Hey Everyone Again

by Ascentant on October 2nd, 2021

So how is everyone doing? I haven't heard from anyone in a while, so just wanted to check up.

What are y'alls thoughts on what's going on in the world today?

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HebrianDaniel: im fine just kinda sad this

im fine just kinda sad this place is quite dead.

Tarheel: Alive and kicking

I check regularly but felt I was talking to myself if I posted anything.
Happy and glad to see our pal, HD out and about.
Do yall observe or have a Thanksgiving?

Tarheel: Thanksgiving

I hope evryone has a great Thanksgiving and hope everyone has plenty to be thankful for.

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bluesbaby5050: Hello Again!

Hello HD! Hi Tarheel, I thought you left TC for good since you have not been on this site for 5-6 months total. I cleaned up alot of spam that was posted all over this site in each catagory for quite a while. This site was a mess filled with Chinese garbage done on purpose. I guess the Chinese don't have anything better to do except undermine the American people every way they can. They just hate for the truth to be exposed. America is fed up with the Fake Take Down of it's people
and it's country by the Dark Side, and by their FAKE Buddy, their puppet, Joe Biden. Yes, we know the Truth. America is coming back even stronger in many different ways, and means. This bad movie is almost over, and the world will be shocked, and pissed off when the humans find out what's been really happening for many thousands of years! Many world enemies of this planet are going to fall, and they will disappear in to the darkness of their own self made realities that they made by their own selfish choices.
This is being done by Divine Decree. Many good events are taking place behind the scenes for the humans of Terra.
Stay strong Humans of Terra. Never give up, and keep your faith. WE, are Not alone. I love you all, always.

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