Hello from Western Canada :)

Hello Everybody!

My name is Chelsea and I'm from Vancouver, BC.

I am an indigo adult and have been experiencing the transition at full force all year, started really feeling it though about 4 years ago.

I also am extremely passionate about one day starting a small community at a higher altitude based on permaculture and respect for the earth.

Happy to find enlightening information :) :)

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Tim Lovell: welcome Chelsea :)

welcome Chelsea :)

EarthSpiralGoddess: :)

Thank you Tim :)

Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control

Welcome to Truth Control Chelsea :) Great to have you here!

Sky: Welcome to Truth Control

Welcome to Truth Control Chelsea.

Tarheel: Welcome to our community, ESG.

Feel free to express yourself here. You have the canvas now paint us a picture if you feel so inclined.
Maple Leafs (or any for that matter) are cool here, next door Neighbor.

EarthSpiralGoddess: Thank you for the warm welcome

Thank you everybody for such a lovely and warm welcome.

I look forward to sharing with everyone as I learn and grow and evolve into the love be-ings that are supposed to be :)

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