Hi my name is Brando

by Bdogb75 on June 8th, 2016

Hi I'm 21years old. I live in California. Im very interested In almost every topic here. A lot of stuff out there an this is an awesome site.

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Terran resistance: hiya welcome to truthcontrol

hiya welcome to truthcontrol

what are you interested in the most? the occult aliens nwo etc.

Bdogb75: History a out

Im not sure how to delete my over post I over clicked since it wasn't responding? Im interested in a wide range of information. I just love learning and having a bigger understanding of everything. Astral spiritual light love aliens dimensions becoming more knowledgeable etc.

Terran resistance: good to have yer

whats your understanding of dimensions? follow the ra materal or alex collier?
dont worry about the four posts. nobody really cares anyway.

i got some free ebooks if you want them if you like aliens:

but if you have anymore free pdf books u come across please buzz me because i want to add them to my collection to share :)

welcome aboard again.

Bdogb75: Not much about dimensions I

Not much about dimensions I know very little. I was reading some post about the Grey's on here last night. I have mediated and achieved vibrations many times and on there own sometimes when Im between asleep and awake. But never been able to exit. I was reading about alchemy as well. I have read about dimensions but not from ra material or Collier. Great website to expand. A lot of interesting topics.

Terran resistance: you posted 4 times lol

you posted 4 times lol

Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control

Welcome to Truth Control Bdogb75 :) I'm also from California. Welcome aboard!

TriThorntheReaper: I love astral traveling

I love astral travel. I know a little about it. I tent to go to the Fay realm when I travel. But gad to see you here.

Tarheel: Brando

...not as in Marlon, eh?

Bdogb75: My first name is Brando

My first name is Brando spelled the same as in marlon Brando

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