, Anger, Greed, Fear, Ignorance, Pride, Jealousy and many other Negative Emotions.

Many of you only believe in the what you can see with your eyes, and what you can taste, touch and feel physically. Millions have been fooled and millions more will be fooled because they are all being Governed by there Lower Primordial Impulses of Immediate Gratification, they play along with the Illuminati Monopoly Game and Class System with very little Spirituality.

It is not humanities fault, they have been intensely manipulated by the Reptilian Races, they have kept humanity in a very low vibration of Fear and Negativity and this Crap Continues, you know what I am saying because you can feel my words, I know all of you can.
Many of you will then say a Virtual Reality Game?, this guy is off his rocker!, Yes Virtual Reality Game, your Bodies are Virtual Spacesuits designed for this Game, your Bodies are nothing more then Body Gloves, when you disembody ( Die ) you simply put on another body through the process of Reincarnation.

Religions program you and structure you into a slave system, Religions have been created by the Elohim ( Repilians ) to control you, remember when you hear stories of going into the light when you die ( disembody) to go into the light!, do not go into the light,you will be reprogrammed and you will reincarnated here again with no knowledge of your previous lives, some of you know your previous lives, through dejavu you will know this, but just dismiss it as lunacy. The Monopoly Game is just another Game, it's designed to divide, control and oppress, think bigger, think of better ways to serve your fellow humans all around the Planet.

Bottomline this Reality is a Virtual Reality Game and the Malevolant ET's do not want you to know this because once you know the Gig is Up!, You are Eternal and you are masters of your destiny, Embrace your Realities with Courage and Love, never give your freedoms and rights away to Government or to Nasty ET Beings, you have this power , take it back be fearless and defend Love, Freedom and Democracy Terrans.

Peace. Immortal Gods

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caseyhue: Thank You

Many questions have been answered. All which I've been feeling for a long time. Again Thank You

Beloved_Lives_O...: dam dats deep..irs reality,

dam dats deep..irs reality, but we must figth back,One love
and dat video. kinda made me happy yet sad, because our earth to come think it its a beautifull planet, nature its self u know mother earth letting die like that we must figth back its not right,
all we want is peace, if need ask for help, theres gotta be other beings the universe is hug billion and billons of mile with planets and no else but us dosent seem right now does it?we gotta figth back for what is right .peace and love good over evil and patiance it will come and when it does we will sustain and fight back. its now or never its to start making some changes

this song comes a from a soldier you all know him but he was killed by them it not right because he was a profet among profets who have passed us 2PAC,B.IG,Marley,


edisonik: Beloved_Lives_O

Keep your thoughts Positive, the Heavens are protected, the Legions of Good Angels are already here, they averted Nuclear War in Novemeber of 2010, 4 ICBM's were launched and all 4 were disabled by the Angels.
We are being protected, so we are not alone , we will never be alone, lets do good for one another. Peace.

Beloved_Lives_O...: i will do so, always

i will do so, always positive, and i belive what u say about the angels, i see that they live around us on the avarage day like if the fallowed me. its strange, anyhow tnx again

edisonik: , A Dedication to Humanity

Humanity has Incredible Power, Humanity is a force that has attracted Energies from all four corners of the Universe, and the Ancient Council has said " They Don't Respect themselves, they don't Respect their Planet, What is their Value!", There Value is beyond Words and to let this Species go is to disrespect Creation. It is not their fault what they do, they have been manipulated by the Lords of Darkness, they must not be left to defend themselves against ravinous creatures, it is wrong.
I love humanity and will defend with Zest what the Heavens have Created the Human Race.
Blessed are those that Defend the Innocent , Blessed are those that seek to do what is right in their Hearts, Blessed are all who thirst for Peace, Light and Divine Truth.
Live long and Prosper Terrans.
You are not alone, you will never be alone. Peace.

I dedicate this Piece to Humanity.

435: This is a great post. Thanks

This is a great post. Thanks Edisonik.

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