here is a tune you might enjoy :)

by Tim Lovell on August 25th, 2013

these tunes always atune me to the creative flow ..don't do anything just let it be :)

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Tim Lovell: this is another cool song the

this is another cool song the name of the track is also great human traffic a great description
if you are looking down from above at the humans blindly following something outside of themselves to fullfill a desire instilled in them from birth from an outside malicious controlling force (not the desire to serve god/source) but to serve the force that dominates and controls and indeed created our present day society , the annunaki severed the genome yes but some of them are trying to put that right now thought of course some of them still do not...combine that with the reptilian/draco ciakar orion war leftovers still determined to feed light from humanity in their frequency control grid humand need to and ARE breaking free! 200 years from now people wont eat red meat because it lowers their vibration that's how much farther we will be in 200 years so don't worry the war for freedom has been won :)

bluesbaby5050: Nice choice ...........

The DJ was a Bit Edggy looking -different. Thanks :)

bluesbaby5050: True, and many people don't .........

People don't realize that when they do eat the meat of any animal that is NOT killed in a very humane way, that they are consuming the animals FEAR though the hormones being released during it's death. Because animals can sense, and smell their coming demise, because of the animals that went to their deaths before them. Those animals that went before them are in great distress, and so they will release a lot of hormones into their bloodstream, and into their urine, and into their bowels at the time of their death at a fast rate, and everything will let go on the floors, and all those animals can sense, and smell the scent of the adrenaline, and other hormones that are released into those animals blood stream, and this gets into the tissues, and all the organs of those animals that go into those slaughter houses that people will later eat. Then all of this will enter every cell of a persons body including all the animals antibiotics, and this will have negative side effects in the human body after eaten. And this is another reason why a lot of antibiotics won't work in humans when they should.

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