Hey guys! I need a little favour please

by nivine on June 6th, 2014

Ive been 1 week in the hospital, and when i came back.. seems some people used my absence well .
Anyone who is assuming that I'm chatting with them and sharing issues concerning this group and even talking about other members, please step in and tell me that right here in front of everyone here..
And if yes.. i need a copy of the whole chat!

Thank you in advance!

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Tim Lovell: hope it wasn't anything

hope it wasn't anything serious in hospital nivine

nivine: Thank you Tim

Actually the cause is silly.. it started by tanning for 4 hours, and ended up by dehydration, severe skin sunburn, and finally getting swollen.. it took me a week to recover, and still im not fully recovered.. but it seem im super sensitive to the sun..
Thank you for asking
Ur concern is much appreciated

Tim Lovell: no problem nivine, but always

no problem nivine, but always be carefull with tanning beds , they can cause skin cancer , but the good news is their is a new treatment for skin cancer that basically cures it even when its in multiple tumor secondary stage ... but even still be carefull using them :)

nivine: okay Tim take it easy :p

ts just a sun burn:p.. u scared the hell out of me by the cancer thingy;p
Its not a tanning bed, it was on the beach..
2 years ago, i had dehydration also..and i fainted while i was leaving, but when i fainted ..i fell on a rock and i spent couple of days in the hospital, and about a week in bed
Seems i really have issues with the sun,especially that I'm super white .. so i guess i wont repeat that anymore! :d

UN.i1-PHI: skin burn

the ozone layer is the region in the stratosphere that absorbs much of the UV-radiation coming from the sun, this protective layer has been depleted and damaged in unnatural fashions like exploding atomic and hydrogen bombs(especially Britain & America in the 1960' ) not just underground but also there up high in the sky and techtonic weapons like HAARP because of the irresonsible psycho's that think they can experiment and rule earth like that, this is unlike natural (annual) ozon depletion from very violent volcanic activity that can inject higher amounts of hydrochloric acid(HCl) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) etc. in the stratosphere, like from mount erebus that would be mostly responsible for the hole(=annual thinning) in the antartic ozon layer

overexposure to sun can cause skin burn especially due to the 'holes' in the ozon layer, so it's better to not stay too much hours straight in the sun, especially if you're very sensitive to the sun (light/radiation), if you are planning to do this, taking breaks in the shadow would be an good advice against sun burning and dehydration, with some cool fresh water to drink for some rehydration.

it's very good to tan in the real sun instead of frying an an UV-lamp bed that causes skin cancers, and i dont know if you've been using sunscreens but watch out with them too as many of them contain many toxic chemicals and metals such as Mercury, wich has a horrible reaction on your skin and body especially when exposed in sunlight, and also can cause (skin) cancers
if you're willing to avoid that but still want to smear yourself in to protect you from the sun you could use Lavender as an alternative to harmful sun creams [More "LIES" exposed. Sunshine is for great for you !]

and if you're already burned, wether it be skin burn from the sun or from burning yourself on something else, it's very helpful to smear some (self-made) hypericum perforatum oil, this plant hypericum perforatum is also known as Sint John's wort, it has yellow pentagonal flowers and visible and very significant pores in their little green leaves, you can make this oil by soaking the leaves and flowers in an ('good')oil such as olive oil and let it stand to soak for a long time and it turns dark red, and then you can filter out the rests and pour the oil in a smaller bottle to use for a long time against burning wounds etc and it's good for the skin
This is for treating the sunburn and so its not useful to prevent skin burn as you should not enter the sun when smeared with this as it would only burn you more and quicker, so it's effective to be used as a aftersun

nivine: thank you Un.i1 thats so sweet :d

Well i already took a lot of breaks in the shadow because i knew im sensitive to the sun, and i also kept on having cool fresh water all the time.. i even kept my hat always rinsed with water..
I have no idea why despite all that, this happened to me..
Again i much appreciate the information u shared
Thank you again

bluesbaby5050: So sorry to hear about your sunburn......

I was also off visiting family, and getting some needed Sunshine now that winter is finally over in the USA. I hope your feeling much better in your recovery now ( no need to welcome you back a second time LOL! :-)

UN.i1-PHI: the content of your comparing-to-me-insinuation is incorrect

i did not greet her back a second time LOL ;)
i have not greeted/welcomed her back in my first comment here so i included that after in my second reply
am i wrong/lame for greeting her back after she spent a week in the hospital, when i did it, i did not do it twice and repeat welcomes/greeting as there weren't any stated yet as can be seen if you look/read atleast a bit more carefully than you did...

Crackdown: @ nivine

You mean, someone used your account without permission during your absence?

nivine: No

But some are clamming that Im chatting in private, and talking about the group and the members
They are sayings thing i didn't say!!!!
I hope it won't happen one day that someone will use my account

but anyone who i s claiming that im saying all these false stuff, let them face me here..

obsrvantlouie: Why not stop

Mincing words and just call out who you are referring too?

nivine: smart question.. never thought of it:p

i have no idea who is doing this, if i do.. i won't be creating this forum..
i just want to see those who got the guts to talk behind my back, how strong and confident they are to say it here!
but i still love everyone still :d


UN.i1-PHI: dear nivine, pleased to have you back

dear nivine, pleased to have you back in company tough it's sad to hear about your severe sunburn, i hope they've treated you well in the hospital, you're already a week further and you're still busy recovering..,so i also really hope you didn't suffer too much and will recover soon and well!

sorry for not speaking directly to you before , i understand you still wonder why that happened and what else you can do to prevent the sunburn...

you said you are super sensitive (to the sun(light)) and white, apparently there's a connection there between sun sensitivity and your skin type [#1], as you noticed, because of light-skinned people have lower basal levels of melanogenesis [#2], the process of melanocytes producing melanin (pigment) wich is an effective absorber of light that can dissipate almost all (99.9%) absorbed UV radiation.[#3]

melanogenesis is also triggered by uv-irradiation as exposure to UV-B radiation increases melanogenesis, wich purpouse is to protect the layer under the skin (the hypodermis) from the UV-B light that can damage it (DNA photodamage).[#2]

may i ask you if you used any sunscreen/ sun cremes when you were tanning? as many sunscreens could do more damage than protection... and if you were recently enough in the sun? because if not this could be a determinant in why suddenly 4 hours tanning was too much for you, it's better to gradually increase your exposure to sunlight so you not get overexposed so easily so that your body can gradually built up higher levels of melanin(/melanogenesis) against your sensitivity of sunlight as it get's used to it, if not it can be just too much for you at once.
but ofcourse for now you better stay out of the sun untill your sunburn is fully healed, i hope this experience doesn't discourage you from ejoying the sun too much and that you can find measures that will prevent you from getting yourself burned from the sun,
we all need a regular and adequate dosis from the sun, for example it causes the sysnthesis of vitamin D (specifically cholecalciferol) in the skin that uses cholesterol for it.
there's also a lot of propaganda against the sun and to keep people away from its powerful healing divine light, and there are agendas to poison and sicken people to get cancers, because the sunlight and vitamin D actually prevent us from getting cancer/sick and is very good and needed and thus exposure to the sun does not necessairly cause skin cancer [#4], actually we could rather blame things like pasteurized milk from industrial dairies and vaccines for example [#5]

i'll recommend some nutritional measures to give your body a well needed 'boost' in vitamins and anti-oxidants etc
i think you should be enjoying a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrition you need to help you recover and prevent sunburn, especially citric fruits for a lot of vitamin C and green leafy vegetables that are found to contain high amounts of Lutein [#6] a carotenoid that's found to protect againts ultraviolet-induced inflammation.[#7]
also recommended is to get enough of (the most biological active form of) vitamin E (α-tocopherol wich is can be found most abundandly in wheat germ oil, sunflowers and safflowers) as it is a fat-soluble antioxidant that stops the production of reactive oxigen species formed when fat undergoes oxidation. [#8]

Now, for the 'mother of all anti-oxidants'; Glutathione, the single most powerfull antioxidant in your body wich produces and recycles, you might really want to check this out regarding your sunburn and find ways to boost your glutathione levels [#9] because it actually protects your DNA from damage (that you could get from uv irradiation) and maintains optimal immunity, it tamps down inflammation and it fights down free radicals in your body (wich you could get from tanning while using sunscreens with for example (one of the most widely used organic UVA filters in sunscreen today [#10] ;) Oxybenzone, in combination with other ingredients commonly found in sunscreens like titanium oxide and octyl methoxycinnamate [#11]) ( 'it also fends off heart disease, cancer, neurological decline, dementia and many more of the debilitating diseases we fear most.')
it neutralizes and clears heavy metals in the body (wich you could also get trough your skin due to poisonous sunscreens) and keeps your mitochondria pumping out energy (so your cells will have more energy to function, live and survive from (damage))
fortunately the body produces it's own gluthatione in the liver, see the first part of [#12]
you don't want to disable your liver's (detoxifying) function/properties by the damage from getting overloded so it's essential to keep the liver healthy by healthy consumption and thus not drinking too much alcohol for example or any other toxins for that matter, as they deplete your gluthathione levels and leave you susceptible to unrestrained cell disintergration (from oxidative stress, free radicals, infection and even cancer) [#9]
see the last part of [#12] for a short list of gluthaine-boosting foods, however it is recommended to relax and to start building up your gluthaine levels slowly and gradually over time to not deplete them anyway due to unmanaged chronic stress or/and an 'overly excessive program right out of the gate that can do more harm than good and inadvertedly facilitate the production of these health-harming free-radicals' ! [#12]

the sun can have many beneficial effects, five 'amazin'/generally unknown properties of sunlight are; pain-'killing'/stilling , fat burning, (directly) regulating human lifespan via suncycles, improving alertness in the evening due to daytime sunlight exposure, and last but not least; converting sunlight into metabolic energy! [#13]

[#1]: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/tc/sunburn-topic-overview
Your skin type affects how easily you become sunburned. People with fair or freckled skin, blond or red hair, and blue eyes usually sunburn easily.
[#2]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanogenesis#Melanogenesis
[#3]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanin#cite_ref-Meredith_1-0
[#4]: http://www.naturalnews.com/035063_vitamin_D_cancer_facts.html
[#6]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutein
[#7]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_burn#cite_ref-LeeFaulhaber2004_27-0
[#8]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_e
[#9]: http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/05/12/what-is-glutathione-and-how-do-i-get-...
GLUTATHIONE (pronounced “gloota-thigh-own”) is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. I called it the mother of all antioxidants.
The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that toxins from poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione.
This leaves you susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals, infections and cancer. And your liver gets overloaded and damaged, making it unable to do its job of detoxification.
[#10]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxybenzone#cite_ref-Burnett.2C_M._E_2011_5-1
[#11]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_%28chemistry%29#cite_ref-12
[#12]: http://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/health-benefits-of-glutathione
But back to what glutathione is: “Comprised of three amino acids, glutathione is the single most powerful antioxidant your body produces and recycles,” says Dr. Lipman. “It’s made in the liver, the organ most responsible for detoxifying your body, so optimal liver function is absolutely essential—if your liver isn’t functioning well, glutathione production suffers, toxins overwhelm it and illness, both short term and long, are not far behind.”
Dr. Lipman points out these three key benefits of having a stellar glutathione level:
—Protects your DNA from damage and maintains optimal immunity. As well as fighting free radicals, it tamps down inflammation and helps fend off heart disease, cancer, neurological decline, dementia and many more of the debilitating diseases we fear most.
—Neutralizes and clears heavy metals and toxins from the body.
—Keeps your mitochondria pumping out energy.
And add these glutathione-boosting foods to your daily meals: garlic and onions, as well as asparagus, avocados, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, parsley and watercress.
[#13]: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/5-amazing-properties-sunlight-youve-nev...
nivine: Dear Un.i1 :d

Thank you so much for sharing all this information, it really helped alot, refreshing some things in mind that i forgot about .. I'm sure bluesbaby dont know that sometimes i Mess Out :d even if I'm in the medical domain and im supposed to know everything..

And Un.i1, yes i used a sunscreen, it is the worst mistake ever i used the new type of baby oil for tanning, i used to use some type of oil from africa..that caused sun burn but not as much as this time.
I know im not supposed to share this personal information in public, but its been like 10 days, and i still cant press hard on my skin, and whats even worse is that my legs are turning purple to blue in color just in the front side and when i stand up and walk i feel pain..
And one last thing, im sorry if its awkward but i think my body is swelling because nothing is fitting, i cant wear any of my clothes.. its like i gained a lot of weight but without changing shape

UN.i1-PHI: -


UN.i1-PHI: i never really heard before

i never really heard before how severe a sunburn could turn out, so thank you for sharing anyways, it made me research some more on it and post it here also for others to see wether they're in the medical domain or not, i did not meant to give you a speech as if you'd really need it or imply something like that as if you were in lack of knowledge, bb mentioned that it could be taken offensively and tough we know i didn't meant it like that, we would not have known that you're in the medical domain in the first place if she wouldnt have said this to the forum before while you were gone and now again , and ironically she's the one who always takes an offensive stance against me, and apparently it just fuels up when i have to explain myself from whatever she says about me, she's the one that messed up thinking i greeted you already in my first comment while i didnt spoke directly to you there but just in general, and it was untill the second comment when i greeted you back for the first time and then i even said sorry for not doing that/talking directly to you before! and because bb acted as if i already did, i've been busy explaining that i did'NT, and end up talking more to her instead of you, funny how she started thas up about how i'm talking to you (according to her) and did not mention that she was the one who first started talking about you when addressing OL while you were gone, she mentioned your username and even included your gender, country and study, (the very same thread where she even said in another comment: "..people have been contacting me in private on this forum, but I CHOSE not to Broadcast this information.."), but she actually does this quite often as can be seen and experienced, i don't like needlessly bringing up and posting personal details about ppl who had said stuff in private as i oftenly have made clear in this forum, but maybe this is what you were referring to in the main thread?

now it's a issue that i'm 'kissy kissy' as if i was flirting with you orso? what do you think nivine was i being too kissy kissy to you? maybe if i asked you if i could smear you in with some ipericum oil and sprinkle you with flowers ?.. ;p

but something that's also good against the burn is the juices from the aloe vera plant but i dont want to sound as if i'm expressing lack of knowledge to others, i think something like this ofcourse should not be the purpouse, implication or misinterpretation when providing or receiving information on a forum for everyone to read..,
i did not realize you were studying in the medical domain before as i didnt look up the defenition before yet, and i just wanted to have these (alternative/natural) things mentioned here you know...

lavendula oil for protective sunscreen and refreshing/cleansing properties
hypericum oil & aloe vera gel/juice for aftersun and in general against burning wounds

i really wish you will recover well and don't have to suffer too much more from it and that you'll be able to enjoy the sun again soon without getting burned again.. oh ;p *kissy kissy* dear nivine of the divine

bluesbaby5050: Just to Correct this issue, your making on a rather Large Scale

Now as usual, Nivine already told this forum where she was from soon after she had joined TC, and MOST of us read it, and You must have missed it. I was Not the only person to read her statement. Most people greeted her as they do when people join TC. Carry on with the Back Rub Too! Oh, and Get a real Life. LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: i'm the one making an issue on a large scale?

don't u realize what you've been doing while i'm correcting your false issues/delusions, i never said she did not mention where she came from so there was nothing to correct, it was listed as you did before, and this isnt even something that matter and that's probably why you pick this because it was about you mentioning other private details she probably did not tell in public such as her study and now you try to divert and dismiss it because she did infact tell where she came from in response to your reply btw where you were telling that you think it would be better that people tell from wich country they came from but not the areas of that country, because you feel that this would help people understand WHY some people think different than others, because of where they are from and the different cultures do make a big difference here.. (according to you) and then despite that you said in the beginning of that comment that it's up to each person to decide wether they want to say so or NOT, you end up saying that if they dont want to mention anything more then that, it is acceptable and fine. (so what it is not acceptable and fine if they dont want to even mention that??!) and continued to tell where you come from tough its obvious... and when nivine mentioned where she came from in public you admitted that you could finally realease this secret, is this why you have been mentioning it again, do you like it to tell people you know where other ppl come from and propagate the nonsensical and racial idea that that would help people understand WHY people think different than others do, because they live in another country and culture? so if i would tell you right now i'm from Swaziland orso you'd maybe finally understand WHY i think different and have no ridiculous delusion about me anymore? lol no way with you atleast the other time you told that i was from the uk and rendered me a troll/shill for it while it isn't even true that i live there, just because others who appeared in the forum around the same time as me who happened to be from the uk and a troll/shill in your eyes, has lead you to associate me with them and misjudge very wrongly because of your own prejudice and your insane ability to misinterpretate/connecting false dots and propagate false information about others while believing it yourself in delusion is making an issue on a large scale, are you having fun with it BB? thinking you know stuff about others? well guess what you're oftenly very wrong surprise surprise..
so you said that it's a good idea that ppl tell from what country they come from but not the areas,
but you do expose her for her gender and exact field of study wich she told you in private to make dirty insinuations against others to portray and render them as ganing up against females because of the gender and tell me to watch out to not come over on the offensive by providing too much information especially because she happen to be studying in that field and you already knew it!!? to divert us and excuse youself your own blaim in having provoked relations of accumaltive tension with the members because of your own behaviour after being confronted with it... carry on with it bluesbaby and let's see where this brings you but leave your delusional mind far away from me so i dont have to shatter and crush the personal BS that comes from it, for the sake of the truth and understanding even if it's about all this silly issues you come up with but i probably should have said nothing to you at all and just let you portray me as kissy kissy with false/incorrect information regarding me or my comments and let you live and talk in your own world of delusion!?

nivine: Dear Un.i1 :d


Come on! let go.. the subject is not worth all these negotiations!

Lets now think how we should go into a second level to spread our information along people, and a strategy to deliver it so they won't feel that are in wonderland..
I already told once BB that im working on a presentation to upload it on youtube.. kind of a speech to deliver.. and we should come up with more ideas to spread our truth..

Come one everyone.. show me what u got.. we need all ur talents :d

bluesbaby5050: I think she already got the picture with the flowers...........

On the first official greeting back. She is also studying the field of Criminal Pathology, because she told me this when she contacted me a while back, and I think she knows how serious it is to get a burn of any kind. Sometime too much information can be taken as insulting, as in a lack of knowledge, and could also be taken on the offensive when a person does not know someone well, as in this forum.

UN.i1-PHI: information on this forum is for everyone else too

and for anyone to take/interpret as they choose to, but for the same matter talking about nivine around the forum and mentioning what she told you in private could be taken offensively, or oftenly telling people they're correct (as if you would know it all), i already did considered this reminder of yours by myself when i wrote it and so i also tried not to come over like that, but i tought it would be better to provide some actual information regarding this topic with some backup references instead of only telling to be sorry for her and to be healthy and eat your fruits and vegetables etc wich could be taken much easier as something offensive, but i for one i did not want to include any (social) insinuations whatsoever, and would rather think she'd rather be interested an addressed, than insulted when she is presented with some information in this field of information, especially if she would already be familiar with,..
i won't explain now as i don't feel the need for it and it could be pretty difficult to describe but i had enough reason/motivation to write another post and spent quite some time on how to put it together but i surely didn't want to be mistaken on the offensive in the forum again as i already have quite some experience with that bb...

bluesbaby5050: It was NO Secret ...........

IMPLY THAT ALL YOU WANT! I just told it LIKE I INTERPETED IT. Most of us people on this forum are very well educated past high school, and we can read quite well, even between the lines too ...Lol!

UN.i1-PHI: maybe your reading too much of the blanks between the lines

as somehow you're reading things that aren't there...
it's you implying all you want, and you did just a bit more than just tell it as you interpret it, you know that right and i'm hopefully not the only one who can see trough that what you're doing
can't you just quit it as we aren't in high school anymore, and all these sneaky implications of yours are no secret either anymore as you just make it too obvious
it's not my way of solving things and am not so confident in it either but maybe we just shouldn't talk about&to eachother, as apparently it only goes on and guess what by experience here i'm very well educated in your smear tactics/implycations or however to call it, and notice it all trough your 'innocent' comments here, why don't give it a break or a stop? i never meant anything bad against you so why your turning on me all the time, stupid misinterpretations leads to ridiculous delusions, diversions and ofcourse incorrectness, so i think it's time you just leave me alone or something.. but whatever i'll have my say too and just expose you whenever you're trying to expose me for your own delusional BS, Bye Bye BB

bluesbaby5050: It's written as plain as daylight....

So go argue somewhere else.

UN.i1-PHI: nowhere it was written in my first reply that i greeted her back

you stated i already had done that by my earlier posting, but it was untill my second reply that i started greeting and talking to her, you miss your own point and you now just saying 'it was written' just proves your delusion because it was about me already having noted that in my first comment wich i clearly did not do then there, as i already said and can be seen/read in my first comment, did you perhaps forgot what you said yourself? as you miss your own point again...

bb: ... "you HAD ALREADY GREETED HER BACK as was already noted by the posting earlier! What?? Did you already forget you did? We aren't blind to the threads, OR the Token flowers....Lol!"

can you find me greeting her already in my first comment? NO because i didnt. i wonder who's blind here and looses it's own point and just changes it to 'it was written as clear as daylight', while the depending matter was about that i had ALREADY written in my FIRST/earlier comment wich for the last time is not true

so after i did greet and talk to her in my second comment you said i already greeted her back in my earlier comment while i did not! and you were making a dramashow of me being kissy-kissy for saying dear in my new comment and embedding pictures of the plants in my earlier post concerning their medical properties of plants that yes happen to have flowers!

i didnt want to argue or explain this at all as i even said before but you just made me feel i have to set the truth straight even if it's just about these stupid matters you keep provoking and bringing/making up
thanks for wasting my time for clearing myself from your delusions

bluesbaby5050: I said this because..........

It was NOT PRESENTED THAT WAY! It was rather presented in a KISSY-KISSY - EN DEARMENTS To Nivine etc. and By YOUR Manner, because you HAD ALREADY GREETED HER BACK as was already noted by the posting earlier! What?? Did you already forget you did? We aren't blind to the threads, OR the Token flowers....Lol!

UN.i1-PHI: oh really? i had not! you're wrong

i had not greeted her back in my first comment if you would have observed/read correctly, I DID NOT greeted her at first but i did in the second reply ONLY, and i did not even speak directly to her then (as others did), i only spoke in general about sunburning, so after i did talk to nivine about what happened to her because i felt like and i had NOT done that in my previous comment tough and i tought i didn't direct my comment well enough regarding her case, and i also didnt want to be rude so despite that other's already commented and expressed care or felt sorry for her, i also had somethings i wanted to ask or say to her but atleast i greeted her back..
i used the english word 'dear' for it (instead of 'hi' orso), tough i never really use it (& i'd have no use for otherwise) but i think it was rather NOT in a "kissy-kissy" way and the flowers had their own purpouse as can be seen in the content but yeah sure... if someone wants to take it as a token why not lol, they're flowers.. like em?

but you're wrong and mistaking things for what they NOT ARE and even that ARE NOT THERE
no bb i did NOT forget what i wrote, and I for one AM NOT BLIND either, are you?
are you again reading ghosts between the lines that aren't there bb?
why not bring your kissy-kissy suspicion over in an less determinant way and even ask me about it, if it's something's bothering you or you just happen to notice and want to mention, but you have to portray it as if you're all correct and i'm all kissy kissy lol, and you said things that weren't true so i dont know what's all that you're thinking bout but maybe next time try to analyze some more before saying/repeating things that ARE NOT TRUE like that i already had greeted her back before, while I DID NOT DO THAT, so i did it in my second reply, and then you make a big deal out of it to try to portray me with your delusions as usual... and for your information i do notice your smearing stance against me in your lines and between them, again i am not blind nor stupid to notice this (constant) smearing/insinuating, (anti) behaviour of yours (against me), if you don't have to target me i dont have to defend myself from whatever you have to throw at me!

please let's atleast try not divert this thread too much this time... i intended/wanted to speak with nivine, not with you, especially not when you're talking wrong on how i'm talking with nivine...



nivine: okay..My bad

Guys, I'm sorry if opening this forum and this topic will end up in opening old conflicts again..
I just thought its just simple and straight forward..a question with a yes or no answer..
Anyway, its normal that some members will never get along no matter what..
usually when someone dont like the other.. every single action they do become disturbing..even if they are breathing maybe :p
So guys take it easy.. Im the one that loves to bring people together .. and by reading ur comments it makes me feel bad.. bz i feel I'm the reason for the opposite
So again..its normal that people wont get along here.. lets not over-use that without realizing
And according to me..i asked my doctor and he told me that water retention occur in severe burn.. that's why i have this swelling all over.. and all what i have to do is to drink a lot of water in order to get rid of that..
I love u all guys.. lets not forget that our target is much more bigger than these issues that we are fighting on

UN.i1-PHI: thx nivine but its is not your bad at all

i dont know why bluesbaby can't get along with me and keep doing this stuff against me provoking me to explain everything while she justs refuses to understand and twist it up again, this is everytime my problem with her and it is the reason i so oftenly have these issues in reaction to her(about me)! i did not start it and used to be able to get along with her just fine before atleast, from my side but that's untill she turns on me and keeps making implications/insinuations targeted at me for untruths she somehow delusionally concluded and other things she misunderstand
this makes me post these explaining messages regarding these issues she brings up, and then she portrays me as the bad guy because i also have something to say about it exposing the personal delusion/untruth and btw it did became an issue on an larger scale, i'd like it to stop too but then she goes again provoking me somehow with more delusions about me wich i can't just accept being posted around the forum about me
many times i tried to ignore her but then she goes and make provoking remarks about my comments like here now or the time before with in starpersons post, all when i did not want to talk to her at all and don't have to explain delusional issues..
it's not that i WANT to blame bb but rather she WANTS to blame me for whatever she come's up with even tough it isnt true and therefore i have to explain her blame in that, but apparently she can't argument herself and blames me for having to argue something she came up with and don't want to understand
it takes two to tango, but it also takes two to stop the connection,but i won't let myself be pushed around without expressing my right to react explaining and defending myself from it (untrue accusations)

if she doesnt target me i don't have to be explaining this!!!

so BB why don't you keep whatever you think about me for yourself and i hope we're done then and can move on because apparently you get me wrong all the time and provoke me with it
i tought if i would explain you could find understanding but apparently i cant argue with you anymore so why won't we just stop talking to and about eachother please
if you always fail to understand/interpret me why dont you just completely leave me alone, i want some peace too...you think i like this?

nivine: Well..

i highly understand u and appreciate what ur thinking..But even if some conflicts is present ..we should not let it to control us for so long..its time to move on.. we cant stay stuck into that phase! ur just refusing to get over it.
Each one delivered their thoughts and opinions about the other in more than one situation.. and i think its enough..We must deal with the fact that some members here do not like the other and cant get along.. and its totally fine and normal
Lets end this subject please..

Peace :d

Tim Lovell: guys we are all expressions

guys we are all expressions of prime creator , and everyone or thing has a valid point but , guys and gals for the sake of our human selfs ffs please stop this bickering it serves no purpose but for you to vent your otherwise stored frustrations in the end , is it finding the `truth` or just wasting space here?

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