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nivine: hahaha

How didn't i see that before? This is too cute to resisttttt! its even hard to resist laughing when looking at it!

It is creating happiness out of nothing!! This really shows that we don't need to own anything to be happy, because happiness is already all around us..its just that people are so busy concentrating on other things

bluesbaby5050: YES !!! NOW your seeing my point!

Now your seeing my point exactly though this tiny Chipmunk!" Seeing is Believing!"

nivine: yes of course i do

Its just people will take the sentence ''seeing is believing'' as a matter of the perception of the eye (that we should even barely rely on)
which totally contradicts the main concept of this sentence,its not what ur eyes need to see in order to believe...It is what u believe in, that u will end up actually seeing!
hope i analyzed that in the right way, and if not, I'm looking forward to listen to u

bluesbaby5050: Like I said, Many times before, I use my Full Body to see....

NOT JUST WITH THE PHYSICAL 2 EYES can a person see, but a person CAN SEE with ALL 10 eyes contained On and from Within his whole body in different areas of location. People do not realize that a human has a total of 10 eyes! These 10 eyes are located on/in different parts of the human body as said before. 1 eye is located in the middle of the brain=Pineal Gland, and when this Third eye is closed it is facing to the top of the head, and it must become opened though meditations, and after it is fully opened, it will turn it's self downwards and face the front of the forehead, and then this Third eye has a veil/screen, which is a charcoal grey in color, and it must be opened up in order to be used to see, as in Remote viewing. Then there is another eye at the top of the skull (the soft spot area) eye at the TOP of the head-in the center, this is the CROWN Chakra, and it must be fully opened, and it must be fully functional, fully activated, and this chakra is connected to the Higher Self, when it is fully opened, and then this higher self is connected to the Universal Consciousness. 2 eyes under the eyebrows-normal vision. 4 eyes Total in the head. Another eye is located in the center, of the inside of the Heart= The Heart Chakra, and it must be fully opened though meditation. 1 eye in the navel area =navel Chakra, and it must be opened though meditation.1 under each foot = Root Chakra- they are then connected to the Crystal Core of Earth, and they must be fully opened first -though the AWAKENING OF THE SERPENT-KUNDILINI though meditation. Then you will be grounded in full connection with the Crystal Core of Earth, and she will recognize you, and she will know where you are where ever your located on her body-Earth. So he Root Chakra must be awakened FIRST, and then the rest of the Chakras must be opened upwards finally to the crown( the last eye). These intense energies might NOT fully rise up, as some people can't reach this level,
9 because people get greatly distracted with the sexual enegies),and this is why they adon't advance higher in movement) and this takes meditations to be able to fully open up all the chakras.These are the locations of the10 eyes total on the human body when they are fully activated though meditations though the teacher, Drunvalo Melchizek, on the awakening of the Serpent= Kundalini in the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. And the Heart-Merkaba must be reached, in order to attain your Crystal Light Body. NOTICE: Some people take decades to reach these levels though meditations, and it is not as easy as some people think, and this is explained by Drunvalo during his teachings, and one must have patience with their meditations, because this cannot be forced.

bluesbaby5050: Another short note: Some people's souls Will Not be Ready......

To activate all their Chakras in this life time, or none at all, and they may take very many more incarnations, or less incarnations to become Spiritually Mature, and ready though having to experience many more life situations/experiences to become able to achieve these Activations. So do not become disappointed if you're unable to achieve this. It takes much growth though the soul. Remember that a person is a soul FIRST, and a Human Being second :-)

bluesbaby5050: SORRY.........

I meant to say MOST PEOPLE, INSTEAD IT READS-9 because....! Sorry.

bluesbaby5050: There are also 2 more eyes on the human body...........

The 2 other eyes are located in the shoulders,1 eye inside each of the shoulders. They see/feel in front of the human body, and behind the human body. There, now you have all the 10 eyes, and their 10 locations, and their purposes/functions. Now people can understand what I mean when I say, "To be able to see with the whole body." I felt that this material needed to be explained, as this was causing negative confusion in some of the threads by some people. And yes, I have attained all the above, and it took many, many years of meditations, and great patience. I have studied meditations, and I studied the metaphysical sciences for many years by the many great east Indian teachers from India, as well as from other sources. This has been a long spiritual journey for me, but with great rewards. I learned many lessons from them.

Tim Lovell: BB I think you mean chakras

BB I think you mean chakras for some of these `eyes` but you can certainly see the auric fields with the ajna centre between the eybrows and sense higher dimensions through the crown chakra and astral project and connect to your 5th dimensional self through the crown chakra also.

bluesbaby5050: This is how it was explained to me...........

I do understand where your coming from of course. Yes it is explained in this manner also, but it goes further then that. There are a lot more then the Chakras involved in this, there are actual eyes in these locations. And this is why certain people that have attained these levels after activations can/will be able to feel vibrations, and see auras as if they are blind with their eyes closed, and unable to see with their 3D physical eyes! Some people that are Completely Blind from birth are able to do this! And this is the reason why. I didn't make this information up, it has been studied, and fully documented. But, isn't this interesting to know/learn about?!

nivine: knowledge never have an end

Damn all what u said was exactly the same as my explanation:p
Well really thank u, this was so straight forward and easy to understand
Every time i read ur posts i end up asking myself: And u still think u know things?;d
Peace :d

nivine: Knowledge never ends**

i must be proud of my mistakes .__.

Starperson: My, how this thread evolved!

From forum topic, happiest chipmunk I've ever a discussion about chakras, auras and astral projection! It's a slow fastball in my personal wheelhouse. Egos were checked at the door, and a serious discussion resulted.

This kind of exchange is why this is my favorite site on the net. Sure we can run off the rails on a crazy train from time to time, but I want to believe that we all have the same goals and reasons for posting and learning here...getting to the truth. Your truth, my truth and the truth.

My two cents...Hindu teachings, the third eye. Also, those party animal Zen Buddhists take my award for getting most things correct. I am now grounded to the Earth, centered in my heart and receiving light...all thanks to the happiest chipmunk I have ever seen...and you guys. Love and light.

nivine: Impressive!

Well definitely we are here for the same goal, because u can never imagine how sometimes we fight and disagree, but after we do, all what we think of is how to turn back and make things up, and turn our back.
I believe much in this group, and the enormous change we can make. Even though i don't know any in person, but thats the concept of ''believing in''

Tarheel: ALL consciousness is evolving more rapidly now.

Even the site's. I agree with you, wholeheartedly. is good and getting better, like this thread.

nivine: Correction Again .__.

all what we think of is how to turn back and make things up, and ''NOT'' to turn our back!

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