Hey Bluesbaby Tarheel Quinton and Everyone.

by Chris on June 3rd, 2021

hows everyone one been anything new and any person haveing et or alien contact?

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Tarheel: Lord Chrishek

Good to see you out and about, Chris. Hope all is well with you and your family.

I saw where Kaleo thinks he's encountering ETs.

Tarheel: Disclosure

I did read that the military is coming out with full disclosure on ETs some time between now and the end of July. Stay tuned !

bluesbaby5050: Chris !

Hi there to you Chris! 🙋 I've been watching what you've been posting on YouTube. The Moon has recently been liberated and given back to humanity. Our moon had been cleared of the ET negatives with the help of the Galactic Federation of World's, and by the Earth Alliance, and along with all our great allies of the loving light.....those that are in Service to Others, The Galactic Federation of Planets, and from the Council of Five, and with our own US military, and our Super Space Forces that are assisting with the liberation of planet Mars, and they are making great progress currently. There are many more positive ets assisting us from other star nations, and beyond. We are truly greatful to all of those involved that are risking their lives to clean up this solar system. Keep your eyes on the events taking place in Antarctica with the departure of the Dark Fleet leaving by the use of the Antartica portal located there. The Chinese and Turkish are buying up land, and staking their claims during the winter season providing the opportunity to make claims on bases there now with intentions of controling large areas down there before other countries can do the same. During the Obama Admistration along with senator John Kerry and others from Russia went to Antarctica to view a secret underground city and some ancient frozen aliens that were discovered down there, and this event was reported on many news medias, but the secret discoveries were not made public at that time. So never lose hope for we are winning. We give our United Conscious Support to all of those on this mission of Liberation even if we can't be out there, we are still assisting them here on planet Earth with our Unity Consciousness. And now from my heart center, I'm sending my love to you all 💛 💜💛💜

Chris: thanks

yeag heard things like that alex collier corey goode and others are saying that and there iis a still a big war with the Draco Orion Empire who control a large portion of this galaxy and other galaxies aswell i know mars is being liberated and a big wat happening there.

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