by edisonik on April 23rd, 2011

The Mission of the Star Nations, are vast and different,

Humans are a Direct Result of the Fingerprints of the

Gods,Humans are a direct result of Genetic Manipulation to

advance the developement of Homo Erectus.

Humans did Evolve from Apes but they recieved a helping hand

by the Extraterrestrials. You call them Gods, Divinities,

Star Beings, and Legendary Heroes.
When One Supreme Being Descended upon the Earth his Mission

was to Create a Worker Species that would be Intelligent and

Loyal to the Canus Dogs of Sirius. It was the Sirius Empire

that needed Workers to Mine the Gold of Earth for the Orion

Serpent Queens.

Lord Enki ( Aya ) descended upon the Earth and changed the

Landscapes of Earth because it was all Water, he Terra Formed

the Earth and Seeded the Earth with Plants and Animals.
Then he proceeded with the Creation of Humanity, he found a

Beast from Sirius known to the Dog Beings as the Appa ( A

Primate ) and he started to incorporate the DNA of Star

Beings into the Evolution of the Appa.
He insiminated his Sister Ninhersag Scientifically and she

gave Birth to the First Adamu Humans. You call the First Two

Exeriments Adam & Eve.

The Gardens of Eden were nothing more then Extraterrestrial

Settlements for the Creation of a Worker Force to Mine the

Gold of Earth to ship via Spaceships so that the Gold can be

Refined on Sirius and Delivered to the Orion Star system for

the Orion Reptilian Queens.

Lord Aya ( Enki ) wasn't really interested in the Business of

Mining Gold he was really interested in Creating Life for the sake of Life itself, he was interested in Creating Life so that it can find it's own Destiny and Free Will.

His Father King Anu saw what was going on and he then sent

Prince Enlil to Earth to handle the Business better so that

the New Workers Adam & Eve's would be worked hard to Mine the

Gold for the Two Empires Sirius & Orion.

Prince Enlil descended upon the Earth and started to Work the

Human Projects to Death, Prince Enlil ( Yahweh ) didn't care

about the Slaves because they were just Beasts.

Lord Enki ( Aya ) was very Angry with his younger Brother

Enlil and he came to him and told him, " Brother what are you

doing!?", and Prince Enlil said " I am fullfilling the

Mission we need to Mine the Gold with these Mindless Beasts".

Lord Enki said " They are not Mindless they are Special

Beasts with Gifts, do not work them untill Death my Brother".

Prince Enlil " Ha ha ha ha, Special Beasts?, Yes Special for

Mining Gold nothing Else, ha ha ha!".

The Lord of Creation was Boiling Hot and very Angry, and he

said " So my Dear Brother Mindless and Dumb Beasts, we will

see about that!".

Lord Enki ( Aya ) went to the Encampment ( Eden ) and took

some of the Humans ( Beasts in the Eyes of Yahweh ) and began

to Inject the Human Experiments with Extra DNA and the

Knowledge of Knowing Self, Free Will, Destiny and the knowledge Experiencing Pleasure.
Lord Enki said " ha ha ha , Oh Dear Brother , they are Beasts

no more, they now have the Knowledge of the Dogs ( Gods )".

Many years have passed in the Eden Outpost and Prince Enlil

was doing an Inspection of the Mining of the Gold, he saw

some of the Human Slaves having Sex, Partying, and having

Picnics. Prince Enlil was furious and he summoned his Brother

Lord Enki to his Chambers, " Brother!, Brother!( Screaming ),

what have you done!!". Lord Enki said I have done what I

believe was right, I have given the Humans Free Will and the

Ability to have Sex and the ability to Experience Pleasure, I

have given the Human Slaves the way of the Dogs, the Way of

Sirius A & B".

Prince Enlil " What you have done is Sacriledge,if the

Serpent Queens find out they will Execute you and punish our

Race, you have done the single and most Evil thing that both

our Star Systems can Imagine, you have given these Beasts

Free Will, Passion & the Ability to Mold their Own Destiny,

Brother!, Leave here Immediately before I tell Our Father

King Anu!, Leave Immediately".

Lord Enki, " I have seen what Slavery was like on Sirius and

I hate Slavery, I have given these Beasts the Gift that

wasn't available in our Empire Enlil, what I have done I was

compelled to do!".

Prince Enki "So be it!, Brother , what I do now I am

compelled to do, Let it be known to all the Annunaki that my

Brother Enki, will be Deemed Evil and that he has undone

everything that our Empire has worked for, let be known that

my Brother will be Known as the Devil of all things that are

Anti- Government and Anti-Empire, let be known that my

Brother the Lord of Creation, be deemed Evil in the all

Holybooks Written so that the Beasts he so loved, hate him

and despise him".

Enki was banished from the Garden, he then continued the

Experiment in Africa and Created a New Adamu the Black Races

and there on Africa the Black Races were free and Danced and

Hunted for food, they were free.

King Anu then Summoned the two Brother Prince Enlil and Lord

Enki to Sirius, King Anu said " Dear Sons do not fight among

one another,have you kept up with the Resources for our

Refineries?", Enlil " Yes Father but my Brother Enki has done

the Unthinkable, he has given the Slaves of Earth Free Will &


King Anu " What!, What!, What!, Enki!!!!!! ( Screaming )".

Enki said " Yes Father I have given the Beasts these Special

Gifts because we have no right in abusing Sacred Beings which

we have manipulated into Slavery".

King Anu said " Son I understand you but if we do not mine

the Gold for the Queens of Orion they will punish our People,

the Dogs Councils will wage War against me as well as the

Draco, we cannot have this so head back to Earth and kick out

the Slaves that resist the Hard Work and keep the Slaves that

are Obedient to the Word of your Brother Yahweh ( Enlil)".

Enki " But Father they have the right to Free Will and

Destiny, Enough!!, Enki if you care about these Humans so

much then let them see if they can Survive the harsh

wilderness, if they can be Responsible for their Own lives

without the Supervision and Enslavement of the Gods they will

be Free!, ha ha ha!, this is their Mercy I will give them'.

Prince Enlil " But Father!, this cannot happen!".

King Anu "Silence!!, this is my Decision and it is final".

Then Enlil & Enki returned to Earth and the Battle for Man

began, Prince Enlil tried to wipe out Humanity through the

Flood and Enki saved them.

Then later Enki's Son Marduke kicked out Prince Enlil and his

father Enki and followed the Serpent Queens Orders with the

use of his Trusted Priests the Pharoahs and the Children of

the Gods.
Marduke changed his name and called himself RA.

the two Families oppressing Mankind are still here.


The ball is now in the Court of the Humans , do they want

Freedom or Tyranny they must Decide, they Better Decide Freedom

and Liberty , this is for your Childrens Future.

Resist Big Brother & Tyranny.


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