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by Tarheel on August 21st, 2013

The positive energies being broadcast outweigh the negative. We are developing the ability to recognize when we are being super-charged. It is important to be able to Identify the negative and weed it out, but it is also imperative that we identify the positive and invite it in/accept what is being sent our way.

Listen to your "higher self" and look inward for answers you believe may come from outside you. All answers will come from within. Let's Stop thinking small -WE are TITANS !

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bluesbaby5050: Titans were of Ages Past, and it's in the Ancient Earth History!

We are Modern woman/man kind! We are not 20 to 35 feet tall as the Titans were. There is proof of these facts, along with many pictures of their complete skeletal bones now. Listen to your intuition from your inner self. Some less advanced students will have to do many inner spiritual excerises before they will be able to make a connection to their Higher Self, NO MATTER WHAT CERTAIN PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM THINK! This is also a fact in the studies of Metaphysical Science. People are NOT BORN ADEPTS, because in order to become an ADEPT A person has to learn from the lords that already Acended from the Earth with their physical bodies! They are Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Djwal Kul, and I have done this, and it takes many years to advance though different levels in these studies under these two masters I just named here. I am a Chela under these two masters of the Great White Brotherhood! This also a fact! You have to become students first, and take ALL the steps in the studies one has to take to become an Adept. There can be NO SIDESTEPPING or skipping steps when doing this. This information Tarheel is passing along to the people in this forum is WRONG! Tarheel is NOT AN ADEPT Or A CHELA! Tarheel does not study The Metaphysical Sciences, or he would NOT print this INCORRECT information in this forum if he actually did! He is pretending to be knowledgeable in this Science. And the Proof is in the pudding!.

bluesbaby5050: ERROR in my thread above............

Correction: I meant to say, that I have done this, meaning, that I have studied under them already as a student, a Chela , under the Ascended Masters Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Djwal Kul. I have Not yet ascended with my physical body, Obviously, as this will take place in the 5th dimension, and not before that time, when I will be able to accomplish this along with others that have prepared them selves though their studies, and though their inner visions, along with their meditations, and living everyday as an example of the Holy Spirit. I plan to stick around on the Earth well into the 5th dimension, as this is the whole point of Ascension during this life time. This is when Heaven will manifests on the Earth into a true reality on this planet. No wars, no illness, no starvation, no diseases, and no poverty, and no pollutions of any kind will exists. Your Higher self will pass along information though to your sub-consciousness, and your spiritual guides will do this for you as well, and though your spiritual gurus on the etheric planes, because the Spiritual connections that has to take place, which is the rising of the Kundalini from the base of the spine all the way up though all the chakras. The heart chakra has to merge with the crown chakra and fully into the crown, and the higher self comes down and merges with the middle light body, and then into the physical body. TO BE AT ONE, The I AM Presence. And all this has to take place BEFORE this is able to happen with any person. You can Not wish this to happen! Some people will do this during another incarnation, or many more when they are prepared, and when they are spiritually ready, and then it will be added into your blueprint with your spiritual guides assisting you with this before you are born into another physical body. I hope this helps you to better understand how this works.

Tarheel: Titans means many different things to many different folks.

Please overlook the rants of the under-informed, friends.
Certainly there are dwarfs about, especially mental dwarfs.

bluesbaby5050: You are still showing YOUR IGNORANCE Tarheel.........

AS WELL AS YOUR DISTAIN FOR THE DRAWF PEOPLE THAT REALLY DO EXISTS ON THIS PLANET! You have a LONGGGG WAYS to Evolve! And it is quite obvious by your Ill remarks! When your wrong admit it, and stop being a JACKASS! What I said about those TITANS ARE THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY. And ALEX JONES is NOT a Part of THIS FORUM, Your jokes about him are not clever, nor funny. Only to YOU. You have a Nice day now.

Tim Lovell: the ancient lyrian humans

the ancient lyrian humans were indeed titans standing upto 30 feet tall but this was because their planet(now destroyed was bigger so where their bodies also but once they migrated to vega/ the pleidies(erra) Azeazel the red haired lyrian was huge! but after generations on the smaller planets their bodies shrunk to about 6 foot

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for this info Tim..........

Your right about this history Tim. When the advanced soul from Earth go into the new 5th dimensional Earth, They will also have bigger, taller bodies too, because this planet is also EXPANDING RIGHT NOW, and this is the cause of all those sink holes around this planet now. More and more are happening on a regular basis now as it is being reported as they are happen in. Another one is in Isreal somewhere it was reported 2 weeks ago, and another new one is under Disneyland! The Castle is where the Illuminati Satanist carry out their sick ceremonies on the children! What a better way to have access to all those children that work, and visit there. This was leaked out 3 weeks ago on the internet, and told on Youtube. Mr. Walter Disney was a Illuminati member.

Tarheel: I have NO afiiliation whatsoever with BUFFOON-baby5050.

She just uses my name to try to garnish credibility to her deluded opinions and perceptions. Please know I don't read her posts nor her emails, and I have no affiliation with her whatsoever and she doesn't know me.

bluesbaby5050: I am No threat to you Tarheel...........

So you have No Need to post a vile thread about me. You have NO CREDIBILY WITH ME IS RIGHT, as You are NOT AT MY LEVEL OF SOUL WISDOM, so stop trying to compete with me! You have been doing this for a long time now, and you even had asked me to teach you off this forum a while back, and you can lie about this all you want to, but, I know better, and so does the master teachers, ANNU77, AND EDISONIK, because they both were aware of this in private, and when they come back to catch up, they will read your lies about this too!. You could never offer me anything I can not do for myself! You just think you have/do in your diluted mind, and your foolish to think that you do. Obviously you do feel threatened by me though your obvious Rants about me, so give it a rest, or keep your thoughts to yourself. Act like a decent person on the forum instead of a Jackass, and stop making printed mistakes that will be corrected. Read some books and get it right before you make incorrect statements that will need to be corrected. I spoke the TRUTH!

bluesbaby5050: I don't send you any more emails either..........

And this is another lie by you again! Last time was a couple months ago at best to my knowledge. You were even nice to me in your re-plies when you had answered them, 1 or 2 short ones at the most. I still have them, and I can post them into this forum to prove it.

Silenci030310: Tarheel. Keep doing what you

Tarheel. Keep doing what you doin. Be positive ignore negative words. Remember its there opinion thats all . Keep your head up buddy. Live each day the best you can.

Tarheel: Happy to see you back, Brother Silencio30310 !

Oh, I promise you I will be fine but I certainly appreciate you chiming in. This happens like clockwork every 2-3 months. I have something in common with Elliot Ness, I'm untouchable.

This sums it up......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwoM5fLITfk

Stay closer, Silencio30310 !

LoveTruthPeace: BB5050 thinks that by

BB5050 thinks that by flooding all the threads people will listen to her and believe her, but she doesn't realize that by doing so she shows her true colors and discredits herself and everything she has ever said.

bluesbaby5050: I have shared-----

As a member my knowledge in many areas, along with other members during the existence of this web site. We have traded back and forth. It is always the choice of any reader that comes to this site to pick and choose what if of interests to them to read. It is a personal choice. No one has to read all of the posts that they see here. Many people will have there own opinions, and this is fine, and also healthy. Feedback is good when it is healthy. I like to add a little humor along with the subject material, as it is also healthy to smile, and to laugh. Other members have in the past have posted their pets, and cartoons, and videos, and they shared beautiful scenery pictures just for the joy of it. There is no harm done when they want to share in their joy too. As I have also done. It is a choice to share.

LoveTruthPeace: Anyone with a brain would

Anyone with a brain would have understood what Tarheel meant by Titans. And only someone on here trying to spread misinformation would get caught up in what an actual titan means and throwing out a whole bunch of names and jiberish that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. "and that's the cause of sink holes" LMFAO BB5050 you are so entertaining. Now stop making yourself look like an idiot because you are the only one on this site that rants on and on about nonsense and creates drama for those of us actually trying to learn and spread the truth. By the way your little "patriotic" picture doesn't fool anyone either, if anything you are unpatriotic for trying to mislead your own country.

bluesbaby5050: Why don't you address me directly?

If you really have something important to say? And as for my country, I don't like the leaders at the top, they are just Puppets/Lackeys/Stooges that are told what to do, and how to do it. They are carrying out their OWN AGENDA. The leaders of the U.S. do not have the best interests at heart for the American people, and I will always speak out against this. You must of missed this some where's along the way.

Tarheel: The TRUTH always come sout, LTP.

Check my video that sums up the situation ( the video I sent Silencio just above).

It is so strange that someone would manufacture demons, but she has done so since the day she arrived. There are enough demons about that nobody needs to manufacture them.

Life goes on.

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel............

You are such a liar, and a hypocrite also! You were all fine with me ever since we were members, and it is all in the past post in this forum. And now you got a beef with me cause I turned you down over the Phone, as you were calling me and texting quite often. I said it was too time consuming for me to tutor you off the forum, and I did for a short amount of time, and Both Annu77, and Eddie were well aware of this, as they were doing this for you too , and they told me this! You are the one making YOURSELF LOOK BAD HERE, and when both Annu77, and Eddie come back to this forum, they will read your lies you are posting to the other members in this forum. Your in your late 50's now and you above all people should know better then to behave like this.

Tarheel: Move on please.

I'm not even reading your posts or emails but it is time to move on and stop manufacturing false demons. Nobody needs to make enemies.

The real battle is not us against us it's us against them so move on please. I have.
No, I'm not in my late 50's though(the number jumped out)...like I said, you don't know me. Just get on down the road please.

Thank You !

bluesbaby5050: Your 52 and YOU TOLD ME! Older man has to lie about his age LOL!

I am well aware the fight is for the souls, and what it is all about. You need not explain this to me, maybe to others though. If your sincere then stop with all your lies about me. You think you have buddies here but, even that is your Illusion. I am here to MAKE BUDDIES, but I am here to teach as the Master teachers- Annu77, and Eddie instructed both of us, and Chris, and 11Orion11 and others to do, as this is stated clearly in the past postings by THEM.

bluesbaby5050: Other older that are regulars to this forum..........

Have also witness our communing to each other with humor in the past post, and some are already reading this on the forum at this very second! Your not fooling anyone here, mostly the OLDER MEMBERS TO THIS FORUM. I kept all your private postings to me, and I could always prove what I am stating in this forum. Keep up with your lies, because some of us DO KNOW BETTER!!

bluesbaby5050: Glitch in system

Double post-glitch.

Silenci030310: Buddy is a sign of respect i

Buddy is a sign of respect i give to other i can call you buddy also its out of respect to that person. Just like bob marley said dont worry be happy everything will be alright. My other quote i like from malcom x said Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. Enjoying another beautiful smoking some herbs taking care of me reading and getting knowledge and wise and fearin noone respecting there opinions and there lifes as they choose too and im do me. :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes I like Bob Marley also..........

He has some nice lyrics and they always speak a strong message to the people. Enjoy life :)

Silenci030310: Agree with you :)

Agree with you :)

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