To me it is no question as to if they're from heaven. Because I know they are! 

    Its why is christianity an others are trying demonize Falcons. When the bible says "Nor Falcons eye has seen" truth be told, it was MEANT to make laymen folks be blind to the TRUTH. Not cause for Falcons to be thought as Evil.

    They're not just a bird. The true original Falcons of Heaven were very much much much larger more powerful, an more spiritual than any bible nut in the world today. 

    Normally more bird than man. However, when the soul of the keeper would mirge with the soul an body of this being the Falcon. Then you would have a being like Horus. 

    An I do know Horus personally. I've known him many EONS, prior to Egyptian times. As he was an still is the leader; Lord of Heaven's Royal Falcons. People confuse Lord, God, Creator, etc. A Lord is a being whom leads a group of other beings. The heaves have many Lords. Lord Heru(As he was called in heaven/Horus(as he was known on earth) he will Lead until the time he chooses a successor.

    Now GOD is a term meaning (Guidance.On.Demand) we all have GOD thats a collective of angels and Lords who work at different shifts to not only watch over us an who help to answer prayers, help us make good decision, an keep us safe. Those who are willing and allow (freewill) these allies in heaven to help them. A prayer is all is needed. Or a circumstance of danger which the will is temporarily surrendered an the soul is not meant to leave earth yet. You see the Falcons and their keepers ARE the only Beings G.O.D allows, they are the soul transporters. They escort souls from, to, anyplace they are to be taken to or from between leaving earth, heaven an anywhere else. Often unseen. I am a keeper. My name is Benjamin Falkenrath. The name Benjamin (son of his right hand) The son of Israel. I am from Heaven. East Wall gate of Benjamin between Joseph and Dan. Falkenrath (Keeper of the Falcon) I have many memories of my soul. I know who I am.

    Finally to close since I clarified Lord GOD Keeper definitions. Creator is one who creates. While there are more than one creator within GOD in the heavens an all inside\outside an in between. There is only one original prime creator. All others create from Prime Sources energy. Prime is ONE both Masculine and Feminine. 

    Please be aware my identity is real. This is My real birth legal name and my story is true. All information is copyrighted and my sole original work and is protected against copy, print, reproduction, distribution, or otherwise. I am writing a book and this information all or in part is, can and has been illustrated an put into my book.

    I'm sharing my story and this all to hopefully open peoples minds to understand more from a different perspective. 

     However due to the nature of people an to protect myself I did have to give this disclosure.

    Thank you, feel free to message me if you have questions.

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    Tarheel: Rest assured....

    Falcons are very highly regarded here.

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