Hi everyone.

I'm a young teenage nerd/geek. I am a girl and i have this major obsession with all types of things: aliens, the Illuminati, Nicki Minaj (this rapper girl), chess, etc. My name is Anonymous because I'm famous and infamous, and kids at school like to stalk me when they find me on the Internet. Well, I guess that's all.


Quinton: Hi Anonymous, welcome to the

Hi Anonymous, welcome to the site! It sounds like you will fit right in here. Thanks for signing up :)

LordEnlil: Hi ...girl...but you must

Hi ...girl...but you must know...the A thing it was a man not a girl...but if you want to be a man it is your business ....by the way...he work for C.I.A...and all stuff it is a bluff...a "False flag Operation"..who only goal it is to limits the access to people to the internet ..to the truth...
to be more controlled ....and the mail open and read by them...
The civil right it will be broken and gone in time...
Do not use Facebook and tweeter...are full with security holes...and a bait to the people to read them personal data...be aware...the Fusion Centers have an eye open for all of us...

Lord Enlil

soul soulja: Man that's deep but i post so

Man that's deep but i post so many things off this site on Facebook and Twitter. So far its been really helping get the truth around. Is it a catch 22 when it come's to FB and Twitter ?

Tarheel: In my opinion...

...FaKebook and Twitter will reach the masses, but I would think there would be DISINFORMATIONAL concerns. Plus, there are SECURITY issues with both sites. They will rape you and demean you.

I would refer you to a higher power with that question. I would abstain UNTIL I get some input from The Elders, or those more knowledgable than I. I do believe Quinton has addressed this before SS. Ask him and see what he says. Others will contribute.

I also noticed the piece you are speaking about has some age on it, too.


bluesbaby5050: I don't do facebook,OR my space!

People spread knowledge to the masses, and they will always keep on doing this, as this IS ALSO AN OLD WAY! BUT IT STILL WORKS! This form was good enough for the elders,and is still good enough for humans TILL THEY ALL REACH THE HIGHER DIMENTIONS.They do not get there by making 3d comments to others! I would not advise telling all your movements to these props set for you by the gov.workers, to tell private matters in your life. Falcon sister. BB5050.

soul soulja: If we experience duality in

If we experience duality in this 3rd dimension of good and evil, light and dark etc. then couldnt i use the same tools that are being used today to influence the human race under negative energy, then couldn't i also use the same tools to also get the real truth out? you can always find the good in something bad. Chew the hay and spit out the sticks.

bluesbaby5050: To Soul Soulja----- Are you asking?

Are you asking which tools to use? Explain more,and maybe I may be able to give you some answers to help you. BB5050.

soul soulja: I am simply looking for

I am simply looking for answers and opinions to further raise my consciousness that i may help those around me with the knowledge i obtain from this site and its many wise members. I dont agree with fighting fire with fire but it does seem like a good idea to me to use what the people are familiar with in order to properly and clearly introduce the Real Truth. I may be zealous but not over zealous. Simply focused and on a mission !

bluesbaby5050: I do understand you now.

You are wise, but don't over do it, as some people can only recieve medicine in small doses. Be gentle in your approch,but stay focused,on your mission,and be steady,firm, but loving. Don't give up the ship! Not ever! As it takes a crew to run a ship, but it takes a master to steer a ship..Good luck,and GOD BLESS YOU. Y/F sister. BB5050.

soul soulja: Media, Music, Books,

Media, Music, Books, Entertainment, Religion, Internet, T.V., Radio, word of mouth Etc. are some of the Major tools that i used to receive and deliver message's to and from this secular world. So i figure if i flip the script and use those thing's with and for positive energy, then i feel at peace with taking and using the very same tools used to manipulate us used in the reversal of the new world order.

bluesbaby5050: You have all you need----

You already have all you need .You are also correct to use these in this manner,as you CAN SEE it does work.You know the rest! You are a wise one! Make us proud! Your Falcon sister.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: This is a simple reminder----------

There WILL NOT be a NEW WORLD DIS-ORDER on this planet Earth!.The OLD WILL BE REPLACED with the NEW world.This is what IS happening now as we speak to each other here. They, the dark forces will NOT BE IN CHARGE OF THIS PLANET,AND THE PEOPLE'S NO LONGER! The light is here,and shinning ever so brightly,We have come with the light of the most high! You are HIS PEOPLE, AND YOU BELONG TO HIM. THIS IS THE WORDS OF GOD/KOD! THIS IS GOD'S PROMISE TO ALL OF YOU! YOU ARE TO HAVE A BRIGHT NEW BEGINNING,AND A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE AHEAD OF ALL OF YOU! It is done,and so you shall SEE Y/F sister. BB5050.!

Tarheel: Reverse engineering at it's finest !

BB will not steer you wrong. It sounds as if the two of you figured it out fast.

Best of Luck and Godspeed in your quest !


Quinton: Yes I totally agree with

Yes I totally agree with this. Alex Jones talks about this as well. He says how you have to sometimes enter into the Matrix in order to be able to help pull people out of it.

soul soulja: you are correct

Although it makes me very angry too see humanity deceived this way, my approach should be loving and gentle. Thank you for the reminder as we all need them at times.

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