Here is a Chart of the Different Heights of Those Giants

by bluesbaby5050 on September 22nd, 2013

The Smallest is 6 Foot Tall. The tallest one is taller then most buildings in our cities! The grounds must of Shook when they walked on the Earth in those days. Some of them were Man- Eaters!

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bluesbaby5050: Click onto chart to enlarge for a better view...

Click onto chart for a better view of the size of them.

Elijah who_seek...: future nephilim intervention?

I wonder to what degree these Nephilim are impervious to rifle bullets? To me, experiencing a David vs Goliath-type scenario sounds truly engaging. Remember we, (humanity), are all in this together Peace Love Understanding and Respect be with all

Tim Lovell: truly the ancient Lyrians

truly the ancient Lyrians were titans , their original planet `Bila` was larger than earth and had a denser magnetic envelope so the bodies were proportionatly larger , when the first explorers from Lyra found erra in the pleiadies and started to colonise/terra form it they were giants of 25 feet or more, but as erra is the same size as earth but a little smaller, after thousands of years the lyrian humans there (pleidians/plejarens) now are the same size as us 6 feet tall or so .

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