The History behind World War 2 was not entirely accurate. The fact that Hitler had Extraterrestrial Alliances with the Arian Reptilian Orions is no Accident. Earth was supposed to be taken over during WW2 but they were beaten back by the Allied Powers.

Learn more regarding Germany during WW2 and the Alien Alliances with Orion Empire.



Crackdown: WW2 Allies were not good as well, that is for sure

It seems neither side was pro-humanity and WW2 was a fight for Earth control
between two factions of extraterrestrials, both malevolent towards the humanity

By the way, here are videos about Eisenhower's death camps for German POWs :
1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbp61fOVFaE
2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7VpLDLZYeY
3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhl0Jw5JW0c

Also, little is talked that the main purpose of Hitler was not to exterminate the Jews, but
to make them to move from Europe, and losses from their side are heavily exaggerated
(have some good videos with investigation, however they are not English language)
Though, eventually that purpose was achieved, most of Jews are living at Israel now

If you have not heard about stuff like that, and information is not popular:
that is because winners write the history, and winners are never judged

And no, I am not supporting any side: both sides in this global conflict were wrong.
This applies for most other terrestrial wars as well. Humans should not kill each other,
especially without any significant personal reasons - like it happens on wars all the time

bluesbaby5050: I Agree with you 100% on this...........

WW2 WAS A PLANNED WAR ON BOTH SIDES BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED! All 3 world leaders, U.S. President Roosevelt, Russia's Stalin, and the British Winston Churchill were attending their secret meetings all together well before the war was even started.The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in the American territorial waters was also PLANNED to get America involved into this war, because the Americans were the last to join in, and that's why the attack was staged during the Christmas holidays early in the morning when the U.S.military would be caught off guard asleep on the Hawiian base in the Pacific Ocean. This was planned to get the American people mad as hell, and so that they would come together, and be united for the cause to protect their home lands from the invading enemies. The world leaders provided the problem to rally the masses of people together, and then give them an excuse to fight. This happens in ALL WARS. Hitler was GROOMED BY THE ORION QUEENS, because they wanted this star system to claim as this own sector, and this was their goal. They were the ones backing Hitler with high technologies of their own. And this is why we see Hitler shaking the hand of the Alien Grey I posted a while back.This connection goes way back to the Million years old wars that split many races across this Milky Way Galaxy in the first place. People can read all about this great struggle in the Terra Papers we had provided a year ago on this site. It's long, and it goes into great detail of the numbers of different alien groups that were involved during that time period. Hitler was a PAWN used by the Orion Queens to become the world Dictator. (He was supposed to be the front man to set this all into action).

Crackdown: Thanks for sharing ;) + Important info from Terra Papers

What we forgot to mention, is that (according to Terra Papers) WW2 allies were backed by HEN-T hybrids, far relatives of SSA-TA Draco rebels from Orion (Rigel star) - lizards who rebelled the Queens. WW2 was the attempt of Queens to regain the control

P.S. For those who are not familiar with Terra Papers:
I present a very nice compilation in convenient-to-learn style
(instead of just text: text + beautiful pictures + charming music)

Terra Papers - Book I part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dg4r7uiEiQ
Terra Papers - Book I part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krqPDSkeRCM
Terra Papers - Book II : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKxEcn6aHJw

Star Wars in Ancient History 1/4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L30faxCeQ_A
Star Wars in Ancient History 2/4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7clpJ_9fAM
Star Wars in Ancient History 3/4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLgCawADrBE
Star Wars in Ancient History 4/4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7PoduoAtk8

bluesbaby5050: I know my Russian brother, and Friend.........

I know I didn't bother to post all of that, plus the links, because this was already done so many times before this. Thanks for doing it again, plus some more added important information is always helpful as well :-)

bluesbaby5050: It was also Known years later after the war ............

That Hitler almost won that war, if it was not for the Divine intervention of the many Belevolant aliens that stepped in and risked their lives to change the out come of WW2, and to help to give their support to the Americans, and their Russian, and English allies during that war. They helped to defeat the enemy so this would be prevented from coming into fusion so that the Evil Tyrannical Monster would not have spread across this galaxy again. And thanks to them, if Hitler's actions had not been watched closely from off world by our caring Star Families all would have turned out very different indeed, and all hope would have been lost.

Crackdown: It would be harder to free the humans in case of Nazi's victory

If Hitler would have won, we would have had George Orwell's society.
Huxley's society is bad too, but it gives us more opportunities to win !

bluesbaby5050: I'm a Rebel...........

Cause.........I DO MY OWN THING! " Free Thinker."

dvogel: The Nazis were not meant to win the war

Hitler was a British trained agent like Stalin was. Actually Hitler was a homosexual painter by nature but got retrained in England. As it is also mentioned by others. The whole war was staged on all sides and the outcome is that nasty human research could be done, a major shift in economical power and the state of Israel could be created and now being funded by a huge amount of German money which they pay yearly as damage fines for the next 50 years or so. Hitler was of course rescued out of Germany before the end of the war. Operation paper clip ensured the rescue of many other top nazis. Only the soldiers on the battlefield were truly at war with each other and of course the innocent civilians.

bluesbaby5050: Then Hitler must of been Bi-Sexual because..............

He had a incestous relationship with his very young half niece, Geli Raubal and she later committed suicide ( as the story goes) by shooting herself in the chest in 1931 on the same day she planned to escape from her apartment ( and she did try, but was later stopped when Hitler arrived), because of Hitler's great jealously of her. She was kept locked inside it except when Hitler would go to visit her, and take her out on the town. Hitler also had 6 other woman on the side at that time, including Eva Braun( which he later married in 1945), and 2 of those woman also committed suicide. And Hitler was engaged to 4 of those woman at the same time as well.

Tim Lovell: well I don't care what anyone

well I don't care what anyone says the Nazis were bad end of story ..

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