Here's the family Tree Chart of PRINCE EN.KI and PRINCE EN.LIL

by bluesbaby5050 on February 24th, 2015

Here's the family Tree Chart of PRINCE EN.KI and PRINCE EN.LIL. Here's the Link for the large pic -

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Tim Lovell: I personally would never call

I personally would never call Enlil a prince , all titles are meaningless anyway but that's one selfish entity I don't personally like meh sorry...

UN.i1-PHI: but actually,.. you already do tim

by calling him EN.lil, you're already entitling him as a prince due to the 'EN'-part, as EN.LIL itself is his entitlement for being the prince of the sky/air (a title for the role he's fulfilling , not his real name tough).
actually, i do know what you really meant, but i'm just saying.. for consideration... as its easy to consider/use titles as names. And this is also how they were used for, referring to them by their identifiable entitlements, so without having to provide a real name, as the meaning already lies in the title and actual names would be not as useful in such manner.
So the sole purpose for having titles is not to be meaningless, but i guess i'm taking you too literally here again because i know you meant it different, as in you don't care who's entitled to what regarding their egotism, and i agree with you too, as indeed not everyOne likes that one selfish en.tity entitled en.lil so you dont have to say 'sorry' to anyone xP (lil.pun as i'm kid.ding you.. again yes i know you didn't meant 'sorry' literally like that but just it out as another example to the concept i'm talking about what actually happens when we use these words we use like that..just to keep in mind...if you know what i'm saying, if not..nevermind...)

bluesbaby5050: Well Tim, that was his title

from his family line. I agree with you on the selfish part, and this is the truth, as this he proved many times over in his behavior long ago. I also believe that he never changed. He was/is very ambitious, and he always looked forward to having the throne, and of his being the king. [he even planned to murder his own father, the King Anu, and K.Anu knew this, and that's why he sent EN.LIL to oversee the events on Earth, and to put alot of distance between EN.LIL and the palace. ENLIL will always serve Sirius, and Niberu, and he is a big fan of slavery.

Tim Lovell: No I think you miss my point

No I think you miss my point ... I do not resopect him in any way , least way , a `prince` ... (note I leave 3 points only , as that is all the DNA he left humanities intact) ...

UN.i1-PHI: i understand what you meant,

i understand what you meant, but for consideration, i wanted show how this sounds taking it literally
so i just wanted to point out that because you're already referring to him as 'prince' or 'lord' by his title EN.lil
it's kinda like saying "i don't respect 'mylord'/prince, i would never call him my lord/prince ... sorry" xP

Tim Lovell: sorry he left them 2 strands

sorry he left them 2 strands DNA and 3 dimensions intact ....

Tim Lovell: so fuck enlil

so fuck enlil

Tim Lovell: he gave humanity sexualy

he gave humanity sexualy guilt

Tim Lovell: OK for ONE does anyone know

OK for ONE does anyone know what Enlils REAL or first name is/was not his title,
i.e ENKI is the title of Sa aM

what is Enlil `human` name his sirian human name before he entered into the Nibiruan cycle?


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