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Tim Lovell: BB I know the sirian

BB I know the sirian survivors from atlantis that got out and stayed on earth went underground argartha etc but the entire core of earth isn't hollow there is solid parts right down in the mantle the the reps etc use to house their caverns and tunnel systems etc also the good ets pliedians etc have underground bases also but the earth isn't hollow like nibiru is etc ...

bluesbaby5050: Tim, could you elaborate further......

Tim, You seem to know quite a lot on this subject, and I find this subject fascinating! Would you be able to tell us more about these types of aliens, and their tunneling systems? Anytime, just have at it Tim! Thanks.

Tim Lovell: yes BB the main tunnels were

yes BB the main tunnels were constructed by the serpent race of earth from pre lemurian times ( the reptilians FROM earth NOT the #Draco) they posses a very deep shamanistic understanding of the earth planetary grid and energies , anyway they created these ancient tunnels ages ago , and even the present day black ops government use them but are beaten out sometimes , the earth isn't simpily a molten ball inside there is loads of places in the mantle where it is solid even on in the deep inside , the tunnels bypass the molten parts inside the core are `plates` like the surface but they don't move , so alot of the ETs including the lyrians/plieadians etc have DEEP (200km or more) down cavern bases that they jump their beamships down to , as we will no way ever reach them so they know they are safe , but also so the reptillians ALSO have bases deep down also but on the opposite side of the planet (under Iraq) under the 4d portal that they control there, the portal the good ets use is over the yucatan peninsular (Bermuda triangal etc) anyway hope this explains some :) btw yes it is very hot down there but they can control it and they use the heat for power they just need to keep jumping water down for oxygen and cooling(lots of water on the surface so no problem!)

bluesbaby5050: Wow! Now that's very interesting to know about!

Thank you so much for sharing this information with us Tim. If anyone else has anymore information regarding any of this, please don't be shy. Let's have all you got!

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