Hollow Earth: Stuff TheyDon't Want You to Know How Stuff Works

Who Are the Denizens of New Swabia? Mainstream science says that earth is solid, but is it? Some people don't think so. Hollow-earth theorists believe the crust to be 800 to several thousand miles thick. But beneath it, they posit, exists an entire world. These theorists think it can be reached through the poles or deep caves, such as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky What about gravity? If the earth is hollow, how does it generate gravity to keep us all on the surface? Some say there's an inner star or that the the crust itself would suffice. The Nazi Party believed this was true. var addthis_pub = 'wirecloud'; var addthis_options = 'email, twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, more'; var addthis_exclude = 'print, aol'; var addthis_config = {ui_offset_left: 80, ui_use_addressbook: true, ui_hover_direction: -1}; var bc = 0; function addthis_custom_click(t,x,y,z,b) { if (bc == 0) { $.get("/index.php", { call: "buttonclick", id: "5796", button:b }, function(data){ } ); bc = 1; } return(addthis_open(t,x,y,z)); } - See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/humor/hollow-earth-stuff-they... [This is a Humor video].

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