by Tarheel on October 14th, 2013

History is not always about facts. History is about CONTEXT, and who is actually telling the Story.

History=HIS STORY (it's another of those hidden in plain site plays on verb-age)

Move forward, knowing "Whoever is telling their version of his-story Always HAS AN AGENDA".

Bottom Line-Beware of white knights (especially of his-story), as they are not always dragon slayers (of time). They are more often dragon TRAINERS that train to serve their own dark purpose.

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Tarheel: Here is a PERFECT example

This is THE best example I could recall to make this point on history NOT being the REAL story.

The great artist Jacque-Louis David was commissioned by Napoleon to paint a picture of his coronation as Emperor of France. Napoleon's Mother was unable to attend his coronation, but Napoleon had David paint his Mother into the picture as if she was there for his BIG DAY. History says she was present, but we know otherwise.
The moral of THE-STORY, Napoleon altered history (however slightly in this example)and brought his mother into his world by sheer force of his will.

With regard to lineage and US history, I don't know who or what to believe any more. All I know is I am glad my intuition , even as a child, was strong because I know what I was being taught was BS.

Gary1776: Not always is it for the Dark

Good deal of what you wrote is true, but I on the other hand prefer to see the light.

Tarheel: I like seeing The Light too.

I like emitting it even more. I find it is impossible to not light your own path if you are showing others your own light.

As I stated, my brother, I enjoy reading and hearing the different stories/versions, it's just that I am apprehensive to incorporate anything into memory bank as fact. Occasionally I do.

I am not disagreeing with you or your take. I log it/file it, and if I need to recall it I will bring it up when the time comes.


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