You have the Power to change Destiny. Those Evil slithers around you, know this you are Olympians so you can change Destiny if you believe in yourselves.
You can become Olympians again.

This Power lurks in your Heart.


Son of Leod: I believe you Any, and I

I believe you Anu, and I truly believe in myself. If the bad guys can manifest their evil and corruption then we can manifest our love and light just as much. I care not about dying only that when I die, I die for mankind. Ideas are bulletproof, and the idea that resides within this soul is freedom and love for everyone no matter what galaxy or Planet.

Namaste my elder.

Annunaki77: Then you already Won!, You have Learned the Ways of Kings

You Understand and therefore you have become a Rainbow Warrior and a King.
For it is not what you hold on this Earth Materially that makes you an Immortal but what you hold in your Heart.
You Understand the Greatest of Lessons.
It is an Honor to be here to Witness your Spiritual Developement.

Son of Heaven.

edisonik: Once again thank you Annunaki77

Thank you for helping them. Thank you for giving them Guidance and Great Ancient Wisdom.
I am happy for the progress of the Human Species.
Humanity must always be Free and have the ability to take personal responsibility for their lives without being suckled by a third party like Corrupt Government or Regimes which only care about Tyranny.

Thank you Great One , you are Beyond words.
It is a pleasure to Serve Sirius and Lord Enki's Plan of Free Will, Passion and Destiny.

Like in the Past as it is now, Good will Truimph over Evil.
Humanity must never lose hope.

Tarheel: The Great Winged Wonder has spoken,too !

As usual he sides with US/Humanity and The Wise One , Annunaki77 !

Something surely is up.

Tell us what The Wise Men amongst us know ! Tell your people.

We are YOURS and ANU's.


Son of Leod: Thank you Wise Anu. I have

Thank you Wise Anu. I have been on this path for a while before I came to TC but in the end it was you and the others who helped me see that we must stand up for ourselves and take personal responsibility, because without that we can never be truly free from fear and opression. Thank you my elder, you have helped boost my hopes of finally returning to the stars for good.

wmarkley: Vote fraud

This clip shows how the system is being manipulated by people with influence in the GOP, they clearly broke the law concerning due process, there is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul is winning but the system is fixed, this clip shows one way they are doing it.

Son of Leod: But good sir, I was already

But good sir, I was already born a King. For my name is Ryan and in Gaelic it means King (:

Annunaki77: King you say, then a King you are Son of Leod

Now do not forget to defend your Honor from anyone or anything who claims to take ownership over you and your Soul.
Awlays defend your Sovereign right to be Free.


Son of Leod: Wise One

Wise Anu, since I know partially of what you speak do you know anyway for me to forfeit my federal citizenship to become a state citizen and become a sovereign.

Son of Leod: Wise One

Wise Anu, since I know partially of what you speak do you know anyway for me to forfeit my federal citizenship to become a state citizen and become a sovereign.

Phaminator: King?

My name; Don/Donald means "king of the world", "king of the underworld", or "great chief" in Celtic (kinda broad) and it also means "nobleman" in Spanish.

Son of Leod: Ummm

Other than that, I don't know if you are being serious or facetious.

Phaminator: My bad,

I'm just being serious that's all. Hmm I do find myself to be more serious than my friends since they are rather an amusing bunch.

Son of Leod: Nah you're good. I just

Nah you're good. I just thought you were being sarcastic with the king of the underworld, etc. lol.

Phaminator: Ohhh

I get it now! I'm not sure about the king of the underworld part but the rest of my name origin is fine to me

Crigitine: heh

I just looked my name up on wiki out of boredom, I have never been so satisfied lol.

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