Hidden Symbolism of The Occult

by obsrvantlouie on February 18th, 2015

This cover of "The Economist" is loaded with symbology, predictive programming and subliminal messaging.

The following video link does a pretty good job giving an overview


How many dots can you connect?? Can you spot anything that the video doesn't mention?

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bluesbaby5050: This Cover----> Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: was already done in

This cover was already done - Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: Mushroom Cloud and 'Green Light' Federal Reserve Panic!

By bluesbaby5050 On January 4th, 2015. There are hidden signs, and Symbols it tells you INside the link covering this topic in my posting for the FUTURE HIDDEN in this Illuminati cover as was shown in this posting that was already done earlier in January 4th, 2015. Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: Mushroom Cloud and 'Green Light' Federal Reserve Panic! - http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/crazy-2015-economist-cover-mushroom-cl... So why is it being covered again? When we are referring to a PAST POSTING that was already done by someone then we will say "IT'S A RE-POST" just to LET OTHERS KNOW IN THIS FORUM THAT IT WAS ALREADY DONE BEFORE. If people want to add to this with NEW information, then that's fine, please do so. A link was ALSO PROVIDED with this coverage as well, so check out the information in this link at the end of this notice to show this is true. - http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/crazy-2015-economist-cover-mushroom-cl...

obsrvantlouie: I never referred

To your past posting.....

bluesbaby5050: I posted this for the SAME REASONS YOU DID......

So a second posting of the SAME thing was not needed, because it was ALREADY done.

obsrvantlouie: Same reasons

Not entirely....I am trying to generate discussion as I asked the readers to connect dots not mentioned in the video. Regardless, just because you post on a subject does not mean it is hands off for another forum topic.....get over yourself. Had I been aware of your previous posting....perhaps I would have just commented on yours.....perhaps I would have made a new post. Either way, get over yourself.....I didn't plagiarize your posting.

bluesbaby5050: I had just explained it was not necessary.....

And yes, as you just said that you COULD of done that, and you did not. That WOULD OF BEEN THE PROPER WAY TO GO ABOUT IT, so YOU get over YOURSELF. Then why choose a chance for any conflict with another on their post, when it COULD of been avoided in the first place, I was not looking for an argument, I just pointed out the proper way to go about it as was explained above in my thread. You also admitted that you knew better, and you made the conscious choice not to. I am not at fault by any means.

UN.i1-PHI: i see

13 gray faces close in the front and 1 far in the back with the black balaclava mask showing his AK up
right there behind that uniform wearing guy with his marine corps hat and a white mouth mask holding his white gloved hands up... symbolizing clean hands/innocense... yeah right, what a stage...that's the illusion by the magician/master hand..!

7 eggs in the bird's nest on the winged helmet on that gal's head (columned) 7'th from left
Wich reminds not only of the winged disk, but possibly also of Roma,
a female deity/goddess (tough also seen as a whore) who personified the city of Rome and even the Roman state itself, symbolizing civilization.
Her image is depicted on the base of the Column of 'Antoninus Pius', resting her hand over her shield wich depictes the lengendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus being suckled by a Wolf.
While indentification is contestable, her face is interpretably depicted on denarii (Roman coins) from 280-276 & 265-242 BCE wearing a winged helmet
It's said that she remains the oldest continuous political-religious symbol in the Western world ^^

HebrianDaniel: of all the symbols they

of all the symbols they putted spiderman like seriously? wtf?

UN.i1-PHI: it's spider-man

spinning their web of deceit for them

Tarheel: Maybe they should check the Greek Myth of Arachne.....

...Arachne- the master weaver who was turned into a spider forever because she dared compare her weaving as superior to the Goddess Athena's. Athena got offended and rather than kill her made her into a spider.

Dude! Don't piss off Athena.

obsrvantlouie: Can anyone see

What looks like a face on the shoulder of the lady on the far right.....she's wearing magenta scarf.

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