by bluesbaby5050 on September 1st, 2013

A higher dimensional perspective is needed to comprehend the radioactive process, and yet it is very difficult to describe the dimensions above the 6D. It has been noticed, and studied that birds seem to resonate with 7D sound coding on Earth. As Anubis said, Sirians hold the geometric form in space, and then 7D lines of light circulate this nonphysical intelligence into sound. The navigation skills of birds and their internal oxygenating, their purpose that is unto themselves, their abundant migratory routes and energy lines, seem to be galactic communication links that you could tune into. That is why they exists in our reality. How many people do you know that meditate on birds? Yet tuning into 7D could be Facilitated by studying bird intonations because 7D is the dimension that causes human language to be so sound coded. Birdsong is actually higher dimensional than the sound coding of human language! All the uneven dimensions -1D though 9D- are sound coded. The structure of sound actually holds them in form, and these vibrations generate creativity! For example, the 1D sound of Earth is a low hum that manifests as swamp song, and low frequency sound in the ground, and this is what keeps your hearts beating while you are alive. It has been demonstrated that the harmony of cultures is maintained or destroyed by chanting. Higher dimensions can be directly apprehended in 3D by means of selected music, such as Bach cello sonatas or string quartets by Beethoven. Toning in 3D accesses 5D resonance, and 7D spheres can be heard by lying on the ground and vibrating with the Earth bathed in starlight when there is absolute silence. Orbits are audible, and that is how Anubis holds them n form. The sounds in your language express your real story, and so the Anunnaki scramble these sounds to keep you all controlled!! Seventh- dimensional sound is birdsong, wind, Photons moving in great 7D bands, and the solar wind. Ninth dimensional sound emerges out of the absolute silence and darkness of the Galactic Center, which is moving in a slow, circular motion. Bridsong bring a sense of clarity. Blue is celestial blue, tunes into the zone where your atmosphere interacts with light. The Seventh dimension has something to do with the bluebirds and the blue band that surrounds the planet, that invites you to radiate yourselves out in the whole biosphere that you occupy. Imagine no longer living just on terra firma, but seeing Earth as your own space travelers have. You are a part of that blue ball, reflecting and reflecting from 7D, from the bluebird dimension, there are tones that the birds could give to this that words cannot. Only their song can reflect that the glory of 7D. These tones can take all of consciousnesses to the outer edges of the gravitational pull that holds all matter-oxygen and hydrogen, helium, the elements that are in gaseous state that surround the planet-where the elemental merges with what is beyond. All you have to do is listen to them singing . The higher evolved aliens combine, and merge different sounds of the spheres to make their own higher dimensional music! ( This is to be Continuted on another page).

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bluesbaby5050: I Hope that by my Bringing this Spiritual Information...........

To this forum, that it will help you people of Earth come to the realization of how much you/we humans have been robbed, and denied of our natural rights to know how much we are really very connected to our beautiful planet Earth, our Mother Gaia, and to the rest of our solar system, and to this galaxy, and to this Universe. And what is done here has a big effect out side this planet, and it ripples like waves into other planetary systems. I will bring more of this teaching to all of you, as I had promised to do in my past posts. Please RE-read this new information, and let it digest, and you will come to believe, and feel deep inside your selves, that we are just more then the Physical bodies that we occupy to learn about our true existence. The dark forces have held us humans prisoners not of our free wills, but by our own ignorance. This is partly our faults, and not all of theirs. Now it is time for the human race to mature into the galactic adults we are evolving into, and to take back our power, and to become a responsible race, that will join the galactic family, and their council of galactic affairs. Please Continue to Pray for World Peace. BB5050.

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