hermaphrodites are they bi straight gay or les?

I has a question if a hermaphrodite has sex with a male is it considered gay and the same with female is it consider les or bi/straight? I ask all my friends and none can think on an answer. So I'm curious about your option on this matter. Also yes they where born a hermaphrodite.

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bluesbaby5050: Hermaphrodite, gay, les, bi or straight?

I would have to say, all of the above, if you really think about it. The attraction is there because of the hormones, and all the body parts are there too (as well as curiosity). Sex starts in the brain first, and the rest follows. It's a personal choice.

Tarheel: What came first?

....the chicken or the egg? (laughing)

Andrea77: Anything goes

I think anything goes at that point.

freedmftr88: What your talking about is

What your talking about is called "Intersex".
Intersex would be todays modern term in my opinion but it depends on the individual, with everything ( pronouns , gender identity, everything. ) There's no right or wrong. There's people who prefer to have a gender identity that's non-binary. But all I know according to this is "intersex" and from what you described is basically "The body" and that's it. That doesn't determine anything. Sexual orientation , gender identity , or gender expression, that's all separate.

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